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Friday, June 29, 2007'♥


actually there's nothing much to talk about but is just that i wanna kill the time.
i am bored right now so decided to start ranting in my blogg.
and i miss typing out long stories about my life.
aniway, no sad things.
but it's just there are parts and parcel of relationship la...

okok, school has been great for me lately.
i have my friends who would always be there to help me with all the obstacles.
i noe i kpale batu skarang, but cant help it uh. unsatisfaction in life.
so hope you understand ehk.
it will heal la. dont worry.
sorry to hurt you. i didnt mean to.
take care.

tanks alot for being there and motivate me about coming to school and study for my upcoming exams.
you have been there for me under any circumstances.
you're such a caring friend. and ure kind-hearted too.
i really appreciate having you by my side.
you are a true friend.
thanks for being there for me.

iw ont blog often. i want to study la.
i want to strive for my papers.
im going to mish you. =))

Thought of You @2:47 PM

Wednesday, June 27, 2007'♥

i dont feel like typing about what had happened.
i swear im not going to type out the bad point about u animore.
so, if this is fate, ill accept it with an open heart though its hard to get over with it.
i wonder how long does it take for this heart to heal.
ill let you go.
i dont want to sound so sad in the blog.
maybe people out there are sick and tired about us fighting, breaking and patching up.
just this song to make you reflect about what we've been through
best wishes from me to you
swear to god: you're the best one ive ever known.
i shouldnt hold on to it ani longer.
i feel like crying typing out evry shit about us.
i have to stop here.
so long and goodbye.

Somtimes I dont get a chance to realy tell you
but i promise you my love willl never fail you
dont you get it?
these days we're riding in the street
a thousand years from now
they'll be talk bout you & me

i know somtimes i go hard for no reason at all
put ya soul do the bussiness and touch the weight of ur heart ,
but when ure back on the wall and there's a shortage of friends
you kno that im with ya till the end

Cause we got hood love,
ill be cursing and i'll be screamin like its over,
then im lovin den im feeling just to hold ya
and thats how we do
u know that hood love is the good love
thats me & you.
how u feel love?
well im with ya never quit ya & now thats real love,
when your not here den i miss ya cuz i still love
the way that we do
u know that hood love
is the good love ya thats me & you .

sometimes i think about leaving you
but when i think about what weve been through yeah
i get a feelng llke it could be the worst cuz ive given you my best and i dont mind it ..
thats fine
cuz when you love somebody hard then you'll love that way for life
you got all of my heart
and i'll never leave your side
i gave my word to love ya all the way to the end
so no matter what i'll be right here
i'll be right here

now i'll play tough but not for too long
you are someone i depend on
no matter how i act at times i could never walk away
i thought about it plenty times but no one can take ya place
well if there aint no you then
it aint no me
if there aint no us then
i'd rather be
by my self cuz no one can could understand my history
and bring me back right here

im so sorri for hurting you badly.
i know how pain it is.
if my presence is a burden to you, ill go.
just tag mi at my blogg when u feel like it.
hope to hear from u soon with ur new life
dont worri about me aite?
ill be just fine AIS...

well, there are now left with memories.
ill keep them till my very last beat.
take care aite.
im gonna mish you.

Thought of You @2:27 PM

Monday, June 25, 2007'♥

peeps, this is going to be a long post.
i hope you guys bear with it.
for those who may concern, maybe this is suitable for you.
so read it up.
its time for question and answer.

i sat at home for half of the day.
meet up with hubby at 7.
do chemistry at mcdonald.
mother came along with haikal to have their dinner.
while me mugging, cracking loads of jokes with him and mother.
reach home only at 11++.

woke u at 9+.
do housechores and chatting with my frens.
i cant blogg yesterday due to time constraint.
went out to vivo with my hubby. window-shopped.
i want that topshop shades. bie, ure making me addicted to it.
had our late lunch at ljs.
went off to dye my hair.
new hair color. tanx mama and hubby.
he is so cute la yesterday.
reach home only midnight.

to those who tag at my blog.
here are some questions for you. so have that things in mind before taking up the courage to tag at my blog.
and mind you: my tagboard is not for you unauthorised ppl ok?
dont you read it in the first place : fuckers, fuck off?
why are you guys here? get out. i dont need you guys in my blog and tag me.

does that concern you guys?
did i get you guys involve?
am i criticising you at my blog?
better people deserve a better treatment, dont they?
are u girls or guys?
do you deserve skirts or pants?
are you looking from just one view?
anibody call her a prostitute?
are you guys one-sided?
so please. if you want to put it to a stop, please dont tag my blog.

i may looked stuck up in the first place for dwelling over small stuff
actualli i dont mean to pick a fight with her.
but the thing is, i hate people twisting their words.
are you trying to gain ur pride by doing those things? and others loose.
nnt ko naik kpale and take things for granted. so people have to look up on you and respect you?
dah bagos aku nie tegor, kene ngn org lain?
kwn ko sndiri sak, onli if you think i am uh.
nk tgu dah lmbt baru nk bangon per?
time lmbt sei.
and you know why he dont bother?
lazy entertainers la.
u twistyour words, demoralising him and im here standing for his right.
and mind YOU shafiq, it is not about getting him. we are not fighting over him but the thing is twisting words is unhealthy. do you like me saying you being a big bastard? no right? think again la.
dah besar sei.
i believe in karma darling, so dont do it.
i have been getting retributions and ive learnt alot.
im not trying to sae that im a big shot, gained lots of experience.
but i shall share this with you.
you're still young so dont show to people that ure too young at heart.
but u must be old in the sense of maturity.
ok girl? you get it?
if you want to put it to a stop, meet me.
and teera's fren, dun create a hazard out of my tagboard.
you guys are old enuff to think aite?
so dont make other teach you because they dont have the right to.
i guess that is about it. im sick and tired about it.

Thought of You @9:35 AM

Friday, June 22, 2007'♥

mondae i went off to school with only one thing in mind and that is to meet my friends.
greg, yana, shila, shasha! i mish you la dei!
i obtained an A again for enterprise. thank you so much dwella.

i didnt participate well in class due to the fights we are in now.
i didnt bother that much as i thought it is the end of us.
no point dwelling it when we are no longer together.
he called mi in the morning to wake mi up for the first time ever.
i felt so happy that i straight away wake up and mesage him.
asking whether he wants his stuff or not.
and he agreed to meet.
so, after school, he fetched mi in school, at the 7/11 store.

we were talking like our first time meeting.
our actions are really stupid i must say.
same to me, i felt so awkward, i dont know how to adapt myself in that situation.
we were talking at the same time smiling to ourselves for being DUM DUM. =))
right baby? dont deny it. i saw it. =P

we head off to banquet to have our late lunch together.
after 6 months, then we started to share our meal and drink together.
imagine that?
we only start to think about it at that very minute?
and what do we get in return? diarrhoea. haha. =))
then i start asking him question, why his hair moustache and everithing was left unkempt.
and he tell mi he is stress. but he is avoiding from talking about us.

then, we decided to sit around at macdonald and play computer.
we watched russell peter and i looked at him for a very long time without him noticing.
and i started to cry.
he turn to me and wipe those tears away.
then we talk about us. the DOs and DONTs.
i was so happy when the problem is solved.
we hugged each other and he cried in tears of joy!

dear, im happy that we're back as one again.
it is the worst fight ever.
it took about a week for us to sette things down between us.
and we face a lot of hard time.
i had nothing better to do but just to sit and think about you.
the trip to KL is not that worth because ure still stucked in my mind.
nothing can ever make me smile at the point of time except for the message that i have received when i reached singapore.
i was expecting more messages from you but you were sound asleep.

please, try our best to uphold this relationship. thanks to you for making me get committed with this relationship AGAIN.
it is much appreciated.
i just love you so much.
i dont wish to have another fight with you.
because fighting with you is not worth to kiss the goodbye away.
please stay with me under any circumstances.
i shall understand and accept the fact that fighting is part and parcel of reationship.
but when we brood about something small, it is rather absurd to me.
im sorry for my word in my previous post as i am out of anger.
i couldnt help it.
i was totally disappointed when it comes to no thinking.
so i was hoping that, for what ever choices is u want to choose, ur mind plays a part in it.
dont start to reret when ebrything is over.

anyway, if you bump into my blogg again, here are a few words for you.
i know you dont dare to speak up face to face.
even if i ask my niece to tag that in mi blog, she is bold enough to do it.
but when i ask you, why did you keep quiet?
if you think that you're right, then you should stand for it.
i just have to tell you this uh,
stop foolling around with guys heart.
try to put urself in their shoe.
how do you feel?
happy about that?
and now you still have the courage to linger with my bestfriend.
you want him to get hurt again after his breakdown? he dont deserve it aite.
no way aite, cause if you ever do it, ure messing around with me even though that has got nothing to do with me.
come to think again, they are my friends so they dont deserve to be ill-treated especially by girls like you.
you're just a bimbo and a flirt.
you dont like me to say that? im sorry.
but you must be sorry for your actions because people will jude through your actions.
so start behaving well and people wont talk about u aite.
and you still dare to say that he was the one who does that to u?
am i blind enough and not able to see whats goin on?
ive got to stand for him because i know him as a friend of mine before we were together.
so think before you say.
dun try to be funny right at my tag, saying things with no pure evidence.
you're just a plain looser.
throw away that crocodile tears of urs.
they ain't cute but irritate my eyes as well as other girls.
with your tears, guys will listen to you right?
you're a plain ATTENTION SEEKER.
get a life aite.
if you think ure bold enuff to tag at my blog, mit me up aite.
im really hating you.
i have to start saying it before public hate you.
you are still young and dont tae that cuteness of yours and ruin your future aite.
so wake up before its too late.
so long.

Thought of You @11:57 AM

Tuesday, June 19, 2007'♥

hey peeps!

im back from kl.
with my puffy eyes to school.
2 weeks break are just not enuf for me.
i need 2 more weeks.
so unfair! we're stuck in skool and the ite peeps are holiday-ing.
nemind, dont wish to talk about that.
sakit hati! :/

talking about the trip to kl.
it was worth it when it comes to shopping.
but im tired of waiting for my bro and pham.
with that endless traffic. sick and tiredof it.

round up for all the 4 days!
went to :
took train
eyes on malaysia
times square
mega mall.

at genting, didnt enjoi myself. because, its raining!
but nemind. i had two rides. and my face in the pic sux to core.
i dont wish to upload either when i ride on that mini-rollercoaster.
i went home on sundae night. reach home 2++
ais waited for me.
till he went off to cip.

amir msged me.
telling me about his nenek has passed away.
condolence. be strong aite! =p
God loves her more.

here are pics.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
in the train. spot it? go figure?
my sis-in-low with that face.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
in the cable car to genting.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
chek out from hotel.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
in genting's toilet.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
in the bus wae to kl.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
at genting. raining heavily. the mist?

Thought of You @11:27 AM

Tuesday, June 12, 2007'♥

it has been so long since i last update.
i have nothing much to talk about.
it is just that life has been a typical to me rite now.
holidaes are so boring!
but anws, i just cant wait for the day after tomorrow.
im heading off to kuala lumpur.
cant wait to go shopping.
i need a bag, wallet, flats, watch, clothes, accessories and many more.
as if im gonna get all of them.
it depends on my budget too.
and that guy ask mi to buy him a shoe.
when he dont give me the money
who cares? you tink im gonna fork out my money for him? again?
no wae!
hell with him.
serious. my heart starts to hate him. thanks to him for his words.
no point dwelling about someone who is unappreciative and narrow-minded.
maybe i deserve someone better than him.
maybe he deserves atira, that slut who loves to play ard with guys heart.
maybe he will then start to realise.
dont wish to talk about him any longer in my blogg.
maybe ill stop here..

a short msg to yana:
yana yana.. you are a great fren. no doubts, you have came into my life and help mi thru alot of obstacles. you are alwaes there when im feeling low. thanks for all ur motivations and encouragement. its worth it. i used to be like you too. i lost someone special. but ive learnt alot. what a true fren is like. i have to let go of somethng and learn to accept things at the same time. i lost loads of my bestfrens. no regret, its parts and parcel of frenship isnt it. you replaced them.and i hope you stae forever.
i just cant bear to loose another one fren of mine.
try to cheer urself up aite?
im here to stae for you under any circumstances.
yey! be strong!!

to fareez azhar:
thanks for leaving me again.
it is much appreciated.
if we're not meant to be together, then let it be.
let nature take its course rite.
so all ive got to say is, take care of urself.
and if u ever find a replacement, change urself first.
dont treat her like u used to treat me.
someone deserves a good treatment from their love ones.
and please, dont take back your words.
i realli take it into account rite now.
so dont you ever hold back our memories, just trow awae our memories.
im okei with it.
dont you ever regret later in the future, cause i least care about your feelings now.
unless ure my boifren.
maybe, to your eyes, im just a useless bitch.
dont start complaning when u get someone who is even suckier than me.
get what i mean
dont regret la.
i aint turning back.
im enjoing my life to the fullest now.

and to everione :
maybe, u would like to noe about my well-being.
and this time u guys are confused rite whether im still with him or not.
lets make this thing clear once and for all.
to whoever it may concern.
me and fareez azhar has seperated.
it is a clean break btwn te both of us right now.
and im here pouring all the shits.
hoping that one day he'll realise.
i have to thank god for giving me the courage to stand till today.
despite all,i still love you. its just that you dont see it.
so thanks again
so long and goodnyte.

waking up in a new chapter and life.
so hope to bump into the right guy again.
bye. =p

Thought of You @2:45 PM


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