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Friday, July 31, 2009'♥

i have to get immune to this blogger. ive been complaining , yet there are no improvements. so, ill just let it be. it is so super sickeninggg.
one more week baby, and im excited, not you eh.
weekend is here, still no plans yet. mom is going off to JB in few hours time. and im going to miss her. now that im sleeping alone. urgh.

something random, i told you im very R.A.N.D.O.M
i dont have many friends, girlfriends to be exact.
because why? i dont trust girls, though i am a girl.
because i ever have a friend, or a bestfriend, but a bigg serial backstabber.
from then on, i have made up my mind, to stay away from these evil creatures, cause i do have phobias too.
though i lose one, i gain someone else. i am a happy human now, praises to God.

though i have little of them, but we are very close. VERY CLOSE.
i mixed with people of any age, i dont care whether you are older or younger than me. what matters most to me is your maturity level.
i accepted who you are, but not what you are.

i have no paience for humans who ever got on my nerves before. but still, th softside of me is to give them another chance, hoping them to change. but since, they took th chances for granted, i back off, really back off, to be exact. so never judge me, though i may sound unfriendly, i may sound step gerek, but you dont know th reall me.

(okay, th above ni sume side track ehh. nak fill up space kat blog je.thats why i have a topic to talk about((: )

and lovely, i really cant wait to meet you today, with God's willing.
i miss you fo i did not meet you yesterday.
my heroo.

happi weekends people.


Thought of You @11:39 AM

Thursday, July 30, 2009'♥

ouh yes, like finally, after hours of trying to get th right connection, i get to blog.

my nick in msn says: fuck you, hey fuck you very very much. greatest patience, for you, idiot.
just for your info, to those who have problems with understanding, hell, im referring th above to th internet. you wanna know why? ever since th start of school today, i have been re-starting my laptop countless of times. reconnecting vpn, but it does not help. lucky, my broadband stick come in handy, and i used it, instead. pffts! without it, i will go home, for sure lahhhh.

i have so many things to say. like finally, i get to meet my dearest lyana darling. we did a lot of complaining, well me actually do a lot of complaining. we did gossip (must) about everything, especially relationships. i was so happy because i get to meet her.

school ? ouh yes, i have selected my modules fo next semester. something, which i really look forward to, unlike this semester as all th modules are really a pain in th neck. so i took;
1. advanced materials (i dont know what will be taught)
2. biomaterials (to do with biology and materials)
3. patient care (care for patient, obvious kann)
4. psychology (study your mind)

relationship? been doing good, lately. praises to God. he has been th nicest thing that has ever happened to me.

family? been spending most of my time in th room with mother, laughing our heads off till th wee hours. we do dirty jokes. mom is more like a best friend to me now. i am never afraid sharing about relationship to her. she will always give th best yet useful advices((: thanks mommy, you know i love you.

earlier, during break. i really had a great hysterical laugh with mell. we fb-ing, and we looked up at these horrid pictures. we read comments and laugh like mad. let me emphasize, MADDDDDDDDD very.

three more weeks to school, then five weeks of break.
i really look forward to next friday, if you know what i mean, love.
and i really wanna go out this weekends.
thought of botanical garden, considering it stil.

lab management now, coming to an end. and i only start to love th class, because there is this one guy who looks like najib ali. not forgetting th way he speaks too.

ouh, hot story! yesterday, i met up with th usuals. mira told us about a woman in her early 40s, where she bumped into in th train. she had a sex deprived, well i think she is a PROSTITUTE lah (thats what she said, out loud in th cabin). she will go to guys, bent down right infront of th private part, and pretend like licking. how horrible! she even went to the extend of licking th mrt floor. i think they should employ her. must have done a good licking, till th floor stands out ehh. omg! so disgusting lah. i think she is such a sex addict. tak dapat, mengamok! hahahaha! it was really kelaka seram lahhhh. i think those who are sex addict, wanna try different dicks, will end up like her. sucha disgrace! ouhokay , thats all.
update soon!

Thought of You @2:32 PM

Wednesday, July 29, 2009'♥

my boyfriend, my love, my pillar of strength and hope.
he is my everything. without him, life is rather meaningless.
he gave me th support, in every little things.
he will always be there, when im in need.
he will hug me when im forlorn.
he will laugh with me when im happy.
just anything.
greatest boyfriend, i would say.
close to perfection.
just you, my world is complete.
thank you so much, fo th love and attention.
you mean everything to me.

stay with me, today, tomorrow, th day after.

i know you love me , xoxo.


Thought of You @12:41 PM

Tuesday, July 28, 2009'♥

hello earthlings. i did not make my way down to school, because motivation dies on me, yet again, and since my usuals did not turn up fo school today, i did not either. so i only received a text message from niza babe, acknowledging me about her absence while i was in th bus. upon receiving th news, i alighted from th bus and made my way home.

and yes , when i crossed th road, something happened. so i have to make my way to th nearest petrol kiosk to ease myself. after which, i rang my mother, asked her whether she wanted to go fo breakfast together. but sadly, she was at bukit batok CC doing a health screening check. so i hailed a cab and make my way there. after accompanying her, we went fo a breakfast together at macdonald. we did a lot of catching up after so long.

then, we roam around westmall, surveying fo things and updating my shopping list when i actually decided to extend and upgrade my line. from 1000 free sms to unlimited free sms. hehs. when i looked up at th poster, handphones are on promotions. so ive decided to grab E63,then after. well, i think that im going insane about qwerty phones now. credits to mommeh fo it .

i only then had to pay 48 dollars fo th phone. but then, since i have not use up my sunperk points, i decided to use it and i only have to pay 23 dollars fo th phone, which is to, is a good bargain.

i grabbed a red one since i have black already.
and then, mom asked me to get th mobile broadband. at first i was reluctant, but since mom is paying fo th monthly subscription, i agreed on it. thanks a lot mommy, i owe you a lot. now, i really have an easy time doing my rj at home or just everywhere. also, i can do my project too, without waiting fo my sis or trouble love.

and yes, mom is paying fo my car license too. but i have to be a little patient on it, because she said that she will give me th money once she has obtained it. so yeap, and love will obviously be my private instructor lah kannnn.

and i really cant wait to make things happen this time. thanks mommy , and God too fo everything. praises to God.


Thought of You @1:57 PM

Monday, July 27, 2009'♥

back to school, which means, a proper update.

talking about school. i am a typical girl when it comes to schoool.
just come to school so that i could graduate on time, without having to retake any module, insya'allah. though lesson and facilitator sucks at times, i have no other choice but to make my way down to school fo th sake of graduating. how pathetic can i be. year 3 module is not as easy as it is, that it makes me want to quit school anytime. i know i can do better, and i could see that im lacking in my progression as th days go by. i did not see myself jotting down notes like i used to last time. i dont know what is becoming of me. th fact that year 3 is such a bore fo i have to change class every single day that even till now, i still could not memorise some of my classmates. brain cells dying, whats more rp?

ive not been enjoying myself in school except fo th bitches whom i used to gossip around with. i miss them alot, especially when i have to stay at home and rest and rest. it suck th best out of me, fo i dont jump fo joy, nor have any laughter to th lamest thing created by anyone.

and since im back to school today, i did a lot of catching up with my bitches. a lil about me and you and everything. it was ouhh-so-fun! i really love it.

but whats worst? my coming back to school is like my first day. i even came out with stupid questions like, 'are we suppose to do ppt?'etcetc. when i have actually been doing it fo th past i-dont-care how many years ive been in this pathetic school. i feel so stupid, yes i am.

thanks to th sickness, which makes me be a lil gundu brain in school today.
lets hope fo a better tomorrow.

th next post , is dedicated fo someone.
stay tune.


Thought of You @12:11 PM

Sunday, July 26, 2009'♥

ouh yess,it has been recurring and i really hate it . what else ? pardon me fo th lack of updates , i was away from school and ive been resting at home fo th past days that ive not been updating . it is truly sickening cause my body is aching all over ,and i really have a weak immune system. gotta consume a lot of vitamins and minerals so that all these contagious sickness would go away .

speaking of it , i missed my material analysis UT . thank god i applied fo LOA . and so i guess it shall be fine . well , i dont know whats there to mention here actually .

ouh ,yesterday ,was a really luah kan perasaan going out day with love .shall elaborate more when i have all th pictures uploaded into my laptop .

its sunday , chill and relax day .gootaa go now .

Thought of You @6:39 PM

Wednesday, July 22, 2009'♥

here's th clue , if i did not upload any pictures here , well it means that im over at love's crib . yes , he did not have much pictures in his laptop , so im gonna pour all words in here .

im down with fever, sore throat, flu, body aching, headache, vomiting and chills and shivering since yesterday .
and yes , i went to th doctor just noe with love accompanying me . ive got 4 days of MC . but still , i am fickle whether or not to apply for LOA from school . because i will be having my test this friday , and ive been missing a lot of lessons .

whats more eyyy ? ive been suffering from these virus fo 3 times this month. and it is really annoying me because i am not enjoying myself like any other healthy people do . ouh , it sucks big time you see .

consuming pills is not my hobby , well who likes it right ?

i think ive got to go now . i need plenty of rest . hear you people soon yeahhhh .

Thought of You @6:01 PM

Tuesday, July 21, 2009'♥

welcome home LG KS 360 . i was so happy upon getting one fo myself . not forgetting love too . shukur alhamdulillah, with extra extra kachings , we managed to get ourselves hp , of th same .

its G-shock baby .
mine was pink whilst love is black .
and we felt so happy about it , do you baby ?
and to top it all , happy 2nd with you baby .
i love you i love you i love you .
you know i always do .

off to meet him later , fo a mini catching up and quality time spend together .
update sooonnnn people .


Thought of You @11:33 AM


pictures are not in sequence . sorry about that , because blogger is not healing in any ways . it was a great great saturday , i supposed so . i really boogy my ass out with my happy pills . everything was impromptu . thanks to my dearest love who woke me up and asked me to get ready . he fetched me . sweettt as sugar baby ((:
enjoy th pictures , because i dont know what else i am to say in here .
talk to you later people .

Thought of You @10:25 AM

Monday, July 20, 2009'♥

hello earthlings .
pardon me fo th lack of updates , been busy .
and yes , my house is not functioning .
anws, im over at my love's house .
helped him out a bit here and there .

well , actually , i have no objectives of blogging now .
th fact that im bored now , that makes me blabber some nonsense here .

well , yesterday was a stay home , sleep day .
i was so so tired because i was out fo more than 12 hours on th saturday .
i really do have fun with th usuals .
i was bored too at home yesterday .
so i took out my diaryy , and start scribble nonsense in there .
ive not been writing any in it fo suc a long time .
i could breathe now , smoothly , inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide .
i had a bad dream yesterday . and i really couldnt recall , but it was something bad .
i hope it wont happen , cause im not mentally prepared fo it .

okay , love have been bugging me to watch TV with him .
its time to finish up watching GGs2 with him since HDD is with him .
ill be back fo update tomorrow yeah .
stay tune lovelies .


Thought of You @4:35 PM

Thursday, July 16, 2009'♥

im starting to hate blogger, because whenever i wanna start blogging, there will be a missing of th navigation bar, which is really hard fo me, fo i dont remember too much html, just th basics. i think im gonna import whatever i have here to wordpress, recommended by Sri Cempaka, because she said it is very useful as compared to blogger. blogger, please so something about it please.

im done with FYP I. alhamdulillah, everything have gone smoothly. we are able to present with confidence, i love my team mates a lot. because we really have a great teamwork and help each other alot. it was really a good job, team. during intervals, we managed to grab some pictures.

anws, love has been th sweetest. in th morning, yesterday, it was raining heavily. and he texted me, wish me luck. and i was stucked in th rain while walking to th bustop with FORMAL WEAR AND HIGH HEELS, and i started complaining. so he borrowed me an umbrella, and he said, 'later i fetch you okay'. and i was so surprised, only God knows how i felt at th point of time. we big goodbye then. it was sweet cause he made th effort to travel all th way to woodlands to fetch me, thank you so much baby, i love you ((:

i took a long nap because i slept fo 2 hours only. just imagine, how puffy my eyes are now. very bad, with dark rings around my eyes. i was awaken by th voice of my brother. and i woke up and shouted, 'ma, brother Is is here is it?' so i tagged them to visit my grandma (paternal) and off fo a supper at makan shiok.

and, i dont know who this jerk is, and i dont know if it was a prank or something. there was a guy who called me, and wanna make friends. i said i dont talk to strangers, and i hung up his call. he texted and i ignored. and called again and i hung up on him again. it pisses me off that i started complaining to love. and i then texted th guy that i am ATTACHED. please, i find it so irritating to have such old tradition way of making friends, or even, passing around of numbers.

love, i miss you so much. you are so sweet, so adorable, that everytime when im with you, i wish i could chant some magic words, so that the clock will stop ticking and have you here with me, FOREVER. i have not love someone like how deep my affection i have fo you, and th feelings is just so real. though, saying th three words are rather a routine at times, but somehow, i mean it, a lot. and when you said it, i felt so in love with it. we will work it, for th future, just th two of us, and know one will ever come in between us, this i promise you.

Thought of You @10:45 AM

Tuesday, July 14, 2009'♥

i think i need to talk more here. lesson is such a bore, and im having bad stomache cramp fo two consecutive days. and tomorrow is my biggest event ever, and if it doesnt heal, im gonna get a D. god, i need mercy now.
people think that being th last child is great because they are pampered, they can get anything they demand fo when they start whining; just anything, you name it. and it is lucky, very much but hell no, it doesn't exist in me.

yes, i am envy with people who are being pampered.
"mom, i need this, i need that" and yes, th next day, they get a surprise on their bed. but no, i was brought up without a father's love, and mom has always been there fo me. and she always thought that she did not carry out her responsibility as a mother, but you did mother.

"can i have a new hp?"
"i need to shop"
"i need a new laptop"
"i wanna have a car license"
"im going back home late tonight"
"i need money fo etc etc...."

and my mom and sisters and brothers will tell me to start saving. gawdd .
with a weekly allowance of 50 dollars, im able to survive still, but mom is being stricter than usual. i paid fo my own bills and yet i dont complain because i know mom has retrenched. and i actually depended on my dad's monthly allowance that was meant fo me. but when i need money to pay fo school miscellaneous fees, mom seek me to pay with my weekly allowance. i cut down on my eating habit because i have to pay this and that. just how am i suppose to survive?

im a full time student and i cant do any part time job because year 3 is th worst year ever. with such economic crisis and time commitment, i could never get a job, but i tried my very best to break loose in everything, so that i can live like any pampered kids do. i deserve a better life, obviously, but it isnt th right time fo me to indulge myself in ease now.

good things happen to those who wait.
mom always said that. and i really wonder how is my future going to be like. will it be worth waiting? what if it remains stagnant throughout my whole life of living in this world. and i always tune in to you are not alone, just to make my life better. life is never easy, yes, i would have agree. because since young, i was trained to go through th hardships in life, and i think im doing just fine with it.

i just dont understand with people who keep on bugging fo these and that from their parents. we must always be thankful fo what we have achieved and obtained, never complain. because out there in th world, there are people who starve to death. th africans, i teared looking at them; they walk fo miles just to grab water, they eat dried leaves, they did not bathe. and seriously, if i ever have a chance to adopt them, i will. (thanks to MJ ehh, okay no link)

moving on, we should be grateful and never take life fo granted. always thank fo th help people have given to you, and never demand more. because, with more patience you have in yourself, th better outcome you will get in th future. appreciate th people around you, because you wont know how it will be when they are gone. to appreciate them later, will already be too late. be thoughtful, be wise.

in every obstacles that we took, its actually a stepping stone to success.

Thought of You @2:57 PM


this blog is really getting on my nerves .
i DO NOT have th navigation bar where i can edit th fonts and everything .
whats more if i cant upload pictures in here ?
it has been bugging me since yesterday .
shit shit shit you !
i have tons to share but blogger hinders me from moving on .

yana ; just beware with these kind of annoying humans .
i guess they have nothing better to do but to come in between you .
well , you detest third party , who dont right ?
moreover , with people who just have to be such a flirtatious just to snatch your happiness away .
ouh , take a chill pill .
we just have to be opimistic enough in situations like these , yes , it hurts a lot . but patience is th greatest of all virtues . so look on a brighter side .
but if they keep on bugging you , they are plain obsessed .
ever watch obsessed staring beyonce knowles ?
deal that person just like how beyonce dealt with th bitch . if he ever disturb you , AGAIN .
they dont deserve any mercy , dont be too nice with such humans . they should be destroyed , morally .
anws , i love th post . and his hair is like so freaking STOP IT .
he think that he is hot , but my teacher's ass is hotter i tell you .
and to th boy (who actually added me in FB without me knowing) , shall get a life .
maybe you are so fucking desperate , or your life is just too boring .
since you got yourself a gf , take care of her .
or are you just so bored over her pussy ? and decide to invade other people's privacy ? ouh god , i really cant stand suc humans .

and yes to my dearest juliana , im really sorry cause i couldnt make it fo these two days . and i know you CA2 is tomorrow , please perform it at your very best , i know you can do better than that . you just need more practices and , if possible , do all th reviews in your textbook , it will help you really . ill turn in to you soon .

ouh lastly , ill be having my evaluation tomorrow .
and i have to report in a formal wear tomorrow at 8 am .
so that means i have to get out of my house at 630 .
ive never been to school that early .
well , wish me luck people ((:
im gonna give it my best short .
after which , im gonna enjoy my short break , and start my FYP II later .


Thought of You @10:33 AM

Monday, July 13, 2009'♥

blog under constructution peopple .
please bear with .
just itchy fingers that makes me change .
to people who thinks that im a kpo-kia , please stop all those syok sndiri .
i think i have th right to change , or whatever your immature mind may say about me .
and on random , i read my dearest bf blog .
and yes , i very much would like to comment about it once everything is right on track ady .
shall talk soon people .

Thought of You @1:15 PM


so on my weekends .
we attended a solemnization .
my bestfriend's sister .
it was really a great gathering after so long .
able to meet th people who is rarely with us now .

love felt agitated because we went round th whole of yew tee to find 691B .
and after detouring , here and there . we finally met th block .
i felt so sorry fo ilah who has been waiting fo us for quite some time .
upon arrival , we snap pictures first . warm up okay .

so above are my beloved bitches .
you will always be close to my heart .

now here comes th big big brothers .
i love you guys , but more love fo love . hehs .
selit daun ehhh .

so there goes BFFL sister .
she must be a little sad now .
cheer up baby , ill be there fo you okay darling .

so this is th whole lot of us .
they are my happy pills .
only God knows how much i appreciate them .

selamat pernikahan .
azmi and adillah .
smoge berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat . amin .

after which , we had our smoke break and unexpected things happened .
so yeah , we waited fo th guys to amend it while th we took some pictures .
fo 2 hours we waited till my cigarettes run low alright . im so effing boring , i tell you .
around 11 , they are back ad zuhir was so happy , alhamdulillah .
and yeah , i hugged love , teasing him because he was so tired after helping out , and we took pictures , still .

welcome back baby . hahahaha !

while waiting , BF came up to me , and she started taking pictures .
with my digicam . we pretended to do this and that , it was funny i tell you .
right baby ?

this is how bored we could go .
after which , we went to henderson wave , but before that , i went back home and love waited fo me downstair while i get myself changed . then off we went to his void deck and still get it all fixed up .

on our way to henderson waves , unexpected things happened again . i guess it isnt a day fo us . so yeap , we decided to help and chilled around .

love is so sexy in this picture .
i love his eyes , th most okay .

if you would have noticed between me and love , BF is trying to get herself in th picture .
she is mischevious , i tell you .
when love came hugging me , she would pull love hands away .
she will always be in th middle , trying to separate us .
but stil she is cute and irritating . hehs !

and then , to summarize up , BF came up and start this legendary post . hahaha !
she is funny .

towards th end of th day , i felt closer to everyone , and i really adore them like my siblings .
and love , you have been th greatest sleeping machine on earth okay .
notty you , sleep sleep and sleep . but still , i love you so much .

thats all , ill update fo more okay :D
stay tune fo more people .


Thought of You @10:21 AM

Sunday, July 12, 2009'♥

im currently over at my sister's house .
its a desktop baby , when was th last time i use it .
hell yea , id better start recalling . its been 3 to 4 years i guess .
ive been neglecting mine and so gave it away to my sister since my new baby is home .
ouh okay whatever .
im so bored , i wanna go bowl with th usuals .
and mind you , i have tons of pictures to upload okayyy .
please hold on . ill try to keep up with my patience during th uploading of all th pictures .

whats more ?
ouh yess , i will be having my final year project presentation on wednesday morning .
and i have to go formal , fuck it .
i went to pur pur with love th other time , and th formal dress cost me about 50 bucks .
and so i gave it away , because its way too expensive lahhh .
and so , due to time contraint , i went over to sis house and start grabbing her clothes .
also , i went on looking up fo th best dress she has etc etc .
its really hard having a sister who stays in th north now .
and i miss her , having her beside me , chit chatting till 3am in th morn . and th next thing i knew , i did not go to school . hahaha , its really great having her . what to do kann , life still have to go on .

im almost done with all th assignments , and it was something that im proud of . syabas nurul .
me and love , is going perfectly fine these days . and yes , i love him .
i love th people around me , th usual people , ouh jaja especially .
and and and i miss my schoolmates now .
when i read up mel's blog , it was funny when i recalled niza's incident .
omg ! im laughing away now . its a inside joke .
and yes , i miss her ady . i will only get to see her on wednesday .
she must be having some fun , LOA-ing . cibai .
H1N1 , attack my class please , i need a one week break .
hahaha , update pictures tomorrow yea .
and to you suckers , take care . hehs !


Thought of You @10:18 PM

Thursday, July 09, 2009'♥

sorry seems to be th hardest word , yes i know .
well , it is not easy to fogive and totally forget about it .
well , it exist in everyone right .
but fo me , ill do what it takes .
because like ive said ;
i threw th past away because i want your future with me .
im sorry fo i made you go mad earlier on .
well i dont mean to .
well , after much explanations with you , i really hope you understand .
th fact that i need you here with me .
because i know something is not right , within me .
im just too stressed with my school that i feel like crying .
i did try to put effort in it but somehow i need your motivation .
i need th support .

but fo whatever that had happened , i hope you will still hold on .
let us look on th brighter side .
maybe these are th challenges , we have to face it and pull through it .
we cant give up . thats just to prove how much we love each other .
theres always a time when we can talk things out .
well , maybe just one party have not calm down .
so yeah , still together , alhamdulillah .

and despite all that happen , i still love you .
and when i say i love you , i mean it baby .

Thought of You @3:00 PM

Tuesday, July 07, 2009'♥

ouh yesss .
im loving my baby moree .
well , honeymoon period , maybe .
thanks a lot fo being there fo me .
meeting me up fo a while in th morning .
a cigarette with you is like a whole of my life time .
i never want to be away from you .
i really love every way of having you around me .
im happy , sincerely from th bottom of my heart .

and yes , thanks a lot fo yesterday .
you took my laptop from my bffl , and off you went to send it at my neighbourhood .
we chatted fo a while , and spent th whole night together .
i really appreciate your help . thank you so much dear .
im really sorry if i seldom spend my time with you , i hope you understand .
im trying to get a hang on with th school's annoyance .
you have been really a wonderful bf these days .
thanks fo playing your part .
i love you , i really do .

and still , serena is a hot issue to me .
she is sexyyy , she has that horny face .
hahahaha .
okay , im just being me , random .
and yes , i cant wait fo GG s3 .
(padehal GGs2 ade lagi episod blom watch eh , pasal malas )
so yeah , counting down to th day .

thats it , i dont have much things to say here .
should there be any , keep up fo th new updates yea .
take care okay ..


Thought of You @11:17 AM

Monday, July 06, 2009'♥

hello earthlings .
monday it is .
weekends were tiring but still , i had a lot of fun .
i went NDP preview with love and mamat .
and not forgetting ghost hunting . unexpected things happened though .
shall not elaborate about it . its personal ethics afterall .

im really curious over certain things .
but i only gather my effort to start exploring more .
i have a follower , which im not sure of its definition and how it really works .
i noticed this at my dashboard some time ago but i just ignore it .
so once i clicked on th following on it , i get ....

this .
so yea .
any idea of what it is ?
do blogger behaves like friendster too ?
hahaha , see im dumb at it .
well , not really . th fact that ive not encountered such things .

to my dearest bestfriend .
i know it really haunt you down .
but no matter how difficult it can be , i will always try my very best to be there fo you all th time .
i really appreciate all th small things you have done fo me .
be there when i really need someone . come up to my house and wake me up .
i really appreciate everything .
im starting to accumulate more memories i have with you .
and i really love th experience of having you around me .
you made me laugh , you made me think , you made me be what ive never been .
i thank you fo your advices , i appreciate your stay .
and no matter what happens , through th cat fights we had , we still stood strong , didnt we ?
and yes , you gotta be strong , always remember that you have me to count on .
theres nothing to be afraid of , because we are all humans afterall .
remember whats up there and no one can take your life away .
get rid of th fearful thoughts , because that will make you have low self-esteem .
believe in me , you keep yourself busy .
and im sure you can handle these , if it ever happens again , at th end of your fingertips .
i love you babe .

and love , out of all th random questions that ive asked you .
you shouldnt have any doubts with me .
because you know , im full of surprises .
and i love you so much , i really do .
i feel all secured when im around you .
i appreciate you , in ever way .
stay here with me , walk with me , till dusk .
its you that ive been longing fo .


Thought of You @11:23 AM

Friday, July 03, 2009'♥

ouh , waiting fo th rest of my bitches finishing up their RJ .
hahaha, im chatting with my primary school mate , lyana known as tish KOARI .
she has engaged and we shared a lot about life and relationship .
we used to be bestfriends during primary school days .

anyways , heres th best part .
i get free tickets by my sis-in-law fo NDP preview .
well , i know its just a PREVIEW like you say it , but dammit it .
its hard to get a ticket when ive been doing that balloting via internet fo thousands of times and yet i obtained nothing .
so yea , ive got three .
so im gonna bring along my newphew , haras with me .
and also love love love !
remember , we played th net , and we sat side by side doing it together .
yea , and we managed to go .
you on it ! i wish you will baby !

Thought of You @4:05 PM


hello eve weekends .
im just so tired fo school today but still i go
i have FYP meeting to attend later .
i can see a crowd by th school entrance leaving school today .
because of thermometer checking .
annoying annoying annoying !

anyways , i think someone do not have their own originality .
go fly kite can ? ouh okay , im very random .

anyways , yesterday , i went to Khai's POC .
was very excited ! ehem .
hahahahaa !
ouh wells, it was a great performance .
khai participated in sliding pole from 4th floor .
i wanted to upload th video but then again , theres something wrong with it .
once ive fixed it , ill upload yea .

anw , let th pictures do th talking okay .

th front layout in th ceremony .

th repelling is it ? ouh , i dont what it is called .

fire burning .
fire fighters to rescue !

fire in chemical plant .
well , th fact that th flame is controlled .

khai and his lovely dad .
locating the fire fighting badge on his left chest .

my lovable cutest boyfriend and his BFFL .

me and khai
food was great .
kebab , buffet , ice cream and fruit punch .
we were full by then .
after th ceremony has ended , we went back to Jurong and chill with th usual people .
been doing a lot of laughing lately .
hope things would remain this way forever yea .

before others arrived , we snap some pictures .
and alhamdulillah .
things are going perfect between us , isnt it love ?
we had lots of fun .
and he is becoming more like a bully these days . cute bullies i mean .
i love him a lot , i mean it .
he is my pillar of strength .
thanks fo everything love .
the lovely messages too . cheeky you ((:
i wanna lay day here with you and just forget about th world .


Thought of You @1:12 PM


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