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Saturday, February 27, 2010'♥

I can be nice, if you are nice too.
I can be nasty, if you are nasty too.
I don't initiate moves, but if you want to play this game, get the ball rolling boy.
Wait till it's my turn.
Let's prepare a scoreboard, dice, you and me, on the board game.
And let's do this *evil grin*

you are too clumsy, this world is so small, must I repeat?
Even if it happens here.
Oh my, you will get a piece of me.
Try you best, and all the best (:


Thought of You @1:10 PM

Friday, February 26, 2010'♥

I've yet been waiting for everything to go on smoothly. I know God is always there for me to guide me through. I need humans to support and motivate me in life. But God, He will determine what he has in store for me in the near future. Now what? Live in denial. Let's smile and laugh my heads off and pretend like nothing is bugging me.

How I wish I could lead this life as per normal; laughing my ass off everytime, and get the usual people to make my world go round. But now, where are there? GONE. Now, I'm all depressed because I fell into a trap where I know I can run away from the start. I know I am strong.

Iffa, thanks for travelling all the way to Yew Tee to meet me. I appreciate your lending ears and thanks for being there when I'm all in need. I love you.

And babies, meet up soon. An wants to go JBBBB. :)


Thought of You @7:27 PM


Oh God, it has been two months that I pretended like nothing has ever happened to me and you people may thought I am having a smooth and safe journey throughout the past two months. But no, I had a hell of a ride. I missed my ____________ for two months and it is not funny, AT ALL. I swear I am all scared to face up the truth or even the world. I kept all things to myself. I run away to KL for a break for a reason. You don't even know what's deep inside me.

And now, you ask for it again and again. Where exactly have I gone wrong? Tell me. You know I always want you in my life. You know me the best, so what else? I tried my very best to uphold everything but why do you just have to ruin it? You wanted to leave me so much, with me in this kind of situation. Now let me tell the whole world about it. How I felt, what I am facing now. I am at the most miserable state of mind, and you are not even there, to guide me through, when these things has been created by you and me. Where's the mercy for me? Now, you want me to face it all alone? You're totally absurd. I ain't working and I don't even have a money to spare for the kit. And you are here ignoring me like it is none of your fucking business. You think I go around and do it with the rest? I ain't a cheapskate bitch.

I'd rather fuck for money than fuck for baby.


Thought of You @2:32 AM

Thursday, February 25, 2010'♥

I am back from Kuala Lumpur yesterday, together with my cliques. I shall be back soon to update about it once I've received the pictures. I really need to grab a good rest because I'm having a bad dry cough since the trip. Moreover, I've been changing cigarettes so that explains my husky voice.

Kimak, halfway through all these. you really turn me down. Now that sucks the most. Let's not say it further. It's killing me deep inside. I'm crying. I'll suck it in, thank you so much.


Thought of You @5:35 PM

Sunday, February 21, 2010'♥

Good afternoon lovelies! I woke up early today, like 9 am? I slept at 1 am yesterday, I is the biggest loser because I just went out to meet Love for awhile at the void deck and in less than an hour, I am already back home. Reason wise; Love is not feeling well and sister is not in the mood, so I played my part by getting my ass home early yesterday.

So today, I do a little bit of house chores then I packed my bags to get ready for KL. Somehow now, I am still not confident enough whether I've brought all the necessary things along with me or not. (I have the rest of today to think about it) And yes, washed this and that.

My PSP is not working for God knows what the hell is wrong with it. I actually reformatted the memory card and restore the PSP into the default settings. But still I cannot load on the games. I is so bingit nak mampos! because like it only starts to misbehave like what, today? FUCK. I want to bring to KL then give me these kind of sickness. Super binget okay. Cikopek, mala'on betol.

Please behave, cause I might need you for the journey babyyyyyyy :(

Ouh yess, I will have to head down to Lot 1 later to get my money changed. Now, I am waiting for my mother to come by here to meet me and the rest :) weeeee~
Less than 24 hours and I'm off. Super can't wait to shop like as if my mother is a tycoon! But what's not? Confirm I miss my mom and Love when I am there. Oh nooooooooo :(


Thought of You @11:59 AM

Saturday, February 20, 2010'♥

I am a very observant person. I don't talk unless I see it with my own eyes. But even when you see myself keeping quiet doesn't mean that I am stupid enough that you can fool me around. Because I would say that you mess up with the wrong person, i tell you. I look at how people change, to someone better I would say. And I will totally ignored if someone changed for the worst, they are a waste of my time. It's hard to define life. Well, that's why we have been trying so hard to know the real definition of life. We walk on the journey of life, facing different obstacles.

Ouh anyways, I is the biggest loser, because I actually stayed at home on a Saturday night. Well, I don't club lah actually. Hehs. What's not? I have no money to go out, so that explains of me stoning at home the whole day. Then, I think Mimi is the winner for the day, because she stays home quite often during Saturdays but not today, I think. (LOL!) Prolly, I'll be meeting Love later to spend a little bit of my time.

Oh, if you don't see me updating my blog. Just wait for my return alright. Because on Monday, I'll be going off to KL with my friends. So pray that I'll have a smooth journey, safe and secure at there and smooth journey back home. I'll come back and do an update on Wednesday or Thursday yah. You take care lovelies ((:


Thought of You @7:59 PM


Introducing Soshy.
I just love the tattoos on her left arm. COOL shit!

Adam Lambert is the next in thing. But then, knowing he is a gay, so what? I mean, he has got the talent. I don't give a fuck if he is a gay or what's not, that is his life! I love his songsss.


Thought of You @1:00 PM

Friday, February 19, 2010'♥

Love is all about taking risk.
Its either you are willing to risk your mind, heart and soul for someone whom you love or forget about it.
You will get destroyed, once he/she leaves. But it's not the end of the world, afterall.
It's all about you trying your best to pick up whats left in you, build it up again and move on.
The more you get yourself stuck with the same person, you are too stupid enough.
Because people around you are moving on, unlike you.
Sticking to the same old person when you know you will fail yet again.
Love involves two humans sharing the affection they have for each other. Not just one person.
So think it through, before you take the risk.
No one stop you from loving someone, its about whether the other party deserves your love.
If you think he deserves it, by all means.
But what if he says he has moved on?
Why are you wasting your time girl? they are other guys around you.
God stop that, because he knows what's best for you ahead.
told you, he has something in store for you in the future.

It will never fail, when affection is shared till death.


Thought of You @2:28 PM


Ouh I miss these whole bunch of humans. I wonder when am I able to meet them again :(
I is sad and the biggest loser.
No, I don't think so. Got someone who is indeed the biggest loser.
If you know who you are.
I am so bored.
Later I gotta go for prac later at 4.
Supper malas ehhhh.
And I demam like forever uh.
sebulan skali mesti demam seh. KNNBCCB.

Thought of You @1:17 PM

Wednesday, February 17, 2010'♥

Before I end off my night to a beauty sleep (oh no) or probably meet love later at the void deck, let me take the opportunity to wish Affan Al-halak and my brother-in-law, Hisham;


Hope you lovely soul will have a blastful day today. Goodluck in your future endeavours and may God bless you in whatever you are doing. Hope you soul have a blissful life ahead of you. Patience is virtue and key to success. Have a great day! Always bear in mind; a year older mean a year wiser :)


Thought of You @9:34 PM


It's fucking not funny you, genital.
This is so freaking me out.

Now, the clue here is;
you are either at home, asleep or out without me knowing.
So how?


Thought of You @8:04 PM


All these uploading of pictures is really killing my patience like that. When I am near to get done, upload will fail on me. So I have to mark again, and do everything again. Waduh, what's not? The uploading seems to take me like forever. I is so binget nak mampos eh. Always like that one, that's why, whenever I have pictures to share right, I will always not have it inside either. Even if there is, it will only be 1/20 of the pictures only. Suppeerrrr annoying lahhhhh! I have three albums to upload, and I'm not even done with one just yet! Your mother betol.

And now, I keep on sneezing like no one's business. If there's someone right in front, I'm sure to give splats on th face after I sneeze. No panadol lah at home. Then how? I have to live with it. And now, I'll call love like forever, and he is forever sleeping. Geram je.

What else? Some things are better left unsaid. I is dah malas nak cakap, so no point. Shut up and fuck it. Simple, ain't it? Lumrah dunia, so have to bear with all the different humans behaviour. I swear you need a cognitive behavioural theraphy because you so suffering from mental disorder, fuck.


Thought of You @7:13 PM


Maybe I need an explanation from you.
Only say things that you mean it.
If not, shut the fuck up can?


Thought of You @6:23 PM

Sunday, February 14, 2010'♥

Heellloooooooooooo Sunday.
Just wanna drop by to wish
to my families, Love and friends.

Been up to nothing currently. Mind just went blank when it comes to updating. I have yet to share pictures but I swear I PBG, lazy to upload, as usual. I'll be going to KL in a week's time. Now, on budget lor. Have to cut down on y food expenses and unnecessary things.
I'll be going back home to JB to pack my things before coming over here again. And I am contemplating whether or not to bring back my laptop.

Sidetrack yeh. I have yet to watch Gossip Girls Season 3. I have forgotten how does the drama go. Since I am free, like now, I think I should make use of the time to watch. Better get going, and I'll be right back soon for an update.
Stay tune lovely readers!


Thought of You @3:00 PM

Saturday, February 13, 2010'♥

Currently, I am helping my sister with her registration of product for PS 3. While attempting it, it really pisses me off because I don't know why. This and that does not match. ANNOYING.
Oh yes, I'm waiting for Love to come over here with the kites. Prolly, we are flying kites later with my sister's family. So while waiting, I actually take this time to update my blog. Heh Hehs.
Another thing, I cannot log in to my LEO. I feel like screwing up that school. I want to check for my Grades but I was unable to do so. So, annoyinggg lah everything.

Initial plan was to go jobstreet and start sending in my Resumes, and now I am not doing anything except for surfing the net. I kemas my HDD. So now, clean and neat already. LOL.

I want to go shoppinggggggg lah please! But I had a hard time doing so at AMK yesterday. I might come up with stupid reasons but I can't do any shopping when Love is not with me. LOL! Maybe I should hit Bugis later. Or maybeeeee, look out for boots at Lucky Plaza.

And after that, I will be meeting my ABEH KALAU cliques later!


Thought of You @12:34 PM

Friday, February 12, 2010'♥

I don't mean to hurt you at all. You know I love you so. I meant nothing, intention was all good and clear. Rest assured, you are the only one in my heart and I mean it though. I don't play around with my words. I ain't a sweet talker. You should know exactly how it feels like when you said all that to me. Because I know I have been all loyal to you. I have always been devoted and committed in this relationship.

No I ain't going to go through the same shit again.
I love you, I really do.


Thought of You @3:57 PM

Thursday, February 11, 2010'♥

mommy, i'm sucking it all in.
I'm fine doing all these alone now.
Well, that's what i've been doing since th very first time i breathe.
I dont need reflection. Yes, i have my id along now.
i dont have ego or superego.
But dont you blame me if things turn out sour in th end.
im done. totally.

Thought of You @2:37 AM

Wednesday, February 10, 2010'♥

He claimed to like these above pictures. I appreciate the effort.
A text worth a life time memories and love that is only meant for you.
The text is worth to cry over for you touched my heart. I hope you mean it.
All the morning alarm calls from you.
You stayed up the whole night just to send me to school the next day and I happened to be late.
That was just so sweet of you.
To bring me over to the doctor, just to make sure that I am fine.
Thank you for taking care of me.
And all the rides to JB to drop by my house to meet my mother.
That's just much more than what I asked for.
I hope this time you make a good stand.
And make it worth the effort and sacrifices.

Happy monthsary, baby.


Thought of You @11:50 PM


Hello awesome people! I'm back from Hiatus. Yes, pardon me for my absence. I was busy mugging for my papers.
Well, I'll go on general today, more focused on what I've done so far.

I am like finally done with school! I'm done with my last 4 modules' papers. LIKE FINALLY! but, neither can I imagine that my three years of education has come to an end. The moment I step out of school, I start to miss PBL (though it is so useless at times), the food provided in the canteen, the morning rush to school etc etc. I miss presenting, and reading up 6P, trying so hard to absorb what is being explained in the 6P. and always the 'submit button' for the quizzes, reflection journals and evaluation.

Papers are great for PC, Psychology and Env Science but not A. Material. It is a killing paper, but I did try my best to answer all the questions with prior to my knowledge. I hope it helps me to score. I don't think I bullshit throughout the paper.

I like this picture!
Holiday's next. I super can't wait for KL with my ABEH KALAU cliques.
22nd - 24th of February.
13-16 march - Terengganu, Kelantan and Pahang (i think).
Mom actually placed a seat for me without asking me in the first place. Just imagine the place I am going to end up at there. But nevermind, I think my siblings around will be fun enough.

26th march - 05 april
I will be flying off to Korea. It is a school trip and I am going with Mel baby.
Two of us can rock the plane already (world! eh)

Now that's what I meant by a real holiday.

Oh yes, mom wanted me to tag along to balik kampung but I'm really reluctant lah kan.
Because 3 holidays coming up is already crazy. tak kasi muke seh. So I have to give it a pass.

4th march - my psychology's classmates are holding up a pit. So, I'll prolly join.
13th-14th Feb - I'll be over at niza sister's chalet for gathering with my cliques. I SO CANT WAIT. NOW I BUSY LIKE BUSINESS WOMAN ALREADY.
back for update. stay tunnneeeee


Thought of You @11:05 PM

Monday, February 08, 2010'♥


be back after Wednesday.
Excuse me, Miss.

Thought of You @5:24 PM

Saturday, February 06, 2010'♥

Hello people.
I went to school early in the morning to take my PC UT 3.
And I managed to answer all the questions smoothly.
Thank God, I studied all the problems if not I will certainly go blank.
And the 6Ps help me in many ways.
Initially, I planned to get home after my UT but then I was hungry and we went to the Coffeeshop for breakfast. Well, just me and Izzad Nazry had breakfast.
Then, we smoke more than two sticks while talking to Kecik about her problems. And I hope that she will be okay after that.
Then, went back to school because I PBG nak berak and Niza wants to take her transcript.
Then we headed off home. I bought a drink and a pen over at the interchange.
Then mimi dropped by for a stick.
(so many pit stops, I know)

Yesterday, I went to polyclinic for a check up.
Yes, I have a UTI (urinary tract infection). I stayed at the polyclinic for around 4 hours I think. Get my urine test and wait and wait and wait. Lucky, now, I am doing fine. Alhamdulillah. Then, had our lunch at BB and I dropped by to M1 and make enquiry about changing to iPhone. Then the person say must use for 1 year then can upgrade. If that's the case, forget about it. Might as well, I get a new phone. Aiyerr. After that, we went to JB. I was asleep while on th bike. I swear that is going to be the last time I accidentally sleep while riding on the bike. Selisih if anything happens. (Ya Allah, jauhkanlah) Once reached, did what's necessary then gave a surprise visit to home! Mom was alone, and she thought I jual kuih you know. LOL!
Went to Angsana and off to Jusco Bukit Indah for A&W. The food is not that tasty anymore, that is really saddening okay. I datang dari jaoh lah please. Then after Maghrib, we go back SG and BF dropped by to my sister's house to play with the kids. It was tiring yet an awesome day with you love. Thank you so much.. ILY.

Ni budak gile.LOL! He is insane doing this. I sweaar I can cry.


Thought of You @2:14 PM

Thursday, February 04, 2010'♥

There goes my last lesson. UT soon and I'm done with RP.
I am sad, when it comes to an end.

Thought of You @3:11 PM


I am in a terrible pain. I just don't want to be too detailed about what pain I'm suffering from. I don't know what to do. It seems to worsen as days go by. I've been facing these pain since Sunday. Menses is not coming, wtf? Everything seems so wrong now!
I've been grumpy these days. I cried in the middle of th night. I rarely have a good night sleep. I always wake up in the middle of th night, running to the toilet and ease myself. It has been on going for 10 times a day at least. FUCK. I really need to go for a check up soon when UT is over. For now, I need to get things done, one at a time.
For now, I need you to stand by me.


Thought of You @11:56 AM

Wednesday, February 03, 2010'♥

I am down with one more lesson babyyyyyy! OMG! Time flies so fast and neither do I realise that. I am so going to miss my bitches and dickheads. OMG! This can't be happening.

People, I am a loser! you want to know why? because I am already at home at this hour. Fuck, so boring you know. I went for a window-shopping with baby A at Bugis and I want to purchase a lot of things, but no monay! Bought bubble tea and sit at the park near home. We talked and laughed. And what's not? I saw someone go jakon when looking at the train passing by. I mean the KTM not MRT okay. LOL!

So, when I reached home, I saw my brother by the lift with the family. I was shocked to see the wife there; like when was the last time did I see her? Well, let's not bother about that.

Oh yes, I was shocked too when just now, when I was in school, my the other brother texted me and asked me about school and all. That was so random. Not forgetting a call from my dad. I nearly get a heart-attack aye. NOLAH, bullshit only.

And then besok I'm going to be a loser again because my lesson starts at 915 and the rest starts as usual. OMG. I am like so lazy already. But no choice, cause tomorrow is my


okay byeee.

Thought of You @10:41 PM


I was wondering how come my Dad called me, out of sudden? Besides talking about myself, I hope he is fine. I miss you, Baba.


Thought of You @3:08 PM


I need a good hug, seriously. A lot of things happened actually and I am just not ready to put it inside here. I am not feeling well since Sunday and I don't know what is the cause of it. The situation gets worst and it matters so much to me that I can cry for no reasons despite the places where I am at. It is haunting me down, because I have never suffer such things before. I think I am going to bear with it for another a week or so and probably go for a medical check up once I am done with all my UTs. And if I go now, and if I get a bad news from the doctor, I am sure not to study and cry forever. Please, I need a hug. It's like as though I am doing this alone. I never share so much to my mother because I am afraid that she might jump to conclusion and believe in her own theory. I'm going to do this alone, with my own two feet.

Baby Liza, I hope to see you during the weekends again. Then, we can start our usual gossips, laughter and dirty secrets together. I hope things are doing good on your side, and remember;I am always a call away okay, you are never forgotten, even for a second. I never want to call you now because I don't wana bug you so much about it, and when you are prepared to tell me, I am always here to listen okay. ((:

We met yesterday! And went to JB, to get his engine oil changed. And then, we go back to Singapore and sister came down for a stick or two. We talked about the most random things and had our ass laughing out loud in the middle of the night. Yesterday, I say two petrol cars touring around the estate. My sister told me there were two bangladesh having a tiff with two china men. Police were haunting them down. So being the nicest human, the three of us, shared what we knew best to our knowledge.

I love this picture, because I find this sweet. I may be rude, I may be ego, I may be stubborn, I may be an arsehole and I may not tell the whole world that I love you - no one knows what is deep inside my heart. Well, in the first place, there is no need for me to tell the whole world how proud I am to have you, so long as you know it yourself - that I love you, I miss you when you are not around me and I need you in my life. Because I appreciate everything that you have done for me, I aprreciate when you are there listening to me. I appreciate and am touched enough even when you did the smallest thing to me - send me morning messages out of random, texting random message telling me that you love me. I cried, because I am touched enough and I am being loved by someone and that is you. I don't need money to make my world go round - I just need you.


Thought of You @11:39 AM

Tuesday, February 02, 2010'♥

My laughing, mongrel, bird, boombox partner! I love you.
Ouh, earlier before 3rd meeting, I went to the toilet with my classmate, Wei Ling.
We were walking pass classes, when we saw a student standing presenting his slides to his facilitator and no one else is in the class! LOL! We laughed our ass off; this guy must be dying for grades. OMG.
As for smoke break, I had a great time LMAO with people walking by, and also the Gay mongrels. LOL! oh what's not? Izzad and Mimi is always fighting. Jangan end up marrying each other sudah eh. LOL!

I am so bored, that's obvious. I never had a proper updates. Shitos!

Now a picture worth thousands of explanations and reasoning.


Thought of You @2:27 PM


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