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Wednesday, October 29, 2008'♥

thank God internet connection is back in th house . if not i have to spend hours in macdonald which is time wasting due to th trip , freaking boring when im all alone and he is working .
okay th funny part yesterday was , someone farting without checking th blind spot .
while i was waiting fo [DBF] arrival from his last order , i waited fo him near th stairs where he park his bike . a metre away from me was 3 indian guys , where 2 were still concious , and the other one was partially drunk . i just sat there , hoping that nothing would happen . so while smoking and finishing up my green tea , i felt th urge to look at th one who was partially drunk .
so th one who was partially drunk , farted like th sound of a trumpet , and mind you , it lasted fo 5 secs okay . i was superbly shocked , staring at him blankly . he looked at me , and gave me saje-tak-tahu muke and mumbled to himself . ( i guess he swears drinking )
okay , i refrain myself from laughing like a mad woman . ouh gosh , a metre away and the fart was just like beside me . eeewwwww !
okay , this isnt my main objective fo today's post . the fact that im so afraid and super nervous . i really do hope that everything will go on smoothly . i have not been syok-sndiri in front of the mirror , pratising , but here i am typing down nonsensical story when im suppose to attend important things . well , i hope that these typing down will help to calm me down .
though im not prepared , i still have to go through .
confident mau lebeh , SO BRING IT ON ASSESSORS .
okay , i better startt doing it now , if not , i can forget about graduating on time .
i was utterly upset , shocked , surprised with th heart to heart talk . please tell me those were not true . and yea , despite everything , i love you ((:


Thought of You @9:32 PM

Tuesday, October 28, 2008'♥

its either the server or mozilla is driving me nuts !
i just couldnt upload any pictures or maybe the select button is not doing any work .
okay , aku merepek .
aniways , im at [DBF's] workplace doing my PP notes [just to get myself prepare for the assessment day] and waiting fo [DBF] till he finishes his work .
and when he brings along the delivery bag , he looks cute lor ! LOL !
im done with poster , im done with mounting , and im left with the notes and also the big day .
ouh gosh , im really nervous and i dont have any idea on how should i start talking to the 3 assessors .
'hey , my name is ______ and im doing an analysis on _____ '
OK , not nice
' hi , good afternoon . my name is ______ , shall we start on the discussion ?
let me start by introducing the main objective bla bla '
ALAHAI , leceh lah kann .
and hell yes , i just couldnt find a suitable clothes fo the day itself .
should it be formal , or casual . or nude ? LOL ! ok aku merepek , AGAIN .
the fact that i love to get myself stress in so th tak perlu issue .
to all year 2 students of RP , good luc aite ?
alah , kachang je nie .
ill be away since im soo busy with my PP and its a school holiday !
so theres nothing much to update as i'll be going out quite often .
i just cant sit at home , superr borrinnngggggg
and i just hope things will get better between us .
ill try to make it through .
all i need is time and patience
update soon people !

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Thought of You @6:54 PM

Friday, October 24, 2008'♥

i wont be updating that often because i have poster to do which is due on this upcoming monday .
ill do a quick one alright .

i have been doing alot of catching ups with my GF .
from boyfriend to mom - life - religion - presentation fo PP .
it was hilarious lor ! we laughed our heads off during my smoke break .
and ive been hearing rumors that school will start at ten fo next semester .
idk how far this can be true . but i really hope it do , because i cant stand waking up early in th morning and drag my muke 'basi' to school . LOL !

okay this is old , but im not going to give it a miss alright .
one of the night , we spent our time together .
it was random because we did not have any idea as to where we shall go on that day .
at th very last minute , he thought of going to Sentosa and chill but i came up with the idea of going fo a ride .

we went fo a skyride at sentosa . and i am afraid of heights . and i cramped during the ride and [DBF] disturbed me lor . thanks ehh youuu ((:
we took pictures , catch things up with his endless gurau2 lor .

see lah , my face like minta kene tumbok lidat .
he was like steady bo pi pi . (i spelt it wrongly)

and we made our way down with th Luge .
okay , it was already night time . and we have to made our way through the creepy circuit .
and he went all th way down , leaving me alone behind . im lucky that i have a girl beside me whereby th Bf left him alone also . so i went on all th way and i saw him waiting fo me at one corner . he asked me to get ready to smile cause theres a camera ahead . so we went on slowly , and smile at th camera . HAHA ! and we went to purchase it . LOL !

we thought of going home but Song of the Sea attracted my attention . then we went to queue up fo a pair of tickets . the show wasnt bad though , both of us were jakon .
WOAH WOAH WOAH ! it was a great show , i dont regret paying 8 bucks fo th ticket fo onli 20 mins or so show . go watch it people !
and Kodak Moments was the last place we went to grab th picture we have taken inside before heading back to Vivocity .

made our way through Vivo . and catch some pictures . see , both of us went syok sendiri .
now this is totally his idea lah kann .
see , he grabbed me and i still can smile fo the picture .

anihoos , it was great . so so great ! i appreciate it so much baby ((:
though we spent only 2 hours , but it created a lifetime memory fo me .

Gf , cheer up ! im here fo you babe


Thought of You @1:54 PM

Tuesday, October 21, 2008'♥

just another random entry .
the pictures below are old , about 10 days ago .
i just could not squeeze in some time to blogg and i always close th window when th pictures are uploading . impatient , i admit i am ((:

anihoos , th gathering with th sec sch babes and dudes were ubber fun !
we catch things up , gossips , laugh etc etc . it has been so long since we last went out together .
yea , i miss those times . well , i gotta understand that they are all busy with their commitments .
but still , we will meet whenever we have th free time . right JAJA ?

okay , enjoy th pictures . i still have more pictures and entries to go .

the dudes who turned up on th day itself . & thats at Fad's place ((:

ouh the girly - girls ((:

and yea , fad loves to bully ina , my HK GF .
she is so small and short , but cute and irritating . HAHA !
and i just like th way Fad wears his specs . he looks so nerd but cool ((:
and you never change a little lah Fad , still dirty and expert in sex ! LOL !

now this is [DBF] and me ((: we wore th same colour . well , actually we bought th same colour .
ouh , speaking of it , we hunted fo th best color at Geylang , right [DBF] ? and it turned out absolutely fine . and [DBf] , thanks fo tagging along , i know you malu2 lydat lor .
& Fad came out with th idea to grab a picture at a corner in his house .

Fad : okay couple2 , sape nak amik gmbr ddk sini okay ?
so we sat and grabbed a picture of us . suppeerrr romantic lor . HAHA !

and JAJA and Dzuhir .
okay , ina and i always disturb them lor .
but they are cute , especially zuhir nye _____ .
kan JAJA ? LOL !
ok sorry . but without them , i dont know how dull my life will be ?
they add on colours to my life .
sweet sweet lah th both of you .
last long aite ?

just keep urself updated people !

and to whom it may concern : just MYOB .


Thought of You @10:22 AM

Monday, October 20, 2008'♥

2nd entry fo today .
i have tons of things to talk about but i guess this one shall come first alright .

we had a slight misunderstanding a week ago .
we knew that our friendship are drifting apart .
despite all that , we still hold on together .
& try every means to uphold th friendship .

no words could describe how much you mean to me Lyana .
you were there fo me , listening to my sorrows .
you help me out if i ever needed it .
you never sigh , you never get bored , but you listen to me .
i appreciate th little things you have done fo me .
i guess no one else could have done that .
fo a girl like me who get so stress up over small issues .
i appreciate you as a girlfriend of mine .
we have been standing strong fo 1 1/2 years .
i never want it to fade away .
i felt my whole entire life secured having you by my side .
you build my self-confidence , you support me from th back .
what makes you think i wanna lose you ?
you never influence me but you advice me stop all those nasty habits .

thanks fo being there .
and if i could tell th whole world , i would want to say this
' i never wanna lose a GF/BF like you , lyana '
i never wanna get down to my knees and cry like a small kid if you were to leave me one day .
please , dont make it happen .

i love you , GF


Thought of You @2:03 PM



(73607) , 30TH OCTOBER
4 - 5 PM




ouh [BF] , i guess i need your help lah .

and constipation sucks big time !
i cry when i let my feces out of my ass yesterday .

mati mati , tentu mati ~~~~

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Thought of You @10:53 AM

Sunday, October 19, 2008'♥

in cotinuation from th previous entry .
so on the actual day , which is his birthday , i went home and got myself ready to meet him .
initially , we dont have any idea as to where we shoul go at first before hitting Apollo Centre .
[DBF]'s mom asked me along to her sister house over at N.T.I .
there was an Open House . we were supposed to wear traditional clothes but we did not because we were going out later at night . ((:
had lots of fun - catch things up with his aunties and uncles and cousins . it was ubber fun to meet them after i went MIA fo 2 years . LOL !

his auntie : macam biskot , skejap ada . skejap takde .
him : *throw me a two thumbs up sign*
me : -______- ''

he grabbed th photo when i am eating th cake . sempat pose ((:

and i love Lydia , his cousin . see , we have nothing better to do but to get ourselves doing stupid things .

we went off from his Aunt's place to meet Khai and then we headed off to Apollo Centre . we had a three hour karaoke Session there and it was great . and i got to know two new friends .

introducing ; Dayah , Tam and Khai .
speaking of Karaoke , when i sang , i guess i can no longer reach th high notes . i really need to cut down on my smoking habit . i can smoke up to 10 sticks a day when im only used to 3 stick per day . ouh gosh , i want my high tone back . ):

after which , we went to Teh Tarik near our house to have our late supper . after which , we went off home .

and he made it happened . thanks [DBF]
okay , kite feeling model in this picture . but i spoilt th picture with my wide smile . LOL !
& & & he wore th shirt i bought fo him at Fourskin .

me : you like th shirt ?
him : of course lah !


ouh , i really had an exciting day with them . i really appreciate you bringing me out . and yea , hope you like th mini celebration we had fo you .

and your voice not bad ehh ..
di balik awan ~~


Thought of You @5:17 PM

Saturday, October 18, 2008'♥

okay , lets do a proper update alright .
im sorry because i have not done so due to some issues which i have yet to dwell with and have not gotten over it even till today . th problems are not depleting but are multiplying .
alahai , penat lah ~~

i am sorry because i am supposed to do a proper update a week ago along with the pictures below but im just too busy . even if so , i will always update when im in school but somehow it isnt a good idea afterall because im tremendously busy during my break time .
actually i went fo a smoke break lor . LOL !

09 / 10 / 2008

on [DBF]'s birthday eve , he fetched me after school and went off to JB , as usual to buy the essential things . but , before we proceed off back to Singapore , we went to have our late lunch but early dinner there . nasi ayam penyek dia power kedemak lah ! then i went off to IMM and looked up fo cakes but there's nothing delicious there . so i went to Polar while he waited outside , playing PSP .

him : why did you buy th cake for ?
me : for you lah
him : no need lah . waste of money right .
me : ala , i never celebrated your birthday with a cake right .
lets make this a wonderful birthday okay ? and i need th cake fo tmr .
and i dont have th time to buy tomorrow lor .


so before i went home straight , Jaja called me . and i lied to him and said that Jaja needed my help in chemistry . so he sent me off home because i told him Jaja's coming ova to my place .

sempat eh amik gbr ((:

at 2230 , i went to meet Jaja and Zuhir along with th things fo the big big surprise !

the glowing sticks . credits to ana babe fo th idea ((:
we were extremely busy joining the sticks together and shape it out into a letter .
went to th carpark and stick it at around 2330 . and when cars ran ova it , we will went back to th place and put it back to its original place .
it was hilarious lor ! we were laughing and squatting and pasting and tertonggeng2 okay ! and at th same time , i makesure that no one is looking out from his window .

so this is it ! it reads ' HAPI 20th ! ((:

and this is fo him((:

and this is th birthday cake i bought ova at Polar .
brownie brownie brownie !

i planned with his friend , Khai to come ova to his place and gave me a helping hand . because he wanted to ask Amir along fo a bowl . but sadly , Khai did not turn up .
so i called [DBF] and talked as usual .

here's th best part .


but i spoilt it lah . tsk , i have forgotten to light up the candle . so i asked him to wait at the stairs and i asked th lighter from zuhir . light it up and walked with him to th cake . and he was like laughing laughing laughing lor ! HAHA ! jaja , zuhir and i sang him a birthday song and he made a wish before cutting the cake .
(i did not upload th picture because he did not allow me to do so . he said it was ugly ! )
we ate th cake . and he sent me off home and i smiled all th way .

thanks to th people who gave me th idea and helped me throughout the hunting and th event .
ana , jaja , zuhir , naz . i appreciate th help , really .

and [DBF] , happy 20th birthday . i hope you like th presen that ive bought fo you . and , im sorry fo whateva ive hurt you throughout our friendship and relationship even till the very time that im typing these words .

th couple who accompanied me through th midnight ((:

ill update soon !
next up ; raya-ing with th cliques .
keep track fo more update !


Thought of You @6:38 PM

Wednesday, October 15, 2008'♥

i wish i could update since i have a lot of free time right now .
but due to some reasons , i just cant find myself putting my thoughts into words .
i wish i could do that , because it seems so heavy in my head .
i dont wish to say something which may hurt others .
i had enough of hurting people .
when i keep quiet , that doesnt mean i lose right , but i respect you fo who you are
and in anyway , i dont wish to hurt your feelings at all .
please , you have to get my points right .
i have my own reasons as to why i behave that way .
you cant blame me for i change and not be like before , but you have to accept for who i am now .

ouh if things are meant fo us , it will never fade away alright ?
you know ive been longing fo you , and now that i have you , and now that we are ______ (fill in the blank) , what makes you think i wanna lose you just like that ?
i dont wish to suffer , it is painful .
ouh , i cant talk any longer .
im juggling with my feelings right now .
all i need is God ....

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Thought of You @1:14 PM

Tuesday, October 14, 2008'♥

ill update soon because i dont feel like sharing for now .
wait till everything is back to normal , then ill blog as usual .
an apology from me to you .
ill talk soon .
keep updated .

im yours ((:

Thought of You @3:49 PM

Sunday, October 12, 2008'♥

some people are just so sickening that they can really be such a pain in my ass .
since mother is away , my sisters took this golden opportunity to bully me .
well , this is not th first time , so i kinda get immune to it .
ouh , th fact that they are jealous when they dont geet much attention from mom .
and they are bullied to do th house chores when they were young , whereas my mom cleans up my closet fo it . well , i never make her as a maid of mine , but she knows i was really busy that i didnt have a minute or two to do something . and hell yes , mom always give me money when i wanna go out whereas my sisters , they will not be given a penny at all .
and since i stay at her house , she 'besr kepale' , she locked th door when i was late home last night . when she already called me and i already informed her and she was acknowledged that i went out with my sec sch mates to raye . what on earth is she doing ? she texted me , told me not to come back home . so when i actually said okay , she went on calling , tell me to come back home . doesnt she think about the consequences ? omg , talk without using ur brain to think . maybe your ass is more functional . FUCK YOU !

and th next morning , my another sister fucked me up without asking th reason why . okay , so this one i blast off already . i couldnt take it any longer . and when she actually lost to what ever i said , she went to add on another problem . LOSER ! and tell me to disregard her as my sister . isnt she behaving like a kid ? well , i dont text her , because i cant-be-bothered-anymore . if that makes her happy , having a broken up family , go ahead . i never asked fo it . and if i am th youngest , and i have to give in , i will if they are my mistakes .
you guys are just so envious about me . go and fly your kite man . go on and say its my fault , because i know , God knows it best .


Thought of You @1:12 PM

Friday, October 10, 2008'♥

raaya with my babe was awesome !
thanks to them fo making it happen .
every moment spent , is a lifetime of memories .
i love you guys ((:

i wont mention much , just let th pictures do th talking aite ?

me and yana babe

me and shida babe

me and sri babe

me and niza babe

too many pictures but i guess these are the best from my digicam .

next update : surprise fo DBF . stay tune people ((:


Thought of You @9:20 AM

Thursday, October 09, 2008'♥

th pictures uploaded here is outdated but i cant upload any pictures from my digicam because battery was flat . i guess next time aye ?

anihoos , after school on tuesday . i went to town to hunt down fo the nicest thing fo [DBF] with ana babe . from Heeren to Far East to Ngee Ann City and last to Wisma . i bought two tops where one of it is th same with Gf from fourskin .
sadly , we didnt grab any pictures . maybe due to the fact that we are so so busy looking fo [DBF] things . to far east to grab out late dinner . then to ngee ann city - art friend to look out fo th next [DBF] thingy . but shop was closed . i binget ! then then then , last stop to Wisma ; cotton on .
and off to meet [DBF] before going home . and yea , he is sweet ((:

this picture was taken without me noticing . i looked out at one of my new friend's profile and decided to grab this . haha , he looks cute right ? LOL ! ok , me and my evil face .

tomorrow is a big big day fo him ! hell yes , i was th one who is extremely ecstatic . and im th one who is really looking forward to it and not him , i guess . yea , everything was well-planned . i hope God allows me to carry on with th plan . please , no rain okay . and yea , i want him to smile smile smile when he sees it .
baby , wait up fo the biggest surprise alright ((:

and yesterday was awesome with th babes fo raya !
11 of us altogether , it was fun though ! a log of pictures to be taken . ill post th pictures soon aye .
battery flat .

keep track fo more updates !


Thought of You @9:42 AM

Tuesday, October 07, 2008'♥


anihoos , im heading off to town to grab some things fo [DBF] with my yana babe .
his birthday is coming .
im never free till friday , which is his birthday . HAHA !
surprise surprise surprise !
i yang excited , mcm my birthday gitu ((: LOL !


cui , congratz !
next time can fetch me to school right .
happy fo you babe ((:

Thought of You @3:52 PM

Monday, October 06, 2008'♥

so this is it , the 4th entry of th day .
im using my sister's lappy , so no pictures to share .
i still have pictures yet to upload from my digicam but i cant be bothered fo now .
im having my UT tmr , but just dont feel like revising .
ouh , let it be . im ready to get kick out from school .
i went back with niza .
we took th same bus since shes heading for jurong .
so eventually , we talked about relationship and loads more .
another knowledge gained . thanks a lot babe .
ouh yea , i guess hes changing . ok wait , no !
he wouldnt wanna ____ when he dont like me right .
so yea , still searching fo the perfect word to feel in th blank .
hoping fo a better tomorrow .
and i swear i miss him like crazy till to th extent where i can cry whenever he comes across my mind .
im never this weak , ok lah i ngaku i kental okay .
but if love doesnt exist , then i wont feel this way right .
i guess patience is the key .
afterall , good things happen to those who wait .
so im willing .
this one goes out to you [DBF]
i know that someday you will read my blog
let me do a little confession alright .
though i may not show th love you , or you might not take notice of it .
let me tell you this , no one knows exactly how i feel when im all around you , when you are not there by my side .
but deep down in my heart , i sayang you okay .
yes , those tears i shed , its fo reall .
i tkot kehilangan you .
i know actions speak louder than words and yea , im trying to prove it to you .
im still working on us , baby .
let me be in your heart if i have th chance to .
i know you are busy working , i understand that .
im here at home , waiting for the clock to struck 11 , and hoping fo a call from you .
i miss you badly now baby .
i never wanna lose you .
you saw it yourself how was i when i didnt get to meet you during june .
so dont let history repeat itself okay .
i wanna make things work the way we want it to be .
yes i do from th bottom of my heart .
ps : peeps , dont ask me whats going on , its fine between us .
there are just some things which i need to amend on before its too late or before i lose him again .
i tak nak , i tak nak you .


Thought of You @10:04 PM


and im starting to fall fo
by chris brown ft keri hilson

happy listening

ok th fact that im so bored that it is already th third post of th day .
i guess ill stop here , lets do waiting alright .
if this really satisfies you , im willing to bleed fo you .
hope this sacrifice will somehow tell you how much i love you okay .

toodles ~

[DBF] i miss you

Thought of You @3:36 PM


totally enraged right now

how low do you want me to go seh ?
when im here giving myself in since i know it is my fault ,
do you take the initiative to ?
urgh , these feelings sucks big time .
i dont wanna fight .
please fo once stop all these .
you said you wanna talk to me today , but it seems like you are running away from me .
why do this thing have to happen fo th second time ?
please , i cant bear all the consequences alone .
i dare not take th risk .

please , if you hate me , go ahead and tell me on my very face .
lets not prolong matter , im tired , aren't you ?
im here to settle everything , i hate it left hanging .
please please please lah ..

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Thought of You @1:33 PM


i started off my new week with a good intention , and that is to come to school to study . but yesterday , i slept really late and i woke up late th next morning . so i rushed here and there , kancong spider lah kann . someone pissed me off early in th morning because she did not keep my leggings at my usual place . instead of putting it in my wardrobe , she put it in my mom's wardrobe . so i have to take out all my clothes from the wardrobe and make a mess on the floor . mom scolded me , but im reaalyyy late . so sorry mommy .

so th next best damn thing is , i did not bring along my lab coat . i wasnt aware that im having a lab session today , so i was told to leave th class and look fo it . i cant be bothered and one of my classmate helped me to search fo it . i owe you a drink buddy ((:

i guess im heading off to LP later because i really need to get a perfume fo myself . im running out of kenzo and i really need to get myself a new one . looking out fo someone to accompany me , cause [DBF] is sound asleep .

is it wrong to love you now ?
i need you back in my life , yes i do .
if you give me th chance to .
we need to talk alright baby ?
i really hope to hear from you soon .

if its wrong to love you , then my heart just wont make it right .
imy & ily


Thought of You @10:38 AM

Sunday, October 05, 2008'♥

today is supposed to be a family day but somehow all my siblings are busy with their own activities . well , they are married so im left with mom . & mom is snoring away in the late aftanoon and im stucked here doing nothing but to add another entry in my blog just to kill time , AS USUAL .
my sister is out fo her company's bowling competition . i hope she wins big big money so that she can treat me new tops at DP * grins *

on random , i miss ma daddy badly now , i dont know why . he scolded me because i have been missing fo the whole one year and did not call him . busy lah daddy . over some issues , i dont wish to tell people here because it is really sickening when i heard what my dad told me .

you peole believe in black magic ? ouh gosh , it's freaking me out when my dad shared his stories the other night . i better be careful in whatever im doing . im afraid that someone may get envy and go on voodddoooo . LOL !

before i forget , im left 5 more days or less fo [DBF] birthday . im still thinking of things i should get for him . okay , i already have one in mind but i cant find any time to go to the place and buy him one . guess ill have to call a day off on tuesday ((: speaking of which , my cousin will have to report fo NS on that day so yea , im still considering whether i should call it a miss fo school or NOT .

school sucks big time ! i dont have any motivations to go to school because i cant click with my classmates . i need to endure , yes i know but another 11 weeks of lessons are killing my brain cells and self-esteem . my classmates are like those smart alex i tell you that when i present , no one is paying attention except fo my faci . ok i lied . HAHA !

my friendship with _____ is drifting apart . i dont know why . im trying to work on it now , so wish me luck alright .

my bill is piling . i need money badly to settle all my bills . maybe i should ask fo more . LOL !

no photos to share today . why ? because im supppperrr duppperrr lazy to upload !

i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF] i miss [DBF]

life has never been better than this . well , what more can i ask fo right ?


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Friday, October 03, 2008'♥


on the eve of raye , i wenta geylang with [DBF] and khai at 3 in th morning .
bought last minute things followed by burger , deng deng and ayam perchik .
bumped into Azhar and gangs . i was a bit shy .
and i wonder how come Pali were out with them ?
well , i reached home at 7 in th morning .
i only get a short nap and i swear im still sleepy now .

first day of raya was a blast ! thanks to my family and cousins who turned me on .
went to a total of 4 houses and i was in bed at 11 . i was so shagged by then .

well , let th pictures do the blabbering aite ?
toodles ~~

me and my sisters .

my pillar of strength

my sister's family

my grandmother's homeh , so packed !

and my house was a chaos !

my favouritest cousin .
hes turning 21 , and he owned a car .
imagine , his dad bought for him .
lucky youuu

this is my favouritest auntie . she is supper duper outgoing .

best picture snap so far .
this year , i can see many people went blue ...

and yesterday night , was dinner at burger king with [DBF]
thanks lovely , ily ((:

Thought of You @9:38 AM

Wednesday, October 01, 2008'♥

im in [DBF] home now and i kinda feel stucked here . the fact that it is pouring cats and dogs and it actually hinders us from going to Geylang . so i blogg to kill th time .
rain rain go away , come again another day ...

everything was done perfectly .
im waiting fo tomorrow morning , where i will take almost 2 hours to dress up .
and yes , shedding of tears during seeking of forgiveness makes my make-up smudge .
speaking of which , preparing a speech fo mother .
leceh sungguh .

anihoos , selamat hari raya to all my friends .
thanks fo the touched messages , i appreciate it a lot .
since my bill is a bomb , let me do this in blog alright !
haha , save duet aku ((:

to all my malay hot friends and babes
selamat hari raya , maaf zahir batin .
ampun maaf dipinta sekiranya terkasar bahasa , tersalah kate .
halalkan makan minum saya .
semoga kite berjumpa di lebaran yer ..

[DBF] i love you lidat lor . HAHA !


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