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Friday, May 30, 2008'♥

ill promise you ill update soon ((:

Thought of You @10:28 AM

Tuesday, May 27, 2008'♥

To the song here in my heart
A melody I start but can't complete
To the sound from deep within
It's only beginning to find release
Oh the time has come for my dreams to be heard
They will not be pushed aside and turned
Into your own all 'cause you won't listen
I am alone at a crossroads
I'm not at home in my own home
And I've tried and tried to say what's on my mind
You should have known -
Oh Now I'm done believing you
You don't know what I'm feeling
I'm more than what you made of me I followed the voice you gave to me
But now I've gotta find my own
You should have listened
There is someone here inside
Someone I thought had died so long ago
Oh, I'm screaming out and my dreams will be heard
They will not be pushed aside or worseInto your own all 'cause you won't listen
I don't know where I belong
But I'll be moving on
If you don't, if you won't
read this carefully

Thought of You @4:11 PM


currently , im in no mood at all , really .
and dont ask the obvious things people .
i guess you guys have read my tag board and you know wads going on right ?
so , all your doubts are answered .

i aint wanna talk about us .
i aint gonna be an ego for now .
its just that , some things are better to let it deplete with time .
i dont wana touch about us , because it hurts me the most .
i did play my part , didnt i ?
to try to talk to you , to be nice to you , to be wad you want me to be , but i guess ive not done it all because u still want the best part of me .
wads more ? ape kekurangan nye diri i nie ?
wad makes you think you are so perfect , you are so right ?
i had enough dwelling over small things .

now you know it hurts right when our 18 months screwed us up ?
now dats how i felt for the past two months .
and gave you the chance to be a better man .
you want me to think the good side of u . have i not been doing now ?
now then you start realising ? because all you think was urs , selfish !
BUT , i aint going to blame you for whatever that had happened .
i had enough of begging and kneeling down to you .
am i not sacrificing any ?
go and get a bitch and see how well they can treat you .
you will be kissing their ass i tell you .

ill give you what you want .
if you think thats the best right
let me tell you this ;

let this breakdown be real , i had enough of trying to move on but i always turn back to you .
lets get this over and done .
to people who have been helping me , motivate me , thanks alot ..

and kak ca , i'll listen to your advice .
i know you want him in our family .
but i cant . and i will never .
lets make it end okei .
im sorry sibs , mom .
im just a failure in life .

you left mi in tears .

fareez , tekkaire of urself and think of the bright future that awaits you .
im here , praying the best for you .
thanks for everything .
maybe you just dont see things which is worth to take it as memories .
im no longer beside you , to wake u up to school , to wish you goodnyte before i doze off .
but one thing for sure , u will always be in my heart .

you're on my heart just like a tattoo.

Thought of You @1:51 PM

Monday, May 26, 2008'♥

saturday-day-out was effing cool .
yea , the day that ive been waiting for , where we can have time for each other just the two of us .
we watched chocolate . yea , it was great ! ill rate the movie 4/5 .
so before watching the movie , we went to makansutra and had our dinner together .
we ate alot right baby ? haha . like we are so damn full lah .

and before catching the movie , kite beli popcorn tao.
and thanks bf for making me wanna vommit and gobble everything up ehk .
nak merajok kn ? hmpf !

so the overview of the food

so this picture was like long time ago . ignore
my face cause bf told me i look like a minah here .

but he's cute ((:

ouh fareez azhar , hapi 18 months anniversary .
you have been a great boifren . you make me smile , you make me cry , you make mi laugh , you make me what i am today , and i never complain , because i noe that for what ever happens , there are something which is worth for our future . let people think that we are crazy , we are stupid and do not know how to maintain our relationship , because we are the only one who noes what we want ans what we want best .
i thank you for making everything happen , because it made me realise how wrong and right i am , and what i can do to be a better person in the mere future .

and swear to god , I LOVE YOU

let's make it real this time .
tkmo ungkit pasal bende lame , especially the one that brings you down , because things goes around in karma . believe it . ill blame myself and not you .


Thought of You @9:14 AM

Saturday, May 24, 2008'♥

well i guess it is time to update mine . im sorry for my absence these few days . ive not been an active blogger due to some problems faced by my friends . and yea , i was the one helping , consoling , cheering . but sometimes , poeple tend not to appreciate someone's deed . well , im not asking OR begging you to thank me for helping you but i guess you are big enough to be appreciative and knows how to differentiate between wrong and right , ya ?

i dont feel regretful for the decision made because i know someone out there deserves my attention . and thanks for making me realise that having you by my side is not what really defines best friend . i thought you were there to console me , to wipe off my tears , to cheer me up . but all you did wad left me all alone when im all pouring . nevermind . thanks for the past 8 years of friendship yet not meaningful . there are no sweet memories that is worth for me to remisnisce on . NOTHING !

i am thankful having him by my side . he has been there advising me on what to do tomorrow and my future . he is there when i had a slight misunderstanding with my friends . he is there to accompany me when im doing revision at night through the fon . he is there , beside my bed when im sick .

im sorry for being a clumsy girl for the past 18 months . but i swear to you , that was the best time i had in my life when im with you . i am thankful for having such a close-to-perfection boifren . this is my first longest relationship . lets make it last okei baby ? insya'allah .


Thought of You @12:18 PM

Thursday, May 22, 2008'♥

i dont need and i dont want to know as to why react in such a manner ?
i dont need and i dont want to know wad is becoming of you ?

because now then i realised that you are such a pain in my ass .
i dont feel regretted for throwing away my 8 years of friendship with you .
because yesterday made me realise where am i in your heart , how important i am to you .
i reckon that you did not treasure nor appreciate our friendship.
then why should i ? even if so , what makes you think i should ?

theres only some things which i need to touch on .
i hope with this you would realise .

do you know that you are just degrading yourselve ?
ko tahu tk yg ko malu kn mak bpk ko ngn sikap ko ?
ko tahu tk org sume pandang rendah kt kao stelah ape ko ckp ngn kite sume ?
kalo ko benci , asal ko msg die ? seeking attention again ?
and ko tipu kite sume 4 kali ?

'sekiranye ko ader maruah , mane maruah ko ? you wont go after a guy who has spoilt you '
' you wont even feel proud for what had happened between you guys '
' wake up the idea of saying that you are when you are not '
' you wont be proud having a guy who is materialistic , pakai duet '

eh bodo , otak mati nak mampos !

i aint stupid like you think so .

eh bitch , GET A LIFE LA OK !

i vow from today i wont msg you anymore , i wouldnt want to know your well-beings .
but sincerely from the bottom of my heart , goodluck and tekkaire .

Thought of You @1:22 PM

Tuesday, May 20, 2008'♥

randomly on lily's request . i have decided to do it since ive not done so before. well , it plays around with your brain kan . questions tat you never thought of.

  1. at what age do you wish to marry?
    24 OR 25 . my friend told me , the fertility rate is high at that age . LOL ! doesnt even concern me in the first place .
  2. study hard or play hard?
    study hard , obviously . play hard sounds so wrong
  3. who is the person that you can trust the most?
    my mother and boyfriend & bestfriends
  4. do you thnk you have enough confidence?
    i think around 80% . the 20% goes to : shaking legs while standing when i do powerpoint slides & voice trembles when singing on stage.
  5. if you have a dream come true, what would it be?
    i would want to have a car , stable career and finance . bright future ahead . be a teacher ?
  6. do you believe in seeing rainbow after the rain?
    of course i do . thats what my primary 3 teacher told me .
  7. what is your goal for this year?
    pay all my debts , be happy and pass all my modules with a GPA 3.2.
  8. do you believe in eternity love?
    nahh . that was zaman romeo & juliet
  9. have you broken someone's heart that he/she tried to commit suicide?
    of course i dont . ill owe their family sia if the someone commit suicide . id feel guilty for the rest of my life because of me being a self-centred person .
  10. what feeling do you love the most?
    happy , crazy , kecoh !
  11. what are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
    understanding , trust , lovable , adorable , cute , not irritating .
  12. what feeling do you hate the most?
    sad, angry [i missed a lot of fun when im in this state]
  13. do you cherish every single frenship of yours?
    of course i do . if not , i wont cry when i lose my friend .
  14. do you believe in GOD?
    of course i do . i aint a free-thinker .
  15. what do you think is the most importt thing in your life?
    my pumping heart , my mother , my wallet , mp3 . hmm , my assets ?
  16. who do you hope to be there with you always?
    my boifren .
  17. who is your best friend?
    noorilyana bte nooresani
    nuraniza anis bte aziz
    nurul faizah bte samsudin

  18. who cares you the most?
    my mother i guess ((:
  19. what is trust?
    trust happens when you start confiding your problems with someone and when you believe in whatever that person says to you .
  20. who do you think deserve your love?
    someone who is always there for you when you need him badly .
    console and comfort you .

instrustions : remove one question from above and add in your personal question. make it a total of 20 questions and tag 8 people. list them out at the end of your rant. notidy them in their tagboard that they have been tagged. whoeeer does the tag will have blessing and i've tagged.

1. noorilyana
2. niza
3. lily
4. sahirah
5. fyeza
6. imah
7. ilah
8. emic

Thought of You @9:07 AM

Monday, May 19, 2008'♥

i am trying reall hard la people .
but i have been pouring badly every night .
it is hard , really hard !
but wad more can i do ?
i need a break badly la , if not life would be such a suffer .
im starting to hate with things like assignment , pp .
not interested in studies for the time being .
all i need is to get my emotions right again .
if not , BLACKOUT !

my future , i cant think of it la .

ape nak jadi , jadi lah okei ?

trime kasih lah byk2 kerane psal awak la kite jadi mcm ginik .
thanks mabok cinte !

Thought of You @1:29 PM

Saturday, May 17, 2008'♥

i would rather live my life alone now then having someone who doesnt care .

hope my absence would atleast help me cure this wounded heart .
and reflect on 17 months , i am yet clueless as to why im still here , making this relationship real .
when im just clapping on one hand .
and i hope that i wont love you too much because all i get is excessive tears .
and hanging up of fons .
after all , i have to force myself to smile again .

im starting to regret .
i swear even till now im in tears . really .
i wouldnt want to tell you because its worthless .
i dont want anyone to console me at the moment . i just need sometime to be alone .

i'll promise myelf not to miss you too much
i'll promise myself not to love you too much
i'll promise myself not to cry because you dont want me to
i'll promise myself to keep quiet whenever we fight .
i'll promise myself not to be an enthusiatic party in the relationship
i'll promise myself to move on bit by bit
i'll promise myself not to care much about the relationship .

i know you dislike me asking for a break whenever we fight , but in the first place , dont you feel guilty to at the least for making me cry ? i know you dont and you never will . do you know that im suffering ? do you know that im facing with lots of challenges ? so you told me you were there to support me right ? i need examples and case study .

you are killing me softly .

this time , i wont break my promises because when i say something , you will provoke me more and worsen the matters . and everything goess back in a circle . after talking to you , its futile and useless .
tell me at which time you were useful ?

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Thought of You @9:19 PM


first of all , happi 17th birthday to

may all your dreams come true
may you succeed in life
may you have a bright future ahead
goodluck in your future endeavours
may god bless you
hope you'll have a blissful relationship with him

unlike mine (:

anw , yesterday evening was great !
we celebrated niza's brithday at cash studio .

things are changing , ouh gosh , i dont want it to happen .
please god , dont make it happen .
fuck , i aint going to stay at JB . please ..
how would my life be when im there ?
fuck ! no friends , no one to be there .
eh sial uh ! life was so unfair for me .
thanks mother for that unfairness in you .
all you think about ur happiness with your siblings !
do i get mine ? where's my happiness ? my siblings ?
all these while , ive been hiding away all those tears and sorrows do you know that ?
im the one suffering .
and boifren , you aint even there .
so wad the hell are we still holding on ?
you aint here for me when im tensed . when im forlorn .
then wads the use of me having a bf ?
just to get a status yet suffering life ?
ouh please , get out of my sight .
i dont need anione right now ..

and even if i went out with other guys , dont blame me for doing so . point your middle finger on your nose because you didnt care about me . and all i need is someone's attention .
go figure okei .

say my fault , i wont say sorry .
me being ego ? well , who is selfish in the first place ?

fuck you !


Thought of You @1:47 PM

Friday, May 16, 2008'♥

ouh gosh . finally weekends are here . and neither do i have any idea to where im going to take a break this weekend . i thought of going for a swim at sentosa , but im sure to return home tired . ani idea people ?

boifye planned to go and study during this weekend . it was an absolutely great idea , having a bf to actually study during the weekends . i am proud i must say cause he finally noes what to do after the opinions we shared . baby , though i may sound discouraging , but i just want you to think the good and bad side of it and no matter what , i am here to support you .

may we walk together through the obstacles .

Thought of You @11:27 AM

Tuesday, May 13, 2008'♥

train ride on saturday was effing great ! i bumped into this kid . and he loves to smile . he will keep on sticking out his tongue at me and i did the same back to him . and he will laugh and do it again and again . till bf said , 'gf , you're turning 19 and you're depriving ' . im not ok ! but i just love the way he reacts . that boy is so so cute . and i snapped his pictures . apology to his dad for not asking his permission in taking his son's photo .
i didnt managed to bid goodbye to him and i was sad . we alighted at the same stop but we went on different direction . i kept on looking at him and said bye , but that kid didnt turn around . urgh !

we managed to get things going now and i am proud to say that we are finally out to somewhere just the both of us . yes , the day i have been waiting for . we realli catch a lot of things left amissed together at coffee bean . appreciating each other and laugh our heads off .

i am happy that we can get things in place now though it may seemed hard to do it way before . but im proud because all you care was me and the relationship . i dont wish it to end even , but sometime i just need sometime alone so that ill get to reflect and minimise my weaknesses .
i am sorry for being a bloody ego when we fight .
i am sorry for not bein there when all you want is me .
i am sorry for provoking you and worsening the matters when we fight .
i am sorry for not being a good gf for the past 17 months .
thanks for making me wake up from lala land .
i appreciate that so much .
and i owe you something that cannot be paid by money .
i owe you , Fareez Azhar ((:

noorlyana bte nooresani , i kinda get worried over you . you really didnt take good care of urself till you fall sick . hope you ' ll get well soon alright ? drink lots of plain water .

yes i noe it is hard to stand up after a hard fall but i just cant seeem to have the idea as to why he left you when all you do was to stay true ? i noe how it feels to be accused when you dont do it . it is frustrating and there is only a lot of whys in your head which cant be answered . but for now , i guess it is better you guys get some space , reflect and think of what you guys wanna do in the future . cmon , i dont want you or anione to give up in relationship . you guys have been in love , spending most of your time together , and the next second , you guys are nothing ? not even friends , with one party just on his/her stand without having to think on how the other party feels ? why is life so unfair ?

yana for wadeva reason , be thankful to god for these are the challenges that he gave you . He wants to see how you will find solution to the problem . just be strong and do whats best for you . but to me , sacrificing once again wont harm it .

' hidop ini tidak akan lari dari masalah dan cabaran '

nurul faizah bte samsudin . please la , wads with all those nonsensical rumours ? why you keep on doing all those things that is so against our religion ? tell me what will you obtain when you kill yourself , when you commit suicide ? come on wake up your five senses . dont end your life because of a guy . do you know that with your attitude like this , you are jus creating a bad impression on yourself . wads all these ? come on , i dont think this is a puppy love , even if it is so , you wont go to the extend of commiting suicide . you are 19 this year , cant you just think ?

you have a stable life , career and finance . wads there for you to worry even if you dont have a guy by ur side ? its not the end of the world .

im sorry to say this but you are just stupid and have no brain to think .

& i love this hair so much ((:

done people . im tired .
do wads right and may god help and guide you ok .

Thought of You @9:09 AM

Monday, May 12, 2008'♥

hey people , things are a bit messed up for now .
im pretty much worried with people around me .
giving the best out of me for now .
ill do whatever it takes to make people around me happi .
when one is affected so are the other .

ill play my part as a friend , a gf , a child , a student & a local .

update soon !

Thought of You @12:57 PM

Sunday, May 11, 2008'♥

hey this was meant to be super duper random lah !

i miss noorilyana bte nooresani sei ): ( did i get it right besfren ? )
and i really wana noe how things are going on between you and him .
i am really worried about u .
i waited for your call last night , but you didnt .
i understand that you need sometime alone .
but never feel alone , let me emphasise that .
remember , you always have me to count on bestfriend . (:
cheer up , cause nurul bello is here .

anw, we have settled things down , seriously . trying my very best to be the old me .
i guess , time will help to solve everything .
endurance , tolerance , trust , love are the main keys to let the love stay strong .
these four days of temporary being single , might help me realise how life would be without you .
it is hard to wake up in the morning and start everything anew .
where things would be totally different , where you have to live independently and there is no one there beside you .
i tried my very best to walk on just my two feets but i felt something is amissed . and that is you .
although i am laughing happily , pretend to be an ego , and let go off everything . but deep down inside , its crashing , my heart shattered .
thanks for being there to fight for our relationship .

things has been definitely great for me these few days .
i hope it will be this way , forever .

& & & i am so looking foward to karaoke-ing with my gurlies this friday .
eve of niza's birthday . get the party and plans going ok girls ((:

see ya republicans on monday .
week 6 , urgh . holidaes are drawing near .
pp upcoming next . ouh , wad a stressful life .
'keje yang paling penat adelah berpikir '

Thought of You @2:28 AM

Saturday, May 10, 2008'♥

heres a short msg for you faezah doggie . wadeva your mother called you alright .
because it terribly seemed pathetic having your name doggie , off all animals . why must it be like a dog ? your mom have been fucking with a dog and decided to put you name faezah doggie . how i wish i am your mom , maybe i can decide on your name which is far better . for example , spoil brat ? erm no ? maybe , bitch ?

hey people , dont you find it unprofessional having to have spams in your blog . they dare to tag you and not talk face to face ? that was so zaman baru2 nk naik sia . if you dare talk face to face . and freaking hell , die maki mak aku luh sei ! baik kape ?
how i wish you are reading my blogg now , and talk to me face to face . because ill make sure you'll get home , bleeding buddy . if you have a problem with my cousin , let it be just her . having to drag my aunties and mother, and uncles along , that sound so wrong .

i find you typically minah la . with your words so the kampong people . please la , you want to talk to me that wae , find someone of your own language ok ? because i find it so last summer . please la , now its time for world peace , not to have spoilt brats like you around which have got nothing better to do but spam people's tagboard.

how i wish i have you in hands , you're making me on fire babe .

puki bebulu ? are you envy that your's arnt ? maybe there's no maturity in you , dats why you speak up like dat . so wad kalo tetek lepeh or wadeva , you check on your size ? erm , i guess your's smaller than me ? because im far too big , you can suck all if you want to . HAH!

you ask mi to suck my father's dick ? are you ok or not ? because i find that so dah tkde point till you go to that extent . maybe you should go and suck and tell me how it taste like right ? erm sori . maybe your dad's dick dah kecot . till your mom dont feel that 'high-ness' while fucking and decide to fuck with a dog rightt beb .

ouh , stop denying my facts . i noe its so true . admit it bitch ,
meet me if you are not satisfied . make sure its between me and you . kalo ko pike ko btol nye manusia, brani buat brani tanggong , mari uh bbl ngn aku . lets talk to someone who is of higher stadard than you . eh , sblm ko main ni zaman , aku dah cukop try uh . smpi menyesal uh . ko zaman bile ? skg org carik duet la bkn main ngn mak bpk org .

three words for you bitch;


Thought of You @12:00 AM

Friday, May 09, 2008'♥

so yesterday was a blast back home with besfren !
waited for her outside her class .
and i wanted to laugh at this guy , because he like so syok sndiri . ((:

'eh , kwn aku nk kenal2 ngn ko uh' -guy
'tk nk uh' - girl
'rileks uh!' (muke paiseh oredi) -guy
that girl just walked off .
is it your fren or you yourself body-builder ?
pity on ya .

anw , my train trip with my darla was like so gerek !
guess wad ? we bumped into castello .
right yana ? and we were laughing our heads off !
we talked about him since he was wearing earphones , hoping that he wont hear us .
but then , he only wore one of it , where the other were left dangling .
ouh oh , yana lah nie .

'eh, dlm plastic bag die ade wig'
(he has a wig in his plastic bag)

did tutoring after which i go back home straight .
and i cried like a lost baby .

lets conceal those pain and love .

tmr , i dont know where to go .
bowling session with my gurlies , or just get my butts to studying ?
erm , considering ...

update soon people
happy weekends ((:


you were there to make me smile, forget about the world . and speak up like no one cares ((:
thanks for being there when im in need besfren ((:

Thought of You @8:45 AM

Thursday, May 08, 2008'♥

a new layout for a new beginning ((:

credits to my yana for the background . thanks beb ((:

Thought of You @4:34 PM


7 may , marks the end of us .
thanks for letting go of everything .
i guess thats the biggest sacrifice you have given to me .
now , lets move on , because we dont belong here , not anymore .
lets walk down the memory lane , and let memories do the talking .

no doubt , i am and truly sad about it .
but if things gonna be like dis for the rest of our relationship , i dont see a point to be in love .
to be hurt .
i had enough of suffering , shedding for the past 17 months .
since we cant get things the way we want it , let go .
just let faith do it all.

after all , i am never gonna blame you for everything . because i noe it takes two hands to clap .
its both our fault . because we cant make the love last at all .
just take care my new friend .
you have been a great boifrend . but please , whatever that happens to us yesterday , it is true .

i do still love you , contradicting but please dont come back .

I'm staring out into the night,Trying to hide the pain.
I'm going to the place where love
And feeling good don't ever cost a thing.
And the pain you feel's a different kind of pain.

I'm going home,Back to the place where I belong,
And where your love has always been enough for me.
I'm not running from.
No, I think you got me all wrong.
I don't regret this life I chose for me.
Be careful what you wish for,
'Cause you just might get it all.
You just might get it all,
And then some you don't want.

But your love, remains true.
And I don't know why.
You always seem to give me another try.

Thought of You @9:00 AM

Tuesday, May 06, 2008'♥

should i stay ?
well maybe i should move on .
but something just holds mi back , the least endless love .
i dont want to be a hypocrite .
nor do i want to hurt him .
but do i have to cheat my own feelings ?
or should i just go down the memory lane .
im in doubts .
i have unanswered question in my head .
maybe give me lil more time .
and ill find the answer to my heart .
'always follow your heart '
so please , play your part ;understand me more .

Thought of You @11:04 AM

Monday, May 05, 2008'♥

i guesss something is not right with me and not him . but no matter what , ill try to figure out okei . and to those people who tagged mi and alwaes were there for me like ANA and IDA and any other people . i appreciate you guys alot . somethings just clogged mi mind now . money money money , i need you badly . mcm nk pinjam tai long jek .

ok bye ! update soon for the weekends ! malas nk upload gmbr uh ((:

should i delete the previous post ? i dont wanna hurt him when he reads that .
im sorry .

Thought of You @8:35 AM

Saturday, May 03, 2008'♥

i am the good girl , he was the bad guy .
i am forlorn right now , totally . seriously .
will you make mi smile again ?


Thought of You @1:01 PM


fucking hell in my previous post , i was hoping for a great weekend ! when i say great weekend , i mean i wanna spend it with my loved ones right ? and fuckingly someone disappoint mi right ?

you idiotically wants the old me right ? you dislike me talking straight to your face right ? you want things to be left unsaid right ? ok , like now ill shut my mouth okei ? and you know me for 17 months right ? and you know ill pour every single emotions be it the most filled with shits in here right , so here it goes for you ok . i dont give a damn even if you were to read this after we have reconcile . but i guess , karma is knocking on your head again ok ! because you still dont realise your mistakes yet you repeat it again .

you nk cakap you sakit hati ! i lagi sakit hati la !i am such a fool for falling over your crocodile tears . you still aint learning your lesson . you still hurt me like u used to . you switch off you phone . for ?so that i wont bother your sleep .you know when we can have long chats ? eves and wekends .i guess i love you too much that even this thing which is so nothing to others becomes a major thingy to me .

i am such a fool for trusting your words . i am such a fool for trusting your words .
'i janji i akan ubah , i noe im selfish , i only think about myself and not you . im soorry because i make you suffer all these while '.and all these kate is EXTREMELY TAIK FOR MI !can i maki right in front of your face ?why do i have to cry ?why after being hurt , i still talk to you nicely ?how much more do you want me to sacrifice for you ?you know i have lots of problem , and when im feeling insecure , you werent even there !you are ridiculous fareez .seriously , you kejam .if you read this post , and you tend to part ways , let it be .i cant hold on to the sorrows .please , fuckingly wake up !

i werent like this before . but im struggling through this relationship , trying my best to save it . i keep on falling but were you there to hold on to my hands and let mi be on my feets again ?eh sial uh ! sebak sia dada aku !


not another ruin saturday ! im craving but wads with all these !!!!!!!

Thought of You @12:12 AM

Friday, May 02, 2008'♥

weekends are around the corner and i cant wait to turn my hyper-active mood on ! when was the last time id go crazy to town and chill out with the loved ones ? erm , few months back ? yes, for the past two saturdays , i was stucked at home , doing nothing but rotting . have nott been in good terms with boifie during weekends . so please ,dont turn my mood down tomorrow okei ?

so yea , i have yet to do more revision because two more test are coming up next week . i feel stressful right now . i guess i have to burn midnight oil again today if not there will be no seat for me in SMU . ok , i berangan . haha ! ouh molecular cell bio & material science , please make it easy for me . ((:

yes , at first i thought im going to lose my bestfriend , lyana in the first place . because i was like so busy till i have no time for her , and when she has a problem , i wasnt there for her . ive learnt my mistakes , im sorry besfriend . ill try dig up some spaces for you okei . ILY ((:
im glad that shes okei right now despite tons of problem that striked her .

yana , remember . i noe its hard to stand up after a hard fall , but no matter what , you choose what you want and you are leading your own life . never regret on what has happened in the past , because that makes you better in the future . dont care about the sacrifices because in the future , someone may have sacrifice more than whoever you can think of . be strong , and im here to support you .
and yes , i want the semester one girl that ive known . someone who would always laugh ,be cheerful and put all the problem aside as if it is none of your concern . remember that yana ? i want that old you .
always be happy because shedding your tears and thinking about it isnt worth it when the other party is not working on it .

i btter get busy now .
see ya around people ((: and happi weekends.

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