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Tuesday, June 30, 2009'♥

i did not turn up fo school yesterday .
because im down with cold , flu , cough , shortness of breath .
whatever symptoms that takes to have h1n1 .
and i felt all insecure because i dont wish to get myself quarantine at home .
still , i come to school , because i dont wanna miss anymore of th lesson .
and i want to do well in all my UTs .

i went to th doctor , just in case . and im lucky enough , i think .
and i met th usual yesterday and we laughed a lot .
especially when it comes to someone saying it a tomato song instead of ketchup song .
okay , this is an inside joke . so you know i know alright .

i wish i could be RP's news breaker .
so far , till these very second , there are 66 cases of h1n1 in my school .
and what else ? my biosensor facilitator was infected with h1n1 .
omg ! it makes me laugh , cause she keeps on claiming that it is just a normal flu .
see , what have you got fo yourself .
next time , dont yaya okay .
and im pretty much curious .
why didnt th school close when th no. of students infected is fluctuating ?
omg ! this is a total absurd , they ought to do something about this .
pissing me off whenever i come fo school .
i really hate this a lot , i tell you .

will be back soon fo an update .
and i cant wait to meet love fo mutton soup later .
i really need to break loose now .
got to study now .
update soon , earthlings .

yours truly , nurul syadit ((:
and th world is getting smaller , dont you think so ?
example , i know your boyfriend , and you know my enemy .


Thought of You @10:01 AM

Friday, June 26, 2009'♥

and on th second thought , i feel like privatising or just close down these goddamn sake blog .
i just want certain people to know whats going on .
but then again , blog are meant to be publicised .
ouh im considering all factors actually .
i need to make up my mind , yes i need , truly .
i admit im fickle , i could never have my strong stand .
im weak .



Thought of You @12:49 PM


today will be of a random post .
th moment i woke up in th morning , i miss love so much .
which i dont know why .
i dont wanna disturb his sleep , he might be mad at me .

and actually , i feel something is a-missed/different in my life .
well , i dont know why .
ill pray and hope everything is going on perfectly fine .
disturbia .
just that .
and my flu is on its way here through my nose .
it freaks me out when school is invaded with H1N1 .
i took my temperature twice when i reached home yesterday .
mom asked me to consume panadol .
and she asked me whether i want to go to school today .
i was reluctant at first , but i drag myself to th toilet to bathe .
th water is super cold that im shivering like an old woman .
i think im dying soon . *CHOY*

and my grandma on my paternal's side is in coma .
im gonna come soon .
her stroke has infected her brain .
and her brain is dying , slowly .
being scientific , she is leaving us soon because her organs will start to stop functioning .
im not prepared fo all these , not again .
though im not close , but it affects me badly .
no matter what it takes , i will always pray fo th best .

something that i very least expect will be th death of michael jackson due to cardiac arrest .
1958 - 2009 .
though im not a big fan of his , but still it affects me badly too .
no more legendary pop star , thriller , beat it .
(and we actually played those songs when we went to karaoke last week )
rest in peace .

on a lighter note .
i watched transformers ; revenge of the fallen yesterday night as booked .
ill rate it 9/10 . except fo th ending which suck lahh .
other than that , its superb , awesome , exciting , baik , power kedemak . ok enough .
and im just plain obsessed with bumble bee and optimus prime (i guess thats how it is spelt)
cute , adorable , sexy .
okay , even love find myself insane fo i go goo-goo-gaa-gaa over machines .
(okay , there are actually alot of posters in th net and im unsure which is th reall one . whatever it is , i choose bumble bee )

update soon , and happy weekends .
ill rot at home , i guess .


Thought of You @10:41 AM

Thursday, June 25, 2009'♥

ouh hello earthlings .
see th picture above , thats how wide i can smile now . okay bedek .
im done with my lab report . 5400 words alright .
i chiong all th way fo th last week .
slept at four in th morning , doing this rubbish thing .
crystals and more crystals .
maybe i should share with you th pictures one day alright .

whats more ?
al-halak , love and me went to JP yesterday .
to watch transformers . unfortunately , all th tickets were sold up except fo single seats .
so , we dont wish to make ourselves look like bangla , we decide to book tickets fo today .
so yeah , i really cant wait to watch okay . ouh bumble beeeeeeeee . :D
and i really cant wait to meet my love today .

ouh yes , dammit .
school is closing down soon , perhaps .
th fact that there are already 17 cases of H1N1 that exist in my school .
im in block E6 and th block that is affected is at E5 .
right beside my block ! it freaks me out ! scary you know , like suddenly .
well , have to purchase a modem soon , im gonna bug mom on that . hehs !
if im on quarantine , im not gonna sit in th library .
im not gonna stay home during th weekends .
ouh god , now i find it irritating though i dont have to go to school .
ouh , shall be back fo more updates .

and love love , you were sweeet lah yesterday .
more of it can ? i miss youuu .


Thought of You @2:09 PM

Wednesday, June 24, 2009'♥

over at jaja's house now .
need th net to finish up my lab report and talked to my team mates .
so yea , in times like this , i will always squeeze in some time to blogg . nyehehe .
my days have been going on perfectly fine .
i went through ups and downs , but still im able to make it through .
i hope it will remain just th way it is .

and yes ,i have been spending most of my time with BFF jaja .
shes on holidays , so we helped each other with our assignments .
sharing our thoughts and ways to improve on it .
thank you darling , fo your help and always be there fo me .
i really appreciate it sayang .

i chatted with niza , enquiring about lab report .
she feed me a bad news .
and that is , year 1 have started their holiday due to the H1N1 flu .
no changes fo th year 2 and 3 .
it saddens me , because th fact that i have no break in such a critical times like this .
but if i would to stay home , i wont have any allowance .
ouh wadeva .

darling love busuk intan payong . hehs !
i know things happened .
something which we both least expect it .
but whatever it , no matter what that lies ahead of us .
you have to hold on to my words alright .
im gonna be there fo you , by your side and give you th support .
i dont want you to give up in your life , in anything .
i really love you , and we will try to work on it together okay .
i may not have th kachings with me , but ill try my best in anything .
be th best to cheer you up ; ill always play my part .
im going to hold on to your hands , and walk through th hurdles together .
we can lead and do it like how we used to .
okay okay sayang ? i love you , in every breath .
talk to you soon , i really do wish to meet up with you soon .
hope you are doing fine .

okay , enough of me emoing , i need to get on to my lab report .
im about done !


Thought of You @4:23 PM

Monday, June 22, 2009'♥

im so pissed offf .

Thought of You @3:42 PM


hello humans .
im hungry and im suppose to have my break now .
faci is eating into my 15 minutes of break ady .
im fucking hungry .
i swear i can eat song sin nee anytime soon .

pictures to upload but not now .
i have dozens of things to do .
news update .
guess what .
i think RP is closing down soon .
and we are going to have e-learning at home soon .
one of th students in our school is infected with H1N1 influenza .
ouh gosh , and th class is quarantine .
so im really looking foward to e-learning than wasting my energy to school .
so i can finish up my lab report baby .

update soon darling :D

Thought of You @10:42 AM

Friday, June 19, 2009'♥

ouh hello . weekend is drawing nearer .
im not looking forward at it either .
well , i do only fo th hunting
but other than that , im not . im broke !
little tiff with mom early in th morning .
well , nothing serious . just dont wanna be rude , i left fo school .
okay kill me now cause im about to say something which is so not me .
i love school , i am really looking foward to every single day of it .
but no test please . ouh speaking of which , im having MA module test later at 4 .
wish me luck people . cause th fact is i have not made any revision yet .

what else ? everything is doing good .
good with my assignments .
im drawing a little limit to everything . good discipline so far , alhamdulillah .

love is sick . when i actually went mad yesterday . apology fo that . hahaha !
i rushed down to get a cough syrup and horfun fo him .
knocked on th door and i accompanied him fo his meal .
suapkan kan obat batok . hehs !
and off i went home .
we met at night . and th rest of my happy pills .
then , while chatting , i did my logbook .
and yea , im back home at 2am .
hoping to sleep .
but mom tease me till i felt so irritated , and i ended up sleeping on her stomach
just because i dont want her to disturb me .
and i slept at 3am .
and today , i have my puffy eyes along to school .
but im fine with it .

happy weeekends human !
update next week ((:

Thought of You @11:04 AM

Thursday, June 18, 2009'♥

now this is for you darling baby ((:

well i dont know where to start .
i know we have put in a lot of effort in making it happen .
and as much as we did try to let it sail along , we went through alot of obstacles .
i know it is hard fo th both of us .
but what determines me to go on with you , is th love that lies at th bottom of my heart .
and here we are still standing strong .
we both played our part , and its hard fo me to bid goodbye .
with all th memories that still lingers in me ; its hard fo me to erase that away .
th time when you were there when im sick , you took care of me every seconds of your life .
we never fail to meet up each other .
though we didnt talk often , we still look at each other and smile .
see how worth to not let it go .
we are happy in every way .
you made me laugh when you are clumsy .
you made me smile with th silly faces .
you tear me up when you bid goodbye last time .
but still , you are here at th end of th day .
i know its not worth to let it go .
i wanna be with you .
theres no point to look back in anger .
im letting go of th past because i want your future .
and i know you could do better than that .
so tell me how is that ?
you were all that i need .
you are my pillar of strength .
father , boyfriend, bestfriend , brother , enemy .
you name it .
th bad times we faced , but still i am here to care fo you .
i yearn fo th everlasting love .
i hope this time , it is a no mistake nor regret fo th both of us to be back together .
because you said you wanna make it happen .
and i want it to happen fo real .
so tell me whats in your heart .
because i know , you wanted to say it out .
but you keep it away because you want me to look out fo it .
and i see it darling .

i dont wanna be without you baby
i dont want a broken heart
dont wanna take a breath without you baby
i dont want to play that part

Thought of You @12:19 PM


lab management today , pretty dull and dry .
and im just not in th mood to stay in class any longer .
dont ask me why but someone just have to piss me off .

first and foremost , i dont tolerate liars , thats fo sure .
i wonder why you have to make up everything ?
dont you know i can access to it ?
what was your main aim fo saying that ?
to make me go paranoid ?
well i tell you what , that dont work .
because you really get on my nerves that i feel like grabbing your head and turn it to 360 degrees .
how i wish you would stop all these childish games of yours .
and please human , you are making me turmoil with your attitude .
was it for reall or are you just faking yourself ?
and this is happening again .

Thought of You @10:34 AM

Tuesday, June 16, 2009'♥

on something random .
i misss my love like a lot .
though ive been meeting him everyday .
but still it is never enoughhh .
honeymoon period i guess . hehs.
oyeah , i hope he will come by to school later .
i wanna hug and squeeze him tight around me .
all th best fo 3.8 darling .
wish you goodluc . do well . chiong all th way okay :D
i will always be right behind you , supporting you .
and i hope you are okay .
because when talked to you just now , you sound so moody syg .
tkmo lah gitu , nanti buruk lah muke you .
hahahaha .

Thought of You @3:41 PM


tuesday .
tomorrow is suppose to be my off day from school but i have to come back to school at 4 fo test .
it is really a waste of my time because journey from home to school takes approximately an hour
i am so pissed off with it because RP brought up such inconvenience to us .
yes , i know its just a test . but a test that will last fo 45 minutes .
how do you feel about it baby ? truly a waste of time right .

well yesterday was funny .
because faci brought up a question across th class .
what is HPLC ?
and being so confident me ; i said high phase liquid chromatography .
but then , it is actually high performance liquid chromatography .
i guess i mixed around with mel alot .
that makes me have this over-confident syndrome .
jk jk babe ((: hehs.

met love , did my RJ after school .
and when i returned home , i received a bad news from th family .
about shifting houses , i thought it was rumors but it turn out to be reall .
so i quickly text th other sister , seeking fo help .
i dont wish to be so far away from love and my friends .
and im sure gonna miss them a lot .
went JB , and on return , we went to meet th cliques .
i went home at half past midnight whilst love continue lazing around with them .
and he being cheeky , called me using a public phone and pretended to be someone else .
like i know its you th moment i answered th phone .
and we laughed away .
and on random , i missed chatting with love at night over th phone .
craving fo it like alot . hmmm
and mom did not buy fo me a list of things i desperately need .
and im gonna demand fo it today . i dont care ! bad daughter .
jk .

ouh to round up today , just to feed in your curiosity , i went to a mansion near henderson waves with th usual hunters .
and we just captured pictures .
when i notice that there was something unusual in it .
well , im not really sure about it .
but what im sure of is that , there is nothing in front when we captured that right love ?
so yeah ; no biggie . just fo viewing pleasure .

update soon humans ((:

i will be all that you want
and gather myself together
cause you keep me from falling apart
all my life , ill be with you forever
to get you through th day
and make everything okay
i love you darling ((:


Thought of You @11:14 AM

Monday, June 15, 2009'♥

its monday baby . and im back to school .
and what drives me to mood swings is that today's module suck th best out of me .
back to school = more complains in my space .

th fact that i have to submit my lab report today and im just halfway through it .
i have 1 500 more words to spit in .
i have to refrain myself from going to smoke break and start attempting my lab report .
whats more ?
my log book .
i have 28 more meetings to write inside .
inclusive of my protocols, research and MSDS
i have to discipline myself from today onwards .
and lastly will be update of my student portal .
with disturbance at home , i have to go to love's home and do my school work .
and love , thanks fo accompanying me fo 5 hours doing my lab report .
fo th meal , th laughters and th jokes .
that is so sweet of you , darling .

th sister intend to shift home to JB . wtf ?
i never wanna self-proclaimed myself as minah johor lah .
hahahahaha . well , that will never ever happen to me .
well , even if they start shifting , th obvious is i wont be following .
but love said that mom is going to buy a house in jb .
well , i dont know and could never assume but just sit down and see whats gonna happen next .
ouh let fate do it , im out of this .

what else ?
apart from school and family ...
everything work out perfectly fine fo me in terms of relationship and friendship .
one thing that i should say , i miss my BFF yana .
she is not here on th first day of school !
*hiyakdush* overslept perhaps .

ouh yes , i have huge amount of pictures to upload .
but im extremely busy .
pardon me , but ill upload once im free from everything .
hold on tight people , ill be back reallll sooon loyal readers .

th fucking fact that i just cant be bothered with you .
and you are just effing plain paranoid .
you can scream and vomit it out , cause i couldnt care any lesser than that .
get someone of your own age .
you aint what i need to fill up my time .
you are just wasting every second of yours .
and you cant make any primary assumptions that im referring to you .
you are facing massive depressive .
and i think you need a phsycology .
you are plainly sick .
as an older human here , ill be more rational in all disputes .
im stopping it here , so happy ?
that drives me to a conclusion that



Thought of You @11:45 AM

Sunday, June 14, 2009'♥

been busy doing lab report .
i have to submit my draft by tomorrow 2359hrs .
and i still have a lot of things to mention in my lab report .
there are just so many things to splat out in th lab report .
and im here still blogging . wtf ?
i guess i better do it now baby :D

Thought of You @6:19 PM

Friday, June 12, 2009'♥

to those who it may concern .
well , my friends told me to ignore such bullshits .
so yeah , im ignoring .
karma is always there right .
so yeah , ill sit down and wait fo it .

in th meanwhile love .
if you ever spot something different .
i dont want you to get mad at me .
ouh please , just understand me this time round .
and i hope you really know why i do it .
as much as you dislike me doing things that you do not favour , so do i .
and i hope , this is forever .
please , i tak nak you marah , or go mad .
i just need you to understand me , thats all .
okay okay sayang ?
im really sorry .
i know theres nothing left , and it is only th two of us now .
but i just dont need anymore unnecessary things from strangers .
because strangers are passer-by , remember ?
they will be there , they wont be there th next day .
you know FB ?
yeah , i know you are not one , i trust you , sumpah hu'allah .
but influence might just spoil everything .
i harap you faham akan niat di hati ini .
and i always love you .


Thought of You @4:42 PM


hello , pardon me fo th lack of update .
been really busy .
have to attend to my lab report .
well , nothing much .
i have tons of pictures yet to upload here .
i guess ill do it when i have th time alright .
anihoos , stay tune fo more update .
to all loyal readers , bear with me yeah .
ill update on monday , its a promise baby ((:

and love , you will always be my sweetest drug syg :D

Thought of You @4:23 PM

Wednesday, June 03, 2009'♥

first and foremost , happy 55th birthday to my dearest mother .
live long yeah and may happiness be around you , always .
we love you ((:

quick update .
pictures to describe th whole event of my weekends .

th two little kiddos , my happy pills .

love baby ((:

birthday babe .

my brother came . it was a surprise though .
we have not been meeting each other fo almost 2 years .
and th whole of my family teared badly , especially mother .

brothers' love
i get th first hug right at th doorstep .

mother who only noticed my niece .

when my brother came up to mom , she cried , sadness and joy .

after which , my sister came .

th second cake of th day ((:

my sister and i took away and indulge ourselves with th strawberries .
had lots of jokes with her and we laughed till we dropped .

after which , th ghost haunting even as planned .
three cars altogether .
wei xiang with his 5 series .

fad and his estima baby . super spacious .

third car was kia something something . i cant recall .
and love actually deleted th picture away , thanks eh .

th crazy bunch near brickland heavy vehicle carpark .

4n3 alumni

we went to Lim Chu Kang's old estate .
where th armies use it as a life firing range .
it was scary .
grab some pictures of it .
but it is only fo our references . thanks and apology fo that .

update fo more ((:
stay happy readers .


Thought of You @1:39 AM

Monday, June 01, 2009'♥

hello earthlings . 
forgive me fo i did not update my blog these days .
dont expect muc fo an update since im on holidays . 
i have a lot of assignments to do . 
pardon me if i go missing . 
but ill promise you that ill try to update whenever im free alright . 
days have been perfect fo me and love . 
i love it so much . 
and i really cant wait fo love to get what he wants . 
all the best yeah darling . 
and i dont need anymore people to ruin my relationship now . 
get loose and get a life .
sometimes , i find myself being too nice . 
i dont mind giving you umpteen chances . 
but guess what , i stop here . 
because why , you have exceeded my limit . 
i have had enough of being nice to you because why you pretended to be good .
hypocrite bitch/jerk . i despise that so much you know .
i aint wanna go down to your maturity level , because i still believe you are still a growing up kid .
so who have a lower standard , awee , talk to my hands , i aint gonna spare a little fo you .
you are suc an attention seeker , telling me about th whole life of yours . it is distorted , you know . because why ? you created that . wake up lah , you are not living in a world of fantasy . this world is revolving , like ive mentioned , so be careful alright .
you play it dirty and nasty , you dont expect miracle to happen .
expect feaces , please lahhhh .  
you are such a piece of junk and an idiotic scum , get it ? 
ill update a better one next tyme . 
and yes , lappy is away with love . 
maybe i shall go grab it later . 
well i dont know , im really lazy . 
and love , im really happy to have you . 
remember yesterday when you sent me off to void deck . 
and we bumped into my auntie ? hahaha , that was so cute i tell you . 
and you seem so welcome , really . 
well , we will always wait fo th perfect time . 
and yea , th late night random message i gave you , i mean it . 
and i really wanna do it with you .
having my future with you . 
insya'allah , dengan keberkatan tuhan . amin . 

Thought of You @2:59 PM


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