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Tuesday, September 28, 2010'♥

I'm having a good rest till I get so bored staying at home even only for a day. Yes, I am back after months of abandoning my blog. Pardon me for the seldom updates here.

Well, prolly because I am emotionally unstable that I tend to turn to my blog to let this out. Like it will always be since I have no one else to turn to when it comes to relationship.

I don't know where to start or how I should start ranting. I am all forlorn with what's happening to my relationship. I could not depict the whole picture because it happened so fast this time. We had the biggest and worst argument ever and I could not swallow all the pain at once. It hurts me so much to see you leaving without looking back. Neither do you call nor text me even when I initiate the move. I don't want this to end either. Why was there a sudden change in you? Why does it have to end this way?

I'm tearing while typing this down. I don't know when will this tears come to a stop. You prolly don't understand how I feel after years of knowing me. You still choose not to. I went to the doctor alone, do you even care to care in the first place?

I don't know where have I gone wrong? Neither do I know what is my mistake in this relationship. I know I did something that you detest ust by reading her blog, but that should not be the absolute reason to end the relationship. Maybe you are ust finding my fault, my mistake so you can leave me for good, but sad to say, that's not good enough.

You weren't there when I'm in need especially after the bruise that I've gotten. You left me ust like that in a piece. How could you? I don't wish to spoil you nor your future. I still think about you and I truly respect your family. I lied along the way to whom I met when they ask me the same question that your parent asked, when I know I'm not supposed to. But I did that because I love you. But you still do not see it. What more can I do now baby?

Don't you see how much I love you despite all that had happened to us, to me, to our relationship? We have come this far and you told me to end everything ust like that? You take this as a puppy love dont you? I told you I want to settle down but do you ever pay close attention to whatever that I've got to say?

Baby, I still love you. You got me begging right on my knee. You knew it right from the start. Don't take the slightest mistake as a reason to end everything that we've built. You know it ain't easy to maintain this relationship, you know we went through alot of shit but we still hold on tight to each other's arms no matter what comes to tear us apart.

Why does everything has to come to an end. You told me to find someone new, but running to someone else's arms in not the solution. I don't wana make people out there as a punching bag. I still need you in my life. Please.


Thought of You @9:08 PM

Thursday, September 23, 2010'♥

I guess it's a norm that whenever I want to rant here, I will actually ran out of idea when initially I've already planned what should I rant about the next time I am free. Forget it, when I am in the mood, I will do it. Now, syncing Iphone this and that and doing updates for my iphone. Busy with work? yes, like forever like that. CHIAO!


Thought of You @11:05 PM

Tuesday, September 14, 2010'♥

Sometimes i feel so mad that i feel i could tear up skin apart but sometimes i feel so sad that i could go on crying for hours like a baby.

I am all mixed up with the feelings im having right now. Or maybe, im confused? I dont know. I cant seem to get th whole picture to the arguments we had that leads to you making a harsh decision. I told you i had breakup; so which part of th sentence that you do not understand?illiterate? That may explain. Kimak cockup uh sia prangaiiiiii.

I am sad too. I mean who is not? Exception on people like you who is so heartless. I have been with you since god knows when and now you decide we should part ways? I think th whole idea of yours is totally absurd and invalid. I aint a kid and i am 21 abd you are turning 22 so please behave like ur age and not a two year old boy. Please start learning how to zip up your pants can?

I cant do this. Ill start writing ubwanted things here.

Anws, i think im falling sick, yet again!

Thought of You @8:36 PM


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