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Saturday, August 30, 2008'♥

updates people .
so yesterday , im stucked fo almost a day at home except fo breakfast in th morning with Amir and bar with my sister .

in the late afternoon , i went to get a nap fo awhile as i am down with a headache . it is painful . to those who are close to me , they will know how often i have been getting headache .
ps :: Amir , thanks a lot fo the panadol and Milo ((: appreciate it a lot .

ive turned to an owl these days . insomnia hits me every night . i kinda find it hard fo me to have peaceful sleep . so usually , ill stay up till 5 or 6 in the morning , before i get to rest . mom has been nagging fo i always sleep and wake up late . but nothing can be done now , i hope that im not stucked with this when school reopens .
speaking of which , school is going to start soon in 4 days time and im still not done with my PP . its sickening you see when you have to make a profile about the company . moreover , mine is not any small companies like the Econ Minimart . im attempting on Prosafe , which is an oil company . yea , we all know that oil is an essential resources . moreover , it is all over the globe . i kinda regret fo choosing this company , but nothing can be done to change my project scope but to work on it . and im meeting the deadline in 10 days time . wish me luc people ((:

anihoos , yesterday to Le BaroQue with my sister and her friends was superbly mind-numbing . i tried hard to blend in with my sister's friends , but to no avail . in the end , my sisters went to the dance floor during live bands but there i was , at the corner , sitting down , enjoying my Coca-Cola . i have been thinking a lot . my sister pulled me to th dancefloor & i cant groove to the music at all . i am more of swaying myself you know . ouh , this feeling is killing me so much . i dont wanna waste my time on all depressions , i want to be happy happy happy !

Amir , thanks fo meeting up with my sister yesterday . i told you right , even my sister said that . you make my day ((:

i wanna get a haircut soon , i can feel that my hair is heavy and thick now .
ps : Amir , thanks fo the last-minute fringe-cut , i look better now ((:

i can sense that i am loosing someone now . things are different since yesterday , which i dont know why . im utterly upset and dampen over the matters that im dwelling with , and its not easy to overcome the situation . though im not prepared to lose you , what more can i do ? things are so different . you are not like how you used to on th phone and face-to-face . ill try to succumb to it anyway . dont worry .

even though i really love you , but it hurts when it heals too

yea , i have changed my blogskin again . i guess this is 12345 times changing my blogskin .
but reason wise , the last blogskin that i used was dull and so dark .
so ive decided to add on some lighter colours to my life ((:


Thought of You @5:00 PM

Friday, August 29, 2008'♥

yea , a short & quick update .
my GPA is out , and it is really bad i must say .
i pass over the average but i need to do better .
people ask me to further down my studies , i wish i could too , but some things just hinders me from doing so . & im really tired of education since when i was in nursery . i want to put it to a stop after earning a diploma certificate . i need to go out there and earn some money . but the part of me wish to pursue in my studies . ouh , m so clueless right now .

and i thank God because i get the same class with my last semester babes . erm , not all the babes but some of them . well , i hope this will help to keep me going in studies . W54C , who else is in the club ?

yandao and leo is down , shit .
im really eager to know everything but net doesnt allow me to .
i guess ill try it another day .

lastly , im missing someone in my life .
its you .
water from the rain washes progress away
my heart is all obliterated .
ouh you , i need one more chance if its possible .
i dont want it to be in a hurry either , but all i need was confirmation .
i doubt you want to see me cry everyday right ?
im happy with you . its you that lingers on my mind and heart .
i just dont want you to be gone when i wake up the next day .

Thought of You @3:14 PM

Thursday, August 28, 2008'♥

hang on tight people , this is going to be a long long post .

thank you so much fo the wishes via friendster , messages & taggers , especially my babes , i appreciate it a lot . no words could describe how happy i am on my birthday . except for someone who have to turn me down . anw , to th loved ones who made my birthday happened , a big thank you . you know i love you people ((:

yea , mom bought the heart shape cake fo me . thanks a lot mother . well , i am not hoping any from you , because your everyday's presence is a present fo me . i appreciate all th effort and the support . though i may not utter th three words to you every night before i go off to sleep , every beat in my heart , it says , I LOVE YOU MUMMY ((:

hamirul hasraff , no words could describe how happy am i when you were there too to make my birthday happened . i really appreciate you fetching me from home , bring me out , spent our time fo more than 12 hours , catch things up & did a little bit of shopping . all th money , thank you so much . i swear im happy when i had your hands around me ((:
an apology fo i turned you down back then when you have saved up all th money just to make me happy on my birthday . i didnt know , neither do i did it intentionally .

afta all the effort and patience fo merely 2 years , i thank God , fo he made me be a stronger person & made me realise how true my love is fo you . though things have changed now , i aint gonna make you confused over th questions i have asked , but we will go with th flow aite ? let God decide what is best fo us now . though we are friends now , you still treat me like how you used to be . well , what more can i ask fo right ? all that , a big big thank you .

find a heart that loves you at your worst & arms that holds you at your weakest .
now thats what i call it my man ((:

26 august
accompanied mother to Johor Bahru cause my lovely auntie is admitted to hospital due to dengue fever . my mind wasnt at ease when i heard the news , because she is th only aunt who have been singing me lullaby songs since young , who pampered me with books , who gave me a lot of money fo shopping and paid my expenses .

when i came into the ward , i saw my auntie taking a stroll of walk back to her bed . she looked at us & i felt like crying at that moment . even if she is sick , she pretends to be fine . i was shocked when her eyes was swollen , but she told me she have been sleeping a lot due to boredom . she keeps complaining that living in the hospital is very boring , but nothing can be done , she have to get well soon . who wants to stay in the hospital in th first place ? yea , the nurse gave a little description about her condition , which to me is quite serious . her low blood pressure is increasing , and she is losing a lot of platelet in her body .

get well soon okay ? i miss you . i dont even want to lose you , because losing you is like losing a mother .


i met up with him in the late afternoon to hit JB when we were supposed to meet earlier . since it was raining , we have to delay our time and did friendster hopping . i told him the latest update , and he went , ' merepek seh ' . exactly lor ! like so get a life kan youu ?
we did the usual routine and made our way back to Singapore .
went to Toa Payoh to collect my pay . we have our lunch cum dinner at Fork & Spoon and we laughed our heads off . both of us had th same meal - fried fish soup and we shared banana milkshake and mango juice . we sat there fo quite some time before heading off to sim lim square . yea , he brought me there because i want to purchase an external HDD . my laptop is lllaaaaaaaagggggiiinnnnngggg . it is cheap , but i am afraid to ask mother fo th money because i know it cost her a lot . but its fucking cheap when i get 320 GB imation HDD for only 168 bucks right ? ok nevermind . we surveyed fo the china phone , web came and graphics tablet . we need to share our money on that okay ? when time is up , report strength . LOL ! we had a hell lot of fun . thanks awak ((:
and awak sungguh handsome2 tao .

heres a little note those who wants to terasa .
i dont give a damn if you have found someone new , it doesnt even tickle my heart a little . but if you want to play this kind of game , its better to forget it . if you were on the net to publicise and brag about you getting a new bitch & so is the bitch getting a new jerk , get a life okay ? whats your age now to play all these stupid ridiculous childish game ? to make me jealous ? now please , get it right , i am not jealous but proud of you . because it all seems so vague . its easy to make a sentence but its hard to understand what it means . get it ?
i pity you lah , you get th wrong one actually . the bitch that you get yourself obsessesd to , is a touch and go lor . kids nowadays are so fanatic .

keep track fo more update .
though 2 hours have passed , i swear i miss you like crazy .

Thought of You @3:15 PM

Tuesday, August 26, 2008'♥

ill post when i have all the pictures uploaded alright ?
to all those people who tagged me & wished me , thanks a hell lot .
i appreciate that people .
anw , i really got to go and hit JB with mother .
auntie is in the hospital . you will get better , really .

oh busy , and im not done with my PP .
anyone who is willing to help ?
target was suppose to be on the 24th , but i drag till now .
i love to procrastinate & in the end , ill be a kanchong spider .

anw , hamirul hasraff .
thanks for the whole day yesterday .
i really appreciate everything .
we had hell lot of fun yeah ? LOL !
yea , i know i missed you out on my birthday 2 years back then , but i did that unintentionally .
i am so sorry .



Thought of You @12:15 PM

Sunday, August 24, 2008'♥

ello lovely people . another update fo you guys ((:

things have been a lil chaos fo sometime & im all devastated at th very peak . but now , things are lil better , im trying my best to go on smoothly on everything . it is saddening fo i have to face such unfairness in life , but i have to bear with all th challenges and consequences . afterall , i am still learning in life as a human being . well , you dont expect me to be perfect in every little things that i do right ?
in the meanwhile , i have to sacrifice some things just to succumb to the whole new ambience . i cant bear to see innocents to be my main victims when they did nothing wrong at all .
i am sorry fo all the shits ive caused and i am trying to pull it through just fo you .

weekend seems better this time round when im here by your side .
fo two solid weekends , you have been there to bring me out and spend quality time together .
i appreciate everything that you have done fo me .
well , what more can i ask fo right ?
i swear im picking myself up again .
accompanying you was all i wanted to . sorry for the 'taber' in the earlier part , i didnt mean it . im just a lil uptight over some things that i vent out my anger at you .
im thankful that you give in to me and listen to my reasons and forgive me .
i just need to be with someone just not to live in agony when im all alone .

yea , tomorrow is my birthday , but still im not looking forward to it . i dont know why .
ouh , turning a year will be a wonderful yet depressing at times . more responsibilities etc etc .
i am stuck over my future , i dont know what should i do when i have graduated from school .

i just need mom to come back home fast . i miss her a lot . she has been away as she needs to attend to some things over on the other side . i hope evrything went well okay mother ?
and to my auntie , get well soon aite ? i hope it wont get worsen . drink lots of plain water , eat more fruits , have your medications at th right time and im sure you are going to be just fine like you used to . as a niece of yours , ill pray every night fo you Along .

i need surprises . i need nothing else but just one person to make my day . thats all .

see you around people . kinda feel tired and nausea to type things down .
i aint feeling well , alahai , tomorrow birthday seh . i dont wanna turn sick and stay home on my birthday .

ps : i am jealous when im looking at the top you wore yesterday .

keep track fo more updates .

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Thought of You @8:09 PM

Friday, August 22, 2008'♥

pardon me for my absence , AGAIN . hav been busy dwelling over some issues that can never be solved & hav been trying my best too to get myself stable again & juggle my time fo my loved ones .

you proved me wrong when i thought we are done with us . i can see you are suffering badly , i didn't mean to hurt you , you know me right ? i apologise for the shits that i have caused you , but things are just not meant for us . i can see that you try to gather all the energy that you are left with to work things out and make it right . & in th end , it turns out to be a disappointment . but i want you to understand whats deep down in my heart & please just dont make any assumptions because that is not th main reason . just and please understand the situation i am in now . you let me love you once , twice , and thrice . i never wanna regret . still , i am learning to get th 'love' definition right .
what ever that has happened today , which was the worst i supposed , ill just let it go . i dont see any point to still hold on to all these shit , scold you when i know i can solve it . thanks fo th hand approacch anyways . i appreciate the help . but to convince it now , i guess you're just a little too late .

in the meanwhile , fuck ares & internet connection ! im facing a hard time here & this little stupid laptop and connections are giving me another hard time . i swear i feel like dumping this laptop into the rubbish bin . laptop for sale , anyone ? heh

let me introduce , hamirul hasraff

we have been having a non-stop tiff fo quite sometime . a little misunderstanding which eventually turned into a chaos . that was the past . but now , everything has settled . i am happy , i hope you are too . both of us have our own reasons to everything and yet we never blame each other fo the cause .
though we fought , when i have problems , he will always squeeze in a little time fo me and attend to me . he will listen to everything , and decide what is best fo me . even till now , i will always have him by my side when im at my lowest . he will do what a man should do ; wipe those tears away and hug to show that he cares fo you .

you , i apologise for all the shits that has happened between us for the whole 2 years . i never know that it will get worsen back then . and since we are done with everything , thanks a lot . you show me th power of love & i really appreciate all your effort & sacrifices . & yesterday's convo , u said u wanna continue today , so i'm waiting like dat .

anw , im out of everything . fuck the people who ruin it ! thanks to kao , and because of that , the whole pham of mine porak peranda !

im not even looking forward to my 19th . fuck , i wish i could die now . a burden to them , kill me when im born .

Thought of You @4:03 PM

Wednesday, August 20, 2008'♥

not another shit ; yes i know .
but then , i just dont understand why are you running away from me .
but th thing is , i am really fine with it .
if thats the only choice you have in mind now , go ahead cause i dont have the right to stop you .
if you know that things started off nicely on 261106 , then why cant we end it off nicely now ?
why do we have to stay as foes when we were best friends back then ?
i guess you really need to think .
i understand that you need your time alone . but once you are fine , im here as a friend .
but if you wanna have barriers between us , up to you .
because you , yourself know the reason for ego .

i guess by now , you friend should have texted you & asked you OR told you .
so if you heard of it , please i don't want you to think that i dump/ditch you .
but just your words make me do this .
i apologise fo i am fault in some of th tiff .
i admit it .
i dont wish to be a hypocrite like you are .
so now , ive done my part .
ill let all the rest be yours .

to you , sorry fo the tears ive shed . i just find myself lonely again . thanks for being there to help me out in everything . though things had happened a long time ago , i just cant seem to get rid of it . i know its too late , but ill just play my part as a friend .

ill go with th flow .
but i dont want to hear the moment i wake up ,
you have gone missing again .


Thought of You @11:40 AM

Tuesday, August 19, 2008'♥

i dont know why
i dont love you anymore
and though i try
its just not like it was before
i wish that i have reasons to be mad you
then maybe i would not feel bad for leaving you

though people may think that i felt nothing over the break up , you guys are wrong . i have my own reasons fo breaking up with him & now i am all disappointed over the issues that we have been dealing with . i felt all wasted . my efffort , my sacrifices was futile . well , i never want to dwell/stuck over the issues but hope fo a better tomorrow was all i could ask for .
let bygones be bygones aite ?
i would like to apologise fo all the shit that i have caused you , fo shouting at you over phone , fo hurling vulgarities at you . well , we have made a good decision . now all we can do is , let the matter rest and let fate decide it all .
i just dont like the idea of you putting all those sarcasm , fo people may think it was my fault fo doing all that .

ais , kita minta maaf byk2 , awak jage diri baik2 okay . kalau awak ada pengganti , jgn lah awak toleh belakang dan kite berdoa agar awak bahagia dan berjaya dalam apa2 bidang yang awak ceburi . kita minta maaf sebab kita tidak dapat menjalankan tugas kita sebagai kekasih awak , kita tak jujur dengan awak . mungkin ada hikmah di sebaliknya . tapi satu kita minta , sekiranya awak ada pengganti , janganlah awak mengguris hatinya seperti mana awak mengguriskan hati kita . terima kasih atas segala2 nya , kite bersyukur atas semua pemberian awak . terima kasih awak .

and to my dearest gf ;

babe , though i may stay far away from you , i am just a call away . i am sorry because i can never reach out to you today due to time constraint . i hope you understand , but i will come the next time round if there is nothing poping out at the last minute .
i really hope you can do it . give it the last shot . but remember what i tell you okay ?
think about it as a whole , dont stay about you being pity or anything , if it is love and you can see the future with him , go on , you have my fullest support .
but if things doesnt go the way you want it to be , be strong to let it go . i know you can pull it through . dont let it be a downfall on you okay ? i know you are strong and you can do anything to get the happiness that you used to have .
i know its hard to stand up afta a hard fall , but smile fo at least it has happened . because it helps you to grow stronger everytime , and no one else will know the reall you except for yourself . never feel that you are alone , remember you always have your family and friends to count on . i am here for you too . so cheer up okay ?

should there be any , i am only a call away aite ?
take care people .
((: keep track fo more updates !


Thought of You @3:02 PM

Monday, August 18, 2008'♥

danial , i need you in my arms now . because you are the only reason that makes me smile when im all forlorn . ouh , come back to auntie . auntie miss you alot lor ((:

tell me exactly how should i put this into words ?
tell me exactly how should i feel when im all hurt ?
tell me exactly what should i do when you cry ?
tell me exactly how should i react when there's no trust ?
tell me exactly how should i behave after chances of giving in ?
im all numb now , really .

i dont mean to hurt you , but i have had enough of all the shits that i have gotten from you . im just so clueless yet naive to stay with you when all along , you have been such a pretender . and now , i am never disappointed with the words you have uttered yesterday night but i teared because i wasted 20 months with such a hypocrite . and just tell me how should i feel now ? just dont take back your words , that is too late .
i told you to go , to move on , but you insisted . you told me you love me , now i think you should get the facts right aite . if you love me , is that how you treat me ? you love to contradict yourself with the ego and hang up calls . you are such an immature to react to such extent . please i aint a 14 year old kid with a growing stage of 3 that you can fool around with & i aint a kid who just started to have pubic hairs on their pussy that you can behave like such a jerk !

eh please lah , you told me you want to move on ? then whats with the messages ? eh , tell me uh , what exactly that you want from me ? havent you had enough of degrading me again and again ? i aint a fool ! now you apologised , dont you think its too late ? i understand that you are mad , but those are just words that i dislike hearing . now , i took your words seriously , what have you got to say ? enough is enough ! if i am such a bitch , leave me ! why are you still here ? just no more of you please , BE GONE !

im all confused now .
thanks for being there when im in need . thanks for cheering me up . thanks for listening to me . thanks for catching things up . thanks for the convo over the phone . i felt better talking to you . thanks for making my day everyday . thanks for meeting me up when you are all tired . thanks for the sacrifices . thanks for the treat . thanks for everything ! i appreciate it a lot :))
i used to have the happiness that i once had , and now its all gone . can i just kneel down on your knees and beg for the love that we used to share ? cause i cant find any happiness with anyone else .
deep down in my heart , ILY


Thought of You @1:33 PM

Saturday, August 16, 2008'♥

the hardest part in life is to move on and picking urself up after a hard fall .

holla people !
i thought holiday means HOLIDAY !
where you get to sleep like noone's business , spend your quality time with th people whom you have missed out when you are all busy & go out for shopping or at least WINDOW shopping .

but my holiday seems like shit .
i need to wake up early and rush out early for appointments , spend most of my time in th journey and assignments & work my ass out fo money ! pretty hectic , aint it ? i didnt get to spend my time with my loved ones especially , which i have been craving for since 978556968709 days ago .
im 2 weeks away before new term starts and deadlines .
urgh , shut up ((:

anw , lets talk about relationship okay ?
before we fall in love with someone , you tend to be his/her bestfriend and be there for him/her . listen to him/her when he/she is in deep shit , help him/her out with the problems , accompany him/her when he/she is all alone outside , message him/her just to ensure that he/she is okay . he/she will try every means to get the attention from the person they like .
and when it comes to love , everything starts off smoothly . he/she will still be there for you . and when it comes to a little tiff , he/she will cry on the phone , apologise even when they are not at fault . things would remain the same way till idk when lah kann.
but as the months or years go by , he/she will start to change . when he/she felt all uptight , he/she wil scold you like nobody business , make him/her cry for nothing . & things wont be the same anymore . he/she wont listen to you on the phone . he/she will hang up & switch off the phone . the fact that he/she is an ego bustard lah !

ouh , so much from love right . & im sure the girls are the victim to everything . her bf's friends may think that she is such a whore because she gave up and go on flinging with another guy . look , in the first place , do the bf ever admit his mistakes for making the girl behave that way ? simple , they wont .

& in the end , when he is all alone , then he will start to realise and think that they better change , but dont you think its too late ?

girls are here , gave what she have to you , hoping for something in return ; to be good to her . she pour out the love to you , like any mother will . but the guy will eventually take it for granted . when it comes to any tiff , they will find their way to ego , and left the girl alone . and then , let the girl chase after him , cry & plead him to stay . dont lie to me girls if you have not done that before . but i dont understand why are we doing it even when it is not our fault in the first fucking place ? look , everyone has their own limit and i have mine too . but you have cross beyond the line , so what you waiting for ? jgn smpai aku nyanyi lagu gwen stefani eh .

a summary of relationship .
i guess when you are in love , you are just taking risks in life .
the chances of you to be happy or disappointed is 50 / 50 .
love can make you go crazy but it brings out the reall you .

ouh , im tired to think of it . well , the best is to go with th flow right ?
yea , since you said that , i am going to do it , but dont ever say that i dumb you aite ?

moving on moving on moving on moving on , yea people i am trying ..

dont ever go back to your bf because of sympathy because it will bring your rship to nowhere .
trust me poeple .

stay tune for more updates ! toodles

oooopsss , before i forget, HAPPY WEEKENDS !


Thought of You @2:18 PM

Wednesday, August 13, 2008'♥

update people .
bear with me people , because this is going to be a VERY long post .

semester break is finally here . i am really looking forward to this holiday for i have to get myself hook up to redundant things .

anyhoos , though holidays are here , i am and still missing my previous classmates . 16 weeks fly so fast without me realising it . and now , im left with nothing but memories . i really had a great time studying together . they are one of my sweetest drug ; W55H .
let me bring you closer to them .

on eve of national day . this was the last picture taken in class before we set our foot on separate ways .

us again , in the library with our favourite-st facilitator . most of us went black and white , theme for the day . i love my class's spirit !

this was a few weeks after knowing each other . we took this picture in may i guess , during the SLA fiesta . a random one . imah shouted in class to grab picture . and the whole class actually went to the front and start posing and smiling .

lets look deeper , who is in W55H ((:


i thought she's so quiet . but when we played truth & truth & she revealed out her secrets , we were all shocked especially me . HAHA ! because i thought she was so decent type . uh uh , now i got friend ady lor ! she looks like a modest , doesn't she ?
babe , its nice to know you . i really appreciate our friendship though we seldom talk with each other . take care and goodluc !


she is great , bubbly , talkative , laugh in the middle of the lesson for no reason . she is one of the craziest people which i have never met on earth before . she loves to design PPT background , reason : she is very artistic . so if you guys were in the same class as her & in the same team as her , ask her to do PPT ok ? one more thing , she loves to ask random and dirty question . LOL ! 'eh nurul , what is _ _ _ _ _ _ ? WTH !
babe , thanks fo those random question , despite all , that makes my day ! no doubt , you are great to hang around with . & those dirty little secrets we share , it makes me smile whenever i come to think of it . see you around babe ((:


okay , another babe in class . she will go goo goo gaa gaa when a hot guy walked past her . she will always talk enthusiastically & you wont find her bored . anw , she speaks like a very matured adult despite her age . she will give you sound advice whenever you are in deep shit .
babe , thanks for being there fo me , lending me a listening ear . thanks fo the advice and the call at 3 in the morning . i really appreciate it alot when all along , you care about me . though things may be different now , i really treasure our friendship , really .


this babe , she loves to whine in class . she is very soft-spoken but beware of her when she laughs . it may contradict at times . she is great , she loves to smoke , she will always ask me along for smoke break , but i keep on rejecting because i wanna cut down . a bread a day in school makes her tummy full . i rarely sees her eat in school . prata hotdog is her favourite food i guess .
babe , thanks for all the cigarettes you spared me . thanks for paying my eyeliner first . thanks alot for waiting for me doing RJ before heading back home together . study hard for your science okay ? i know you can do it babe ! goodluc in your future endeavours !
brass to breast ! LOL !


now , she is the fetish-est girl in class . HAHA ! she is another girl on random . mind you , she will always dress up nicely for school . and , she loves to pinch people . she loves to deny facts . &&& she loves to make people blush lor .
babe , thanks for listening to me when im down . & yea , thanks for discussing the disputes in class the other day . it was great , talking to you . i appreciate our friendship a lot . thanks babe , im gonna miss you . goodluck for your paper !


the only girl with scarf in class . she seems so quiet . she is good in bio . she is crazy at times . and mind you she loves to take picture all by herself . she is so adorable . anw she fainted twice in class . and since then , all of us care about her . we will ensure that she will have her lunch and have plenty of water .
babe , you need to eat more meat i guess . or maybe you have low blood pressure ? selisih ! but anw , do take care of youself okay ? the bottom line of everything , i care for you . take care and see you around in school .


introducing , miss bubbly . i had mistaken her as one of the nerd chick in class . but when it comes to us sitting in a group , talking about girls stuff , she will be all curious i tell you . she will ask you those 5Ws and 1H .
babe , thanks a lot for helping me sending all those pictures via msn . you helped me alot , enduring all my 100++ pictures which i had sent to you . i really appreciate your patience during the files transfer . now , i dont have any one who can help me in bluetooth thingy . hurhur


she is the sweetest , soft-spoken lady in the class ! oh gosh , even when i talk to her , i feel awkward . maybe the way she speaks that makes me felt that way . i cant even raise my voice when talking to her , i will feel guilty i swear ! haha
babe , next tyme speak louder aite ? and if you have a bf who loves to shout at you , tell me okay ? ill make sure he smells my feet ! haha ! anw , thanks alot for helping me and be kanchong together when we have not compile the PPT ! HAHA ! see ya sweety ((:


aiwei : she is great ! she loves to disturb people 'neneh' lor ! she will share stories about relationships , which was funny and awesome !
daphne : we share one thing in common = daughtry . hell yea ! she will promote new songs from daughtry to me . everywhere daughtry . she will keep me on track about daughtry's performance .
mel : i love the way she speaks . her voice like lazy2 type , but cool lor . and she is addicted to playing 'make up a word from a word' game .
babes , thanks for being there , spending your time during physics lessons with me . i love working together with you guys . nonetheless , i appreciate all the effort , cheering me up when i am all disappointed , esp daph : thanks babe . you are what i call a friend . see you guys , im gonna miss you ((:


the guys in our class ((:

jingjie : our Mr. knows everything . he will help us to get the whole picture whenever we don't understand a single thing .
kong ming : we seldom talk . we talked a lot during breakfast together. he is funny and random. he will add on the spice to the topic , a very good shot and we will go , 'omg!' HAHA !
hao su : smart ass + keen = china boy . haha ! he will attempt all the questions in the ws before us and later when we are in doubt , he will always give us a helping hand .
wu song : he is also another smart alex in class . he talks softly , but cute !
jon : the seldom boy to school . but he is cool . erm , maybe ? but since the gf's class is opposite our class , we dare not be close to him .
dudes , though there are only 6 of you guys , it is like having 15 of you guys in the class okay ? you guys are superb and have the best teamwork because you will seat in a table and play CS together , EVERYDAY , afta school .

my eye candy goes to HAOOOO SSUUUU !!
he is sooo cuutte . im like so shy right in the picture ? see he hugged me in the picture .
CREDITS TO SRI ! (im gonna slaughter you SRI . grrrr)

shawn ; our Mr. hot stuff .
he has a great body , gosh , you can melt when you look at his muscles . but not me , idk why . haha . my usual clique especially niza is going crazy for him ! haha !
she even state in her blog , 'baby is mine!'

they are the reason why i come to school everyday .
they are the reason why i smile in class .
they are the reason why i laugh alot in class .
they are the reason why i am growing fatter .
they are the reason why get C for physics .

though we are not able to see each other often , you guys will always be in my heart .
thanks 55H . you created joy , you added colour to my life .
im left with nothing but memories which will never be forgotten .
see you guys around when new term starts .

thats all people . too long right ? HAHA update soon .
next post will be about ana .

Thought of You @11:18 AM

Tuesday, August 12, 2008'♥

let's not talk about relationship , AGAIN .

i have been thinking a lot lately ; life , future , freedom , relationship , friendships , family .
i know things happen for a reason , but some things are so absurd that they can be such a pain in my ass . it's really disappointing when one just keep mentioning , emphasising your mistakes , when he/she knows that both were at fault . but when it comes to me admiting and yet mentioning his/her mistakes , they won't admit and walked off . see , how am i suppose to get things done here ? you know , i am so so so tired of playing chasing games , because i have been doing it and you seem to like it so much . look , i may get tired one day . and yes , i am tired today , really , so much that it hurts me whenever you call and talk to me nicely .

yes , i admit that i'm still not over the fights that we had . ill be rude to you , because you taught me to do it . i have not been behaving these way , i admit it when you said that . but you keep on doing that to me , rude to me , shout over the phone when back then , i talked to you nicely , crying on the phone . so much from you right ? so who am i suppose to blame now ? myself ? thats ridiculous !

you see , when i am here trying to settle things down , you keep on mentioning my past ? why does it bother you so much ? why why why ? look , if you are here to degrade me further , be gone . i had the wrong perception about you all these while. when i thought you will help to bring me up again , lighten up my life , but now , you prove me wrong . so so wrong .
enough said . if you are here to give me a sarcastic remarks , paste it .
i have my reasons as to why i asked for it and i even explained things out to you , yet it does not diffuse your brain .
now , all i want is to let this matter rest . my mind is too stress up with unnecessary things , you know it for yourself . so why are you even adding more to it ?
mind you , i dont wanna end myself up in a mental hospital okay ?
and somehow , i think im love stonned .

Thought of You @2:19 PM


i was really pissed off with this image uploader !
i was uploading pictures , currently in the mood to blog but somehow this thingy pulled my mood down . i just cant wait . idiotic ! moreover, i have to get things done fast because i am really late . sommore , i have not bathe yet . okay lah , i know how disgusting it is , and i even have the courage to tell the whole world . well , at least i bathe right ? no one is going to smell me anyway if i'm at home . LOL !

ok back to where i am . yea ! this image uploader . you know what guys ? i have tons of things to share with you guys . but this image uploader just hinders me from sharing . FUCK !

today is the last day of school follow by my semester break . how wonderful it is ((:
but , i didn't turn up for class today . i woke up late lor .
because this pain in my arse is killing me so much till it bothers my sleep in the middle of the night . irritating right ? and in the end , i go to school late , ALWAYS .

last of all , ill update tomorrow . because i am really in a hurry . still i bother to keep on typing . see , i am in the mood to blog . fuck man image uploader . you see people , i dont mind wasting time typing but these image uploader really sucks big time ! shit right ? very big big !

okok . thats it for now . i am late , really ! haha
im off to meet my classmates for shisha session at arab street . yea , they ask me to come along . it is the last time to be around with my classmate before new term starts . off to bathe people !

get yourself updated okay ? anw , feel free to tag okay ?
zul , dan , adilah , niza etc etc . i know you read my blogg .
anw , please do feel free to press on the ads at the etc at the sidebar .
im trying to earn a penny here ! HAHA ! ((:

toodles !

Thought of You @12:50 PM

Monday, August 11, 2008'♥

ello people . pardon me for my absence during the weekends . i was busy , and i had no time to update because i did not stay at home during the weekends . i have tons of things to blog about but these habit just hinders me from doing it , LAZYYYYYY .

saturday ; went over to my cousin's place for solemnisation . i tried to get along with the whole lot of my aunties and uncles though im not close to them . i was busy following the newly-weds here and there , ok no , i was forced to . HAHA !

let the pictures do it okay , malas lah nak type !

mother and sister . my sister , she have these habit of biting her nail . even at the age of 26 , she is still stucked to the old habit . tsk tsk .i have not met her for quite a long time . so yea , we talked , we laughed , we shared our dirty little secrets . anw , shes pregnant now , for 6 months .
( productive seh kakak aku ) i heard from mom that my sister is expecting a twin . the doctor mentioned that she/he heard two babies heartbeat . well , i dont know how far this can be true because her stomache is quite small though it is only her 6th months . well , ill keep on praying for the best aite , and i really hope that the baby is a girl this time round ((:

this is the newly-wed cake .
it looks nice with the simple designs on the cake . i love it . not forgetting the color they have got there ; red and white .

nephew : auntie , is this a cake ? why is it so hard ?
( he smacks the cake )
me : yes , it is ! ( bit his hand )

the lamp that i like the most ! of all things eh . pathetic right , i know . LOL !

wedding guest book . i wrote a little message for them ((:

ended at 6 . i rushed all the way back home to change my clothes . then off i went to raffles place to watch the fireworks .

oohh lllaaallllaaa ~~ i was amazed by it , like a caveman to town . haha !
the feeling is like , ' i am proud to be a singaporean ! '
ok bye , the fact that i am proud to be one since my existence .

now blue blue blue . weee~~

gold ! the best part of it

after much of 'wow!' 'wah! so nice ! ' we walked away from the place before it gets totally crowded . so while walking in between the tall buildings at raffles , it looked so smokey . after so much of jakonness , it causes global warming . now , who is going to inhale it ? LOL !
maybe , scientist should invent fireworks with no smoke .

partay all night long people ((:

eyy , i guess ill update a better post next time . i just cant get to have a smoothing plan for today's rant . out of words , just pictures .

Sri ; you jaga eh , you sabo me right ? you'll get it one day man
* evil laugh *
Ana ; remember th 30 questions that we discussed ? i guess ill put it up on wednesday . stand by hor . haha !

Thought of You @10:00 AM

Thursday, August 07, 2008'♥

so here it is people ((:
nothing much actually but just sharing of pictures . finally, i have all the pictures captured last Friday uploaded into my laptop . thanks Sri !
( okay , that is a week overdue )
holiday is coming and i'm sure going to miss my classmates - how we came about knowing one another . i swear W55H is one of the best class . two more lessons and i'm done with my second year , first semester . pheww ~ time flies so fast !

here's the actual plan for last Friday . we planned to have a class & individual photo for 'soemething' on our last day of lesson . but none of my classmates wanna take a class photo , which i obviously dont know why .

here are the pictures people . enjoy !

me and Sri ((:
she is one of my greatest people who will listen to me when i'm down . she will make me smile with her nasty words . she looks so decent physically but once she talks to you and get close to you , observe the WORDS that came out from her mouth when she speaks .

my usual people in class . since school is so plain plain plain , we have no other choice but to grab pictures outside our classroom . toilet was like so last season and it is also a hot spot for the girls to snap pictures because of the gigantic mirror .

i swear this is my first time snapping a picture with Nashita . she's cute , i adore her .
must eat a lot more okay ? we care about you .

this was during the second break .
since some of our team had done their slides , we sat in the middle table and start playing truth truth truth . it was shocking and hilarious listening to each others secret . haha ! anw , i was the victim and they asked me tons of questions .
( i did not turn up for school when they played this game )
from nurse to japanese school girl . HAHA ! see , too much for a disaster with these girls .

now , thats me . my eyes was like so BIG BIG . concentrating and i was shocked listening to them . but then , on the later game , we decide not to spin the bottle but just asked any random question . it was great .
no way that you are going to know what we talked about . girls stuff

i'm not sure whether i should cut my hair short or just let it grow wavy , or maybe trim a lil bit , or maybe rebond it , or maybe perm it . see , i'm so indecisive , i know . but then , i love it when my hair is short , my head feel much much lighter but to wait for it to grow long can take like a century okay . okay , i lied . im dead by then .

national day is like tomorrow and i can feel the heat now . well , if i have no time for an update tomorrow ,
that is meant for tomorrow .

on random note , i dont understand people describing their sex session in their blog . they seemed so proud of it . pfft ! get a life lah kann . might as well you go and publicise a book , let those literally 'sex sick' so that they can go on masturbation . OK BYE !

today sri taught me a new word: FETISH
' nurul fetish sia ! '
i told you . she will say words that i dont think she will mention for the rest of her life . but i was wrong indeed .

keep track for more updates .

17 more days to the big 19th year .

' i try to download the song step at a time by jordin sparks tapi tak gerak2 pun . '

Thought of You @2:23 PM

Wednesday, August 06, 2008'♥

okay , ever since the existence of PP in my life , i find myself having a lot of mis-communication with my loved ones . i have been mugging on this stupid PP till i have insufficient time for anyone . even mother complained that i have no time for her . shit !

should i regret now ?
if only there are other companies which is way way smaller than the company i am working on and related to my course , i would have do it . and now i am left with approximately a month to work on it . tell me how should i do it ?

okay , ill have my mind focus now .
bodo .
betol lah

Thought of You @6:41 PM


a little update here people ((:

nothing much for an update actually , it's just that i am bored right now . i decide to 'clean up' my laptop because documents, pictures etc etc are all over the places . since i am done with it , i take a look at my past photos . it makes me smile , reminiscing those times . i thank Him for giving me the strength to carry on with my life . i ain't a failure after all. ouh , memories .

well, this was me 3 years back then in 2005 , when i was in sec 4 .
me , before collecting my N level results . mind you , i have gained so much weight okay at that point of time , till i can't fit in my school's skirt during the collecting of result . so what did i do ? i tucked out my uniform just to cover my skirt's zip . i got a laugh from my friends ! HAHA !

this was me in secondary 5 .
(please ignoree the top people )
if i'm not mistaken, this picture was taken before my mid-year examination . back then , i have someone to tutor me for my studies . you are my motivation to excel in my studies . thank you yer...

laugh as much as you can people !
okay , i know how hideous i am in this picture .
so chubby right ? even i feel like crying looking at this picture . i know i gained hell lot . see the difference people ? on my way to pool session . perhaps the last pool session in 2006

this picture was taken in 2006 if i'm not mistaken .
my bestfriend , Ina and me . in secondary school , she has been there for me , motivating me , supporting me , cheering me up , almost everything just to make me smile . even till now , whenever we meet up during our free time, she will ask about my well-being , how have i been doing in life etc etc . she is great , no doubt . thanks Ina ((:

this was taken like this year , a month ago .
thanks to ana for making me do this STUPID IDIOT pose .
i know its ugly .
well , it remind us of someone , right ana ?


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