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Thursday, July 31, 2008'♥



Thought of You @9:44 PM


hello people ((:
so here i am updating , AGAIN .
so yesterday (Wednesday), i reported for work at 12 instead of 8 . Uncle Leo (my boss) is so nice that he let me come and go as and when i like so long as i have completed his work . he had also planned the upcoming event for me during the holidays . when i thought of not coming to work for the whole 3 weeks in the first place because i am so tired & also my PP project which i have yet to complete as the dateline is drawing near .

before i went to work , i went to Buona Vista to collect my O level certificate . sister has been bugging for it because she wants to scan my certificate for my future use . she is actually helping me in finding a part time job , office hours , during holidays and hourly rate which is more than what i am currently earning . thanks ya sis !

i get myself to my work assignments and he arrived around around 3 pm to collect RSH uniform . he went to send it at GWC while i do my work . (i am so lazy to send it)
he dropped by to my workplace after that , spent his time reading novels while i do my work . we had our late lunch cum dinner at jurong east before heading off for the library to attempt my PP . we were laughing our heads off watching funny yet adorable yet irritating videos . after that , we went to look out for any weighing machine to check on my weight . we bid goodbye at 10 and off i went home .

let me go on random , i lost another 2 kg .
come , give me more stress cause it helps me to decrease my weight .
i know it is contradicting . for i used to say that i gain weight when i am stress but the appetite for me to eat now is depleting . well , i love my life this way , because i really wanna slim down .

he said that i am not that chubby now .
but the fact that i still am chubby . SEE !

a guy which i came across in the train . he caught my attention because of his hair . he wore a clip at the top so that his hair wont be messy . who on earth especially a guy would want to wear a clip ?

i had Nasi Pattaya for my late lunch cum dinner which is so so delicious !
and the cook made my day , when he drew a heart shape on the food ((:

when walking on my way back home , i will always be careful walking along those empty street . i will look out if there is anyone behind me , following me especially at night . it is scary !
so girls , whenever you walk back home at night, always walk at crowded places even if it is a long way back home . so long as you are safe ((:
the fact that the surrounding housing estate of my house is always creepy .

Thought of You @12:20 PM

Wednesday, July 30, 2008'♥

after much of words spinning around in my head , i need a to go on a holiday to a place where it is peaceful and distance from those winding and congested road . i can't stand inhaling carbon monoxide which does not help to circulate my blood at ALL and scattering myself all over the places within a short period of time . 24 hours a day does not seem to help because i have insufficient rest and have yet to deal with assignments and conflicts which is bothering me so much ever since my existence .

i wish i could go to place where i can appreciate viewing at God's creation . to a place where i can look at the magnificent hills or mountain and the calm blue sea .
or maybe , to a place where i can help people living in poverty or lack of parental guidance or even the orphanage . look at the way how they suffer with no food and how they dig a hole for water . i am thankful for i am one of those lucky people who did not need to hunt down for food and have many diseases and then , suffer to death .

if only my daddy is a tycoon , i wish i could go on a visit to all the 7 wonders of the world everytime during my term/semester break . if only , if only , if only .
( keep on dreaming , i know )

i sound so formal , i admit that .

well here it is people , my favourite hot spot for holiday . how i wish i can go .

sleeping at night will be even more peaceful . travelling around with a small boat .
marvellous !

it feels so great especially when i get to set my foot in the 7 star hotel (if im not mistaken)
wonderful ((:

so dry & humid .
well , i get to study the history of how the pyramid existed & get a first hand knowledge .

set my foot at the tallest structure in France and look out for Paris's overview

there is so much for me to discover in the world .


& as long as i exist in this world , before i die , i really really want to go to this place , seeking forgiveness and repenting .
my mother wants to go there so much & as a child , i want to fulfill her wish .
insya'allah we can go together ((:


i want to be stress-free

Thought of You @2:02 PM


the time we went black and white . sweet right ?
she will text me at night or in the morning if there is any event
ana : nurul , what are you going to wear later ?
me : erm , dress ?
ana : what color ?
me : brown and white .
ana : okay ((:
me : then you ?
ana : i don't know .

cute ain't she ? she is even cuter when she don't even know what to have for lunch .
ana : mee soto OR Chicken Rice ?
me : what do you feel like eating today ? rice or mee ?
ana : idk .
( and she will keep on thinking )
when she is at the counter , she will order anything and when she eat later on ,
ana : nurul , the food is not nice .

SEE ! how adorable can she be ?
maybe i over miss her .
i did not talk to her for two days . she is not even online *hiyakdush*
hope everything went well ana ((:
you must come to school tomorrow okay ?

left to right : basyirah , ee wen , me and Sri ((:
summary on what had happened during class yesterday .
we grabbed pichas since we are done with our task .
moreover, yesterday's chemistry was more of a recap . pffft !
( school's gonna end , and i am going to miss my classmate )

Sri : let's grab pictures ? i am so bored .
nurul : yea .

( like teran taik kan )
thanks eh Sri for this candid picture of mine .
you can laugh now people .
i was disturbing ee wen , by showing my irritated face , and Sri took this .

pain pain go away , i don't want it to hurt again
cause everytime i think of it , i will cry like in a deep shit .

i have been trying extra hard , to let it go . but the more i come to think of it , the more i feel i wanna be a alone .this sucks big time .
i know you are helping me , and i dont mind at all.
its just the other party that sucks hell lot and dont even know he/she is wrong in the first place , not to think of solutions or anything . what more can i say ?
puas hati aku jadi lelaki kau jadi perempuan

let it out let it out
dont get caught up in yourself

& i am trying to work it out , between you & me

ill update sooon 987654321 days ((:

Thought of You @11:42 AM

Tuesday, July 29, 2008'♥

& i went back home after school yesterday .
met my mother & i bought all the necessary stuff at the department store .
we went to chill at the coffeeshop to have Mee Soto and catch things up .
(when was the last time mother? HAHA)
went to doctor , to get another month of medication .
mother , you know , she will buy a lot of fruits , which weighs 2 or 3 kg .
& she will ask me to carry . okay , i don't mind at all .
but imagine , me after school with a bulky bag , carrying those stuff .
i cant seem to walk fast , because the weight of my bag and fruits are pulling me down .
moreover , mother wanted to catch a bus back home . -____-"
and i demand for a cab back home though the place is near to home .
( i perspire like after 2.4 km of running)
she went , ' you wanna ride cab back home , you pay for it '
& i went , ' ok , just hop on '
i used to do this little trick and end my mother paying for the fare but this time round , i settled the fare .
( mom gave me a lot of money actually & therefore , i spent some for her and myself)

& i lost it , shit . i went to the library and went to the place where i have left it . but there weren't any signs of it . shit ! how am i suppose to face up with the reality and get a bad scolding for being careless ?! should i tell the truth or just keep it to myself ?
it may not seem important to me but it is to them .
hope everything went on smoothly , and if anyone see it , please return it back to me S:

this week , my loyal reader will be Noorlyana Bte Nooresani .
9 hits , not bad eh . HAHA !
i visit your more , i guess . because everyday is a must for me to look up at your blog okay ana !
( go update your blog , dah berabuk tu )
anw babe , hope you recover soon okay ? i pray hard , hope nothing will happen to you and everything will be the way you want it to be .
' ko urut lah, sakit sikit tapi tahan ' & 'dah lah na, aku sound so mak mak ! '
ok the fact that i miss you when you are not around in school today !

things will get better in time , promise .
i miss you baby .
can i have tomorrow in 5 minutes time ?
urgh , this feeling is killing me .

i shouldn't pity you anymore .
yes you ! pathetic ungrateful idiotic scum .

stay tune for more updates !

on random note , i'm looking forward to this friday .
to enrol a car license .
IF i get 2 of my salaries on time . have been waiting for it like centuries !

Thought of You @8:57 AM

Monday, July 28, 2008'♥

my weekend does not work out like what i've planned .
so here's the actual plan for my weekend :
Saturday , i wanted to watch heregoesnothing! performance at Heeren .
Sunday , to dhoby ghaut to catch daughtry live !
been waiting for these days but somehow , people just ruin it ! PFFFT !

when i reached home on Friday , my sister said that she is going to JB the next day .
i have no other choice but to follow . you know how much i hated to go when my schedule is so tight ! he tagged along . earlier on , it was such a big mess and i felt kinda pissed off but somehow i get to conquer my anger . i just don't wanna spoil the day any further. i hope you understand ((:
went to Giant to grab a month groceries . then back to my gandma's house to have our super late dinner and we were back in Singapore by 1am .
-___________________-" (BORING !)

i hate cockroach so much ! when ive reached home , there was a cockroach in the kitchen . my sister's maid went to kill it with the help of the insect repellent .
so i thought it will die soon .
BUT , there was more than i expected . it was like the house is invaded with cockroaches ! i was jumping all around the house . not only that !
there were also flying cockroaches ! just imagine how crazy i can go people .
the next day when i woke up , there were more than 100 cockroaches scattered around the house . * vommit *
thats about it people ((:

i dont ask much from you . but all i need is your
trust , understanding , honesty & affection .
i don't want you to mention the bitter moments spent .

though it is a small gift , i really appreciate it a lot .
and on the 19th , he bought for me ritter sports chocolate .
but wrong color . well , at least , you know my favourite ((:

and on the 20th .
ps : it can sing when you press its right hand .
' i love you , you love me ..... '
thanks alot .
i don't even know why they call me barney .
maybe i love to wear purple tops last time .
and greg went ' nurul , you look like barney '
nabei ! HAHA

& now , i have 2 of my 'babies' to accompany me to sleep .
i have more fluffy stuff to cuddle on too .
i miss my barney right now .

embrace me tight , cause tonight wont come back

Thought of You @9:08 AM

Friday, July 25, 2008'♥


but i just couldn't find any alternative ways to get the ticket .
urgh , i guess th only way to get the ticket is to purchase th phone .
ouh , im longing to watch them live , singing my favourite songs .
home , it's not over , over you , what about now , used to be , feels like tonight etc etc

mother wanted to purchase a phone . so i decided to bring her to singtel .
she wanted to purchase the motorola flip phone but i disagree because of the functions .
so , i brought mother over to where they have displayed the phone and promote it to my mother. but somehow my mother dislike slide phone . urgh . i keep coming out with any ridiculous statements so long as she buy the phone .
and in the end after standing there for nearly an hour , she decided not to buy any .
so in the end , no daughtry for me ):

here is the video im currently watching .

i dont entertain self-centred people .
ill pray that you are never safe .
let's play dirty mind games .
boohoo ! you dont suit to be called a human being .
mind you .
anjing bertopengkan manusia . LOL !
remember , im being so nice but that doesn't mean you can step on my head .
your bad deeds are all in my pocket . treat me bad , ill treat you twice as bad .
you are old enough , but dont tell me you have a small brain .

on random note , i get B+ for my materials science module UT 3 .
how happy i can be .
(im not trying to show off or what ever)
self-achievement you see , im proud of it .

looking forward for tomorrow .

Thought of You @12:02 PM

Thursday, July 24, 2008'♥

the fact that i can go crazy whenever i come to think about it again and again .
i am sorry for being such a pretender . i just don't want to sound so emotional in my blog .

anyways, back to my normal typical life of blogging .
you know i love to go on random .

i'm in school right now .
urgh , i'm trying so hard to understand today's lesson .
with me having my UT bio later . WTF !
i don't even revise for it . ok , the fact that i don't even know HOW to revise for my UT .
i hate my bio's faci . she treats us like a secondary school kid .
' okay , close your laptop's screen now '
and we actually have to listen to her , if not , she will comment it in our grade .
i even got a D for one of her lessons because i dont talk much . i just couldnt understand what is delivered across during her lesson especially . and when i ask questions , she will
' can you google and stop asking? ' WTF !
then i dont see a point for her to be here then .
screw her man !

next , happy 32nd monthsarry to naz and yana .
stay happy2 selalu ((:

im rather curious . i just don't know why .
may i know who is her-unspokenconfession ?
anyone with the url for her blog ?
( you viewed me but i dont know you . tell me )
its really strange , and somehow i feel like i need to privatise my blogg.
if you are my friend , you should tag okay . its scary lah kann .
i can see you are one of my loyal readers . *grins*

monday , I.P . i dont have any idea what song to sing .
genre for next performance will be ballad .
any idea people , start tagging ((:

i decide to put this song .
it reminds me of something .
sitting beside someone , he/she played with his/her lappy while i play with mine at his/her house last year .
he/she asked me to download this song & and let me listen to it .
i still remember it .


Thought of You @9:25 AM

Wednesday, July 23, 2008'♥

( W55H with my GEREK facilitator)

talking about my everyday life can be such a boredom right ?
im at raffles now , waiting for my uncle Leo to give me some work to do .
(my pay is delayed,^&$^%$# !)
so in the meanwhile , i go blogging .

ill go on random again . (DUH)

school's gonna end in 3 weeks time & i swear i can't wait .
i deserve a long sleep , maybe 12 hours of sleeping this time .
it is tiring waking up in the morning and attending to things everyday after school .
the only time i get to really rest is during the weekends .

school was great , no doubt about that .
i'm happy to be in a cosy ambience with loud , out-going and crazy classmates .
im going to miss them during the break .
anw , i hope for a good or better or same classmates in the next semester .

and PP up next for submission . ouh gosh , this better be good . i need someone to mark on my english man . 2000 words of composition , WTH !

next up , GF . she has been a great friend of mine .
i get to know her in year 1 . she's my classmate way back then .
we have been close to each other till now .
we will share the dirty little secrets together & laugh our heads off .
my life feel much better when she is around with me .
or in times when i'm in need . she never fail to cheer me up .
even if i'm okay , she will text me , say things in random .
you are such a great GF.
if you were to walk out of my life one day , ill list down thousands of reasons for you to stay .

i have lost 6 kilograms in a month . i guess i lost more now .
i cant even fit in my jeans now . and i have no jeans to school .
i wore my belt at the very last hole when i used to wear on the first hole (to make it tighter ). even if so , my pants will still be loose .
(this will prove how depressed i can be)

i get to know something , which was shocking . but nevermind , ill pray for the best .
neither do i expect to know that the world is so small . but what more can i do right ?
urgh ! lets not talk about it , i cant stop shedding my tears .

tears of joy , thanks to you for accepting .

mom , i need 2000 bucks (i guess) for a new wardrobe cause my dress and shirts and everything is getting loose and i could fit in it .

i want to be someone who is useful in the future .

i want to pursue my passion for singing .

i want to turn back to the time when i hurt you .
i want to bring you to smile again .
i promise you i wont repeat the same mistakes again .

Thought of You @1:28 PM

Tuesday, July 22, 2008'♥

(this is going to be a long post people , bear with me people)
(pardon me for my previous post , but blogging is the only thing i can do to relief my anger)
(since no one is listening to me , NO ONE AT ALL , i'll blog instead )

let me share with you people about my weekend .

let me start it off on Friday
after school , bf fetched me from school and we had a waffle together . while walking back to the interchange , we had hard time planning where to go . since i wanted to do my PP , bf decided to go to the library instead . but somehow , i ended up at his crib .
at his house , i did my PP , spent some quality time together with his mom and his brother .
his mother asked me out for dinner together with the rest but i insisted because it was already late and my sister has been waiting for me to reach home .

i was reluctant to follow my sister at first because i was so shagged. however, after much persuasion by my sister , i went to accompany her since she was alone .

at House of Rock , i did try my best to adapt to the new genre . i admire the vocalist so much .
(if i ever have a boyfriend who can sing a lullaby to me , i will marry him) .
during their break , they came to my table as they know my sister . introduce myself , and they asked me to sing ' i will survive' . i did not know the lyrics so i didn't sing it . they are into 80's rock which i did not know at all , and even if the song is familiar , i couldn't even memorise the lyrics . hah !
can i comment on something ? there was a lady who sang ' sweet child of mine' by guns and roses , and i swear it was a disaster when she sang the song . i went off to Le Baroque after that . and again i watched live bands there . ouh , i prefer the one here because the song they sang suit my personality . HAHA ! it was fun to be there . three cheers for Shaggy and True Colours ((:

i was so shagged the moment i reached home . boyfr called me in the morning and asked me to tag along to Pulau Ubin if i am not tired . but since i am , he told me to rest at home and i agreed to it . but then , i have been getting messages pleading saying this and that and i go WTF! so , i woke up and followed him ( lain kali takmo ego boleh tak ? )

though i was really sleepy , i really had an enjoyable day there . we went to Chek Jawa to catch a better view of the natural habitats but the tide was high ( there was this cottage house by the sea & it was so great ! ) .
the scenery was marvellous . (i did not have all the pictures with me) i simply adore it so much !
we sat at a shelter because it was raining and when the rain had stopped , we get to see mudskipper and shy mud lobster . it was effing cool looking at these little creatures . then , we went to take a walk at the other jetty but rain was pouring heavily . we walked back to jetty while hunting for durian but to no avail . then we came across an uncle who stayed there and he gave us durians . we took a van back to the jetty and sat by the roadside and ate our durian . the taste of it , you can never resist it . it was so so delicious .

me in the tong kang to pulau ubin
it was a peaceful place over there . i deserve it after a hard day work during the weekdays .

last yet best picture taken .
yea , we officially broke up this time round . he wanted it so much , so i am letting him go . i had enough of all those empty promises and unnecessary wreck-ups . maybe you should start reflecting because i did my part to listen to you but it's just you who want it your way . enough said , let's move on .

afterall , it's not us who predict the future .

don't tell me you're sorry cause you're not
baby when i know you're only sorry you got caught

you , can you give me a call ?
you were all that i want .

Thought of You @12:23 PM

Friday, July 18, 2008'♥

let me introduce you guys , Nurul Farhana (picture above) .
she has turned 14 few days back .
she gave me the inspiration to update .
lets congratulate her because she has earned a place in my blogg .
im not going to mention about her in my blogg but just some thoughts to share with you people .

i can't stand the way people behave nowadays . that is what i meant by animal .
because why ? they do not even know how to respect the adults / elders .
they don't care if your age is 40 50 or 100 , they will rebel you even when you talk nicely .
i am not degrading any of you guys , i just can' t take the way she treated my dad .

her family used to stay with me . but due to minor conflicts , they intended to sneak out and move out of the house .
they moved to her mom's mom place . same thing happened . they moved out also .
(they moved out from both house after staying for a month)

to me , that was a great achievement for them because they stayed with my dad for a few months now . but to the extent of what is happening in the house , i don't wish to elaborate here .

she said that my dad treat her siblings like a dog . how can she said that ?
and then , she went on saying my dad by his name and not 'atok' (grandfather) .
ok , i may mind over stupid things , but that was obviously not her friend . right ?
my dad gave them shelter when it rains , a place to sleep and yet they are never thankful .
you stay in someone house , you have to put on the right etiqutte . my dad should not listen to you in a way or another . so what if your dad buy all the food to support ? dont tell me my dad never survive even w/o ur dad ?

& she talked to me like her friend with vulgarities in every sentences .
you know , those typical minah language ?
" baik lah seh "
" aku peh suke uh sial "
" mataer aku bdk baik siol "
" mataer aku bdk ___ ____ ____ ." *and she went singing gansters' poems *

omg ! it seemed so uneducated , just like a _____ waiting for _______ .
with her eyebrow which looks so typical . you know the way THEY dress nowadays , with low cut blouse just to let people look at their cleavage . but whats disgusting is their stretch marks . like ' i know you have a big breast , but that doesn't mean you have to reveal them stretch marks right ?'
i feel like puking on her face .

we had a conflict , and she was like so so so rude .
this is the way she talked to me the other day .
' kau pike aku tkot ngn ko ? '
( & i go : like since when am i afraid of her ? with her age & languages like that ? )
' ehk pmpn '
( i know i am one . i am not a betina right ? )

and please la yana , go and look and pick a fight with someone who talks like you do .
maybe you think that you are such a ___________ that everyone is afraid of you .
wait till you end yourself up in the cell , then you'll realise .

cmon , the world revolves in a circle . if you do something bad to people , you'll get the same in return .
you don't deserve to be respected by me either . you are such a disgrace not only me but also my family .
i know what you have been doing .
you stole my mom , your dad and my money .
you stole my make up & everything . hey , i am never stupid .
your dad earn 3K a month & don't tell me it's insufficient .
such a ____ right ?

you are such a ______ in my ____ .
go and fly a kite okay ?
now , scram off , we ( my family ) don't need you anymore .
im washing my hands off you guys , so don't come back .
let the past be a history & a lesson to learn .

tell your dad , thanks for everything .
we dont need him anymore .
enough is enough .
no more of your nonsense .
wait till you repent & remorse .
or maybe he get to see his mom only in the grave .
before it's too late .

enough of all the bullshits .
now , SCRAM OFF !

Thought of You @1:07 PM


time for update ! pardon me for not updating the last two days .

on 11th July, i went back to my old home to make a final touch-up before staying with my sister FOREVER . we did a massive clearing up before leaving. due to short manpower, mom went on hunting for bangla to help her to carry only the necessary things to my sister's house . they agreed on it and mom thought of paying $10 bucks each . so there were two of them . and guess what ? they bargained for $60 . i was shocked at first . i don't even get that much working for 8 hours when the clearing up only took around 2 hours . how demanding can they be right ? mom was pissed off , so she asked them to leave without even paying a penny .
proceed on to carry all those bulky items; a lorry to my sister house and a lorry to my late-grandfather house over at JB .

i grabbed the pichas of the house which i lived in for 11 years .

this is my door no.

the master bedroom which was totally empty .

my favourite hot spot . kitchen ((:

& the living room . (that's my mother)
ouh i really miss the house so much . have been living there happily for 11 years in the house .
and now , there will be no more things which i used to do in the new home . i have to watch every steps taken in order not to be scolded for nothing .

Thought of You @8:47 AM

Tuesday, July 15, 2008'♥




& please , im not referring to boifren here .
ouh ya , you know i know okei ?

Thought of You @1:51 PM


back with updating as promised .
ill update my blogg everyday in order to let people view me more , provided that i'm not busy attending other things .

ive received this full package of horoscope from Sri sayang . she asked me to read it if it really describe you best . so yea , i decide to share with you guys .
some are contradicting , while some may be true .
well , its for you readers to judge . enjoy people !

She will be similar to Leo woman in appearance. A slim woman who walks with confident and proud.
( the first sentence is so wrong ! i am not slim , AT ALL )
She has an egg shape facial structure, high and round forehead.
( yea , + jendol )
She likes to look straight as if she is searching.
(my friend always say that i always look straight when walking , ignoring the surrounding)
She is not a pretentious type and will always say what she thinks.
( well , i have my own point of view )

You will see Virgo woman walks fast.
(bf hates me when i walk alone and left him behind)
She will try her best to be perfect, to look perfect and to feel perfect even though there is no such perfection.
(yea , when everything go the way that i don't wish it to be)
She is very delicate of what and how she dress.
( sometimes i look so selekeh ! )
She is bright and easily despair with obstacles.
She likes smart guy who will be compatible with her, so if you are a rich dumb guy, you can forget about her right now.

She is not a very possessive or jealous person for she expect respect from her love one.
( so , dont step on my head )
She does not like a part time lover, or a temporary mate.
( i dont have scandal )
If she finds her dream man, she will not go away.
( ill fight fo the relationship if i have to )
If she does not like you, she will always keep a certain distant.
Act proper and appropriate is her discipline.
( told you baby , not to be too cheeky )

She does not like and can not stand bad languages, cursing words or phrase.
( i hurl vulgarities at times )
She likes a gentleman who open the doors for her.
( awwee , sweet nye )
She wants to feel protected and when a man taking care of her, she will feel like a complete woman.

She memorizes everything about other people and about herself very well.
She can really keep secret, you can trust her on this.
She likes a refreshing and a mild scent.
She is very delicate in maintaining her beauty, so you could see she is seriously picking soap which match and most suit her skin.
( i wear any soap as long it does not smell bad )
Do not comments her on this very picky habits, it is her happiness in working full times as a self beautifier.

She is not an innocent angle for sometimes she can be as tough as steel.
( dont judge a book by its cover )
Even she easily despair, she is not the type to cry over it.
She is a shy type, so making speech in front of the room can make her nervous even she walks and talks confidently.
( true , i tremble when singing )

She only search for true love , not just any love.
Her love is an ideal one.
( ideal and superb ((: )
She likes to think no one is neater and as effective as her, which can irritate you sometimes for there is no such thing.
( contradict : i find myself like cant-be-bothered as being one of the neatest )
She likes sweet talk, but she can slip and say something unpredictable and unbearable to you too.
( yea , and i wont give damn even if you beg on my knees )

When she stops getting mad, she will totally forget what she just said and be an angle again.
( sometimes i have to pretend right? becuase i dont wanna dwell about it )
If you have a date with her , you'd better be there on time.
( baby , you know i hate waiting )

Flowers and sweet word can calm her down.
( i feel good )
If you want to say sorry , make it brief and straight forward.
Do not drag your apologetic words into a long making it up events, it could lead you to another world war.
( just say sorry and dont nag )
She likes her man to dress nice and clean.
( told ya , i hate that sluar busuk )
She is good in details especially with money.
( im very particular about this )
Do not make she thinks that she is a clown or funny.
( cause i swear im gonna kill you )

In the beginning of knowing her, please try not to glance at other pretty woman so much.
( ill pinch you till you bruise )
Early period of dating her, try not to hold her so much in public, it would not be a proper thing to do.
She loves books, stage play and music and likes to criticize about them too.

Criticism woman is her icon including big and small things in life starting from your hair, your dress , and the way you talk.
( me and Best friend love this so much )
If you are in love with her, be as almost perfect as you can.

Thought of You @9:26 AM

Monday, July 14, 2008'♥

mind you , i have tons of things to update . but i guess ill talk about my weekends first before mentioning about other things .

no doubt , my weekend was fantabulous !
went out with my dearest BF & ILYEEN !
we decided to go off to Bedok Stadium afta 1/2 hour of planning where to go .
since Naz has match , we went there instead to get our PP done .
BF was busy with the match , cursing cause he can't pursue his passion while we were busy gossiping , doing our PP . BF , you want it , work for it okay ? i don'd mind at all . you' ll have my support ((:

we had our dinner over at Central . laughed our heads off over the jokes we shared . then , the whole 4 of us start gossiping and the best part of all was , we plan out for our end of year together . awwwe , SWEETNESS !

set off home together but went on separate ways at Raffle Place . i went off to Bukit Gombak to meet up Bf's mom and brother at 'pasar malam' . it was a meaningful one . sister fetched me . and did some clean up before chatting on the phone .

nothing much . rest a hell lot at home .
boifren came over later in the late afternoon and studied with JAJA . ( i missed her truckloads ! )
at 9 , JAJA went back home whilst i spent my time with BF at the void deck ; heart to heart talk . so sweet of BF , REALLY .

we shared dirty little secrets right boifren .
and we were like laughing our head off !
and i was embarassed when he was all shocked
' unpredictable seh you ' LOL !
ok , shh .

on random note , ana obtained a B for last week monday's module . thanks to my voice right ana .
'first click on the Start button . then , click on the all programs , bla bla bla .... ' LOL !

syok sndiri .

anw , last week pictures are uploaded in my lappy after a week of pending .
at last .


ill update soon people

Thought of You @11:03 AM

Wednesday, July 09, 2008'♥


im stuck at home now , thinking of something better to do than blogging but i dont have any idea la kaannn . BF asked me to start on my Professional Profiling (PP) but im just PLAIN lazy . ouh man , im left with approximately 50 more days to complete it . i dont mind describing myself with 500 words . but i need 2 000 words to talk about a company . pfft !

i will be having my applied physics test tomorrow . now , that sucks big time because i dont understand even a single thing for the past few lessons . moreover , i did not attend the class twice and i know thats gonna suck even BIGGER . BUT what sucks the MOST is the facilitator . im not a racist , but somehow her accent sucks so much , with her structure sentences in english all over the places . i aint trying to focus so much on her lesson but on her accent .
' today , we talking about the bla3 '

im all settled down in my new home . ouh , i so miss 478 #02-288 . but some people are just so inconsiderate , so let it be . mommy , lets bear with it . i know that your heart sank cause someone are just not thankful to the sacrifices you have made but they take it as an advantage to them and your weakness . well , there must be a reason to all these right ? so mommy cheer up okei ?
new home , CURFEW . maybe due to the fact that the neighbourhood is so quiet at 10 onwards . its really creepy where you will be walking along the bushes and a big field . ouh , its so scarry . lets endure , i noe i dont regret a thing . so i must reach home before 1130 during the weekdays .
but nevermind . i guess 1130 is SSSSSOOOOOO late too . LOL !
weekends , i cant get loose to everything . have all the time to myself if i dont have any family gathering . i can go out with my friends , go crazy and go home at midnight . im craving for night life ((: (baby , you dah janji kan ? so you better make it happen ok ? *sinister smile * )

on random note , daughtry will be coming to singapore for traffic jam party i guess . LOL ! so daphne is still trying hard to figure out the alternative ways to gret the ticket . she planned on getting the phone for the sake of the ticket , but there will be deficit if we sell . im really looking forward to daughtry . tell me if there is any good news okei ?

i talk too much , till then .

Thought of You @12:25 PM

Monday, July 07, 2008'♥

ouh shucks .
im feeling
SO SUPER DUPER hot in class right now .
due to the fact that the air-con in my class is not working only after 2.
how pathetic can that be , tsk tsk .
so yea , im perspiring terribly and my body is like freaking dehydrating .
im done with today's lesson at 230 , so nice of you Dr . ____
well , what more can i ask for right ?
class is getting better , i hope i can keep up with the pace of the class now .

and anw , i have forgotten to bring my lab coat today and the fact that i wore a dress which is inappropriate for lab . but since my facilitator is like 'OK GO' , i just sat in the lab and paid attention to what the lab-in-charge delivered during lesson .
so it was quite simple la kann .
because the lab-in-charge do it for us , so we shake legs lor .

and currently , i am feeling so tense .
thanks to the pressure in class plus the songs that i have yet to perform later which i do not have confidence in . * biting nails *
i just dont noe how am i suppose to conquer the stage fright . and how to interact with the audience , well i just cant be any singer . its soooooooooo scary lah kan S:

weekends was great !
last minute planning works right yana ?
so we had double date with ILYEEN over at town after practising the songs at admiralty.
we alighted at orchard and accompanied ilyeen .
they were looking out for an adaptor but to no avail .
it was not sold at any outlet .

next stop , we went to cineleisure to check out the time for hancock .
but it turned us down again because most of the movie tickets were sold out .
so again, it was cancelled .
and baby came out with the idea of grabbing neo prints .
and ana went goo-gooo-ggaaagggaaa-gggaaagggaaa ((:
it was hilarious while capturing , trying to act fast after evry shot taken .
we were laughing like a total madness !

we walked2 , and we tend to have our late dinners at the kopitiam at youth park .
the stallholder suck a lot in terms of their services .
they also gave us stale satays !
i couldnt take it okei , i went to the shop and make a complain .
at first it was Mas , now me & ana .
'the taste of the minced meat is naturally like this. dats why its different from any other satays sold '
and i go , ' elo makcik , didnt i noe how to differentiate what is stale food '
and she said she will re-heat it and i was wondering
and i was like --.--
when they gave us the 'reheated' satay , only then we knew it was a new satay that they have grilled . and it taste better now !( and i noe it wasnt the reheated satay they gave to us )
i aint stupid la makcik .
thanks , no more eating over there ok baby and ilyeen ?
sucks alot right ?
we should hit lau pa sat that night .
erm maybe next time ((:

we sat ngee ann citty'garden before proceeding back home .
we grab pictures MANY2 !
we laughed alot !

me with my step cute face . LOL


and they go ' lets go shopping'
the girls were laughing and the guys felt %^%$&^#$ !
thanks to me who ask them to do that (;

ilyeen ((:

thanks ilyeen for making it happen .
quality time spent together , aint it ?
more of it ok ilyeen ?

friday :
ana went to jurong , to sing song . haha
den left with only the four of us .
we sat , we chit-chatted .

and next time , ill come down bishan to visit your area . LOL !
i hearts ya people ((:

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