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Thursday, January 31, 2008'♥

so school gonna end in two days time ! i swear to you , this is the FUCKING moment that i have been waiting badly . my eyes are swollen and i need some sleep badly ! i mean BADLY ! i did not attend school for the last three days because there are some things which i need to sort out . and yea , it wasnt a great week , because i have been facing with a lot of problem . i didnt change , im growing up . initially , problems has subsided and i hope the bonding is still going on strong . i have been going out lately and reached home late , and mother was nagging at me till she went to sleep . yea , so i guess i have to do something about it . maybe setting a curfew for myself . but im 18 what ? better get my butts at home when the enjoyment are over . hows that ? (;

its 10 weeks break . great ? yea , i supposed . i need a job badly . the current job that i have lately is not that satisfying . i need to gain experience in other scope man . i dont want to get myself stucked in FnB line . i need a better job . i want to work at front desk , receptionist . hows that ? but working for only two months , which company wants that ? ok my objective for doing this is because i need a higher pay . not to say the current one is insufficient , it is enough but i need to prepare something for his birthday . since he planned out my birthday and it turned well , i need to do that too . somemore he's turning 18 sei . so better make the best birthday party ever for him ok ? and make sure that im the best for him . ok i berangan .

anhoos , im gonna miss my dearest GF ! im gonna miss the time when i walked with her to school. i only get to meet her after 10 weeks , impossible ! kite mesti keluar same2 . dah lame dong kite tk kuar same2 , and i miss those times sei . so ani plan , ill text/beep you ok ? you are never forgotten . or MAYBE replug chalet ,we should stay out in the night . then we can catch a lot of stuff together . ok la , i sound so les , but you are the best fren i ever had sia . ape org nk ckp , ckp aje la ok . deep down in my heart , i appreciate, treasure, cherish our friendship . so 16/04 1st anniversary kn yana untok kite duer ? haha , things start with hatreds ok . but now we're like damn close (:

soo , ill update soon bile ade nett ok .

last week liqour session was supperb ! i mabok rbk sei . tsk tsk . mulot i kecoh kn kak yanti ?

Thought of You @9:45 AM

Friday, January 25, 2008'♥

so weekdays has been so great lately ! going to and going back from school with my dearest GF ! mind you , she is LOVED ok . i have been doing more cabotting for this week because i am rather lazy . (: i cant wait for next week. LAST WEEK FOR SCH OK ? and im done with my mengarot YR 1 ok ? so ape die yana ? HOLIDAES !!! (: anw , i have to get my resume done before holidae because i thought of working at front desk at jurong east. hows that ? but i donno how to make a resume for myself. anybodi who is an expert in it ? teach me , can you ?

so wednesday , it was a great day ! no doubt about that . i went off to collect my pay . everything got screwed up at first but everything was under control . so we went off to marina square with the SEDARE(S) and we had a bowling session . and i played not that bad la though its my first time . i learnt more from the experts . thanks to abg bee and BF. i swear to you , during the third game , i slacked alot . so i was the last one . penat oi ! angkt bola, buang . dah mcm main shotput plk . LOL ! and wads the outcome baby ? my kuku patah ! ARGH !

thursday , was the scariest day of my life . results are out. and im shivering in class . not forgetting, ive been talking alot just to destress myself . when the clock struck two , i did not get my passwerd . so i made a move lah . and my class , all cabot ok ? kecoh ! i made all my way down to M.O.E to get my password . and im happi though .

english d7 and still d7
maths c5 to b3
science d7 to b4
poa c6 and still c6

i was saddened with my eng and poa cause i did not make any changes for it . anw , i am so esctatic about my science , because it was really unexpected ! and also for my maths . mom not happi for it still. but ive done my best right dear ? anw , bb ,thanks for all your effort accompanying me to study at mcdonald and library . i appreciate it alot la . i owe you one ok ? thanks to all others who really motivate me not to give up and did help me through those tedious theories. i appreciate you alot .

so today , liqour session .

happi weekends people (:

Thought of You @9:45 AM

Thursday, January 24, 2008'♥

since ive got the soft copy with me , ive decided to post including the pictures too . so , last saturday , i helped his family out with cooking for the newly-weds over at bukit panjang . after school , on last friday , i met up with his cousins and went to lot one at choa chu kang . den we had window-shopped , no idea of what to buy , so we had a blueberry cheese tart and siu mai [correct?] . thanks for the treat ehk kak rica (:

so we headed off to bt panjang after that , do a lot of things . washing and removing fats from the chicken , cut livers , blending of onion [ i cried] and lots more . i did not sleep the whole night so at 4 am , we called mcdonald delivery and asked for our early breakfast . we had hotcake with sausages . continue cutting here and there , and then i went of to slip at 7 the next morning . i woke up at 8 and went home with dear and we had a short nap . woke up at 10++ den off we went there back again . i was tired by then but notheless , enjoyable . not forgetting , before that , i went off to the bank to change my cheque for money . screwed up management . i worked for 43 hours , they only included 16 hours from me . then the rest ? i work for free ehk ?

ok , i have to tell you people this okei ? the decoration was like so power kedemak okei ? elegance . im so in love with it , seriously , and i started to build castles in the air . ok , im blearrghing ok .

enjoy the picture people . update tomorrow .
sape ader lagu nsync: this i promise you ? ok , i noe im outdated , but im into the lyrics seriously .
please teell mi okei ? thanks alot . shafiza ade tk ? ko kn nsync freak dulu . LOL !
ok bye (: good day people .

and results are like two hours from now . cibai . tkot sei .

main focus for today (:

overall view

the decos

close up

our hotcakes with sausages in the morning.

Thought of You @11:22 AM

Wednesday, January 23, 2008'♥

cepat kan update ?
well nothing much actually but i just feel like sharing this poem with you guys .
as i was friendster-hopping , i came across this poem which is rather meaningful to me .
and im so love with it .
the poem is about friends , bestfriends and good friends .

to all my friends , i am thankful because you were always there to support and motivate me .
who would enlighten my soul with your smile and laughters .
thank god for you came into my life and give me the chance to be a better person .
you provide a listening ear when i was down , lend me a shoulder to cry on and laugh with me when im all happy .

dedication from me to you . enjoy guys (:

love starts with a smile
grows with a kiss
and ends with a tear

dont cry over anyone who won cry over you
good friends are hard to find

harder to leave
and impossible to forget

u can only go as far as u push
action speaks louder than words
the hardest thing to do

is watch the one you love
love somebody else

dont let the past hold you back
you're missing the good stuff
life's short
if you dont look around
once in a while u might miss it.
and migh even diss it

a best friends is like a for leaf clover
hard to find
and lucky to have

some people
make the world special
just by being in it

best friends
are the siblings
god forgot to give us
when it hurts to look back

and you're scared to look ahead
you can look beside you
and ur best friend
will always be there for you
true friendships never ends
friends are forever

good friends are like stars
you dont always see them
but you know they are always there

dont frown you never knoe
who is falling in love with your smile

what do you do
when the only person
who can make you stop crying
is the person who made you cry
nobody is perfect

until you fall in love with them
everything is okay in the end

if it's not okay
then it's not the end !

most people walk in and out of your life
but only friends leave footprints
in your heart

yesterdae was a great day .
i went to school with my outfit which is totally different form what i used to be wearing .
i just want to look different .
i left the class half-way and i went to meet him .
we catched body #19 . ill rate it 3.5/5 .
people you should go and watch the movie . its awesome .
and the momok not bad ehk , tkot jgk tao .
tapi hantu die mcm hantu tetek , padehal tk pernah nmpk hantu tetek tao . LOL !
suspense part was superb .
and dear , thanks for the treat .
and let this relationship to go on strong .
it is much appreciated .

Thought of You @9:36 AM

Monday, January 21, 2008'♥

ill update about my weekends when i have all the pictures uploaded .

i was not in school today because i am so shagged and i don feel like it .
so i chose to have my breakfast at macdonald with yana .
ok i am bad because i ajak her cabot as well .
so we had hotcakes and tons of girls talk . yea , a sound advise from her and finally i have a shoulder to cry on .
yea , i may be seen weak now , because i hate what has actually happened to the both of us .
and i dont wish to elaborate more because ill get a heart-ache in return . so better , keep everything within my heart .
if things are not meant to be together , we have to part ways right .
yada yada yada yada , mls la nk ckp , uat sakit hati uat ape .
yg kene caci kutok sume aku , puas hati aku diam jek .

i nvr noe wad to update actually , my mind is totally blank right now .
yea ! my diary , dah lame tao tk update . syg skali . dah nk kene recall ape yg sudah berlaku pade hari2 yg lepas .

alamak . nk ikot kn ati kn , mcm nk maki jek tao in this post .
seriously ,things get out of hand i feel like giving a tight slap to wake him up .
but who am i to slap him right ? AKU BELOM KASI DIE MAKAN , DAH PANDAI TAMPAR ANK ORG .

ill update soon ok .
sorri for most of it is written in malay .
and hell yes a sentence from yana
'when the going gets tought , the tough gets going '
go figure babi .

Thought of You @11:06 AM

Friday, January 18, 2008'♥

ive been thoroughly busy these few days .
school ends , and off i went out to replug , watch movie , study and work .
this week , ill easily get pissed off because i have insufficient rest these few days .
my weekends are booked man . so i dont think i have the time to relax and chill at home .

but anhows , my tuesday outing with my darling was superb .
he fetched me right after sch and have already booked a ticket to AVP2 . ok it seems outdated but darling was craving to watch that movie . i thought of watching body #19 but he stil wants to watch AVP . well , maybe next time okei ?

so yea , when we met up . he brought me to GELARE to have an ice-cream .
it was my first time there . and i swear to god that i am hungry and craving for lasagnia but there werent any there . moreover , the place is non-halal , so better not eat any pastas/sandwiches available there . so we just had a waffle and ice cream on top of it . it was wonderful . (:

he looked at me as if it was our first date . and i tell you i blushed like hell ok , smpi tolak muke die , 'tkmo tgk muke i lah ! ' and off we went to catched the movie . since i dont get to eat my beef lasagnia , i get some nachos and crispy chicken at the cinema booth and i had all of it to myself . im so so hungry . then i thought of swensens , bodo kan ? bb swensen can ?

after movie , i accompanied him while he played soccer . so me and the ladies had chit-chat here and there . i was home late and mother nagged . sorry , it was unintentional .
but anw , i enjoyed my day . thanks to dearest .

we have been fighting , no doubt . im trying me best to manage everything and i dont want to give and let the relationship goes down the drain . counting down to 14th month . (: chalet , here i am . what a concidence . my anni and someone bdae .

enjoy the pics .




Thought of You @10:09 AM

Tuesday, January 15, 2008'♥

my weekends was ok ok lah hor .
in the morning , i accompanied mother to NTUC income to have my overdue payments of laptop done . so instead of paying just the overdue ones , my mother paid for everything which amounted to $1 , 234.17 . so this laptop is all mine now . so , one debt is done . i am proud of my mother , even though she has retrenched from work , she still has the money for my expenses and everything . i dont like people smangat due minit aje okei ? but on the other hand , i have to understand your $ 40 K that you owe right ? ok bye .

after which we went to a fruit shop to get fruits . comon dont ask the obvious . head back home after that cause i was really exhausted and had insufficient rest . so i had my lunch , do a bit a diary editting and off i went to la la land . i was supposed to go bedok to attend a talk or something but i just cant move animore . i need a rest . and GF , im sorry for turning you down ok . ill make up for it somehow one day . (:

after maghrib , i got myself ready and head off to bukitbatok for rewang . yea i helped a lot . at two a.m , two of my frens dropped by and decided to get a drink . so i actually had amsterdam though i dislike beer but i have insufficient money to get myself a liqour. oh gosh , im turning bad to worst . i noe . bukan resolution sei , ape nk jadi pon i donno la ehk . i only got my budd on the bedd at 5a.m in the morning . and i was totally exhausted .

on sunday , i sstayed at my sister's home for the whole day . i tot of coming down to bukit batok , but im just so lazy . so yea , SA came at around 6 and do his project . then around 10 , we headed back home .

random : though i live on the 2nd floor, doesnt mean that i paid for the lift at a cheaper price okei ? u dumb ass . i noe you have been impatient to get to the first floor, and look , if you cant wait , jump like how your son did and was dead two years back . i noe i sound so rude , but how bout you ? u scold kanina ? now sae that to your mother you old ass ! and you are as if insulting me and my mother . you can have your words poured on me but not my mother man cause she didnt owe you a penny .

ungratefull people will suffer a loss . you might be on cloud nine now , but just bear in mind , for what you have done to mother , you'll suffered it twice as bad . go figure . not meant for stranger but for all .

i wanna go club badly lah .

Thought of You @11:00 AM

Friday, January 11, 2008'♥

yea ! so weekends are coming .
yet , not another day of going to town , i guess ill rot at home and i have alot of things to do .
i have been going m.i.a for most of my maths modules and yea , i cant afford to do it again .
so now UT is on monday , i have to know well on most of the topic .
imagine , it will be from problem 1 to 13 ; how many topics do i have to revise on ?
i couldnt master in all the topics , well i hope this weekend helps .
i aint going to waste time .
in addition , my body is so lethargic due to working .
and i need plenty of rest .

i cant deny i am a club freak now .
but i have to wait till march 18 . i can go now , but im afraid of karma .
i just need a friend to chill with me in the club .
i just want to listen to loud music and im not into the guys .
yea , i lose hope on guys now . i just cant be bothered .
well , im not going to get myself married now , so i should enjoy myself to the fullest .
my young adult life seems so dull . i need more enjoyment .
yes i do badly !

maybe just hard rock this weekend . MAYBE .
i need a live band so that people wont hear me sobbing badly .


2nd serious-ness in relationship is ending up in puppy love . oh gosh , what wrong with me ?
i was so lost that i could hardly think of anything .
yes , i am afraid of losing you , but wads ur stand when you said that ?
NOT ONCE BUT THRICE ! thats insane !!!
to tell me i aint good enough for you ? yes i noe .
i can never be the understanding gf like u alwaes wanted to .
am i being dumb to stick to you till now ?
you should have told me earlier shouldnt you ?
im left with nothing now , except for a broken heart and memories .

i can go crazee , seriously .
you may be seeing me smile , laughing like a bitch , behaving like a prostitute .
but inside , im crying & the pain is killing me ; bit by bit .
how good do you want me to be ?
like before where you shut me off and dont listen to my explanation .
you said i had my crocodile tears ?
you hang up when i was talking & pleading and you switch your cellphone off ?
and ill cry and keep on waiting .
believe in karma , and dont regret when you got hit back .
i dont wish to do that to you .
biar org hapi and puas , biar hidop kite merane .
im still having my mom's stand with me .
and ill have it till my soul leaves my body .

goodbye , im in pain .
hapi weekend people .
bad weekends shaheda

'once bitten , twice shy'


Thought of You @2:34 PM

Thursday, January 10, 2008'♥

school has been absolutely fine ! YES ! so FINE !
i enjoyed almost every single thing i do in school and not forgetting spending my time with my GF & BF! despite having a fever , i would still make the effort to come to school .
new year resolution perhaps . (:

have been working and i was totally shagged .
but i am left with no other choice but to work rather than wasting my time when i noe i can earn 20 bucks a day .
with that i can g shopping right yana ?
i wanna change concept la .

ok , yesterday i toook train back home and it was so crowded that i have to stand .
and gosh , there was these couple, they seemed to b sweet on the first glance but can be annoying on the second time .
that guy kept on touching the girls budd . wad for ? tangkap stim ehk ? alamak , sick people lah .
it has caught my attention that singaporeans have been selfish these days . i understand the kiasu-ness in us , cmon who would want to walk away when it comes to free gifts right ? but comeon , isnt there a small signboard saying 'give the seats to someone who needs it more than you do' but you guys paid least attention on it . they sat down and what i can see in the cabin was that there are like around 10 senior citizens who are standing. hey ! look their bones cant withstand it ok . they can fall to the ground anytime . why cant you just endure by standing for awhile . i noe that you are tired , so am i . please , we need that basic courtesy ok ?

and yea , my mind is like a crowded places with lots of people .
i just dont understand you serious .
you said that not once , and yea you are brainwashing me .
when it comes to dwelling about this , i just fyl like slamming this screen and walk off .
how shucks can it be .
but i have to be patient , yes it is the key to everything but till when ?
i am a human beings and do have my fylings too !

oh gosh , thats it ! im off .

[uploading pictures are just a pain in my ass.]

promises are desire, not hunger , but people think its a hunger and not a desire .
go figure .


Thought of You @2:15 PM

Monday, January 07, 2008'♥

the moment i walked with yana on the first day of school , she said, 'ko nye blogg 'dah berabok' .
and yea , i have to agree with it . and therefore ive decided to vacuum it with words all around now ok . so yana , dont say animore oke ? aku dah update tao .

anihows , im sure im not that late to wish all a hapi new year . goodluck for future endeavours and may this year be filled with joys and laughters .

anw , we had a last minute planning on the eve .
i only went out at 10 ++ .
small ais asked me to get myself changed and followed him to clarke quay .
i was rather sad on the earlier part of the day because i'll to do the coutndown at home and not with my hubby .
so yea , though i dont get to watch those fireworks with him , i managed to go to club .
another last minute thingy , we headed off to forbidden .
first time i countdown kt club ok ?
first time i went to the club after i am officially 18 .
the moment the clock strucked 12 , he hugged mi tight and whispered in my ear , 'hapi new yr syg '
so sweet .
ive been trying so hard to make my body go and groove to trance beat .
i was shagged after that .

so here are my new year's resolution :
-get slimmer
- be more girl girl
- be faithful to small ais
- be good and nice to everyone
- help anyone where possible
- & lastly keep a diary for myself .

ok i noe the last part was rather outdated because ape yana ? 'dat was so last season' (:
yea the main reason for mi to do so is because , i just wanna keep track of wad ive been doing and make sure it is meanigful enough . you noe how sweet it would be when you start to read back about ur past life and reminisce the past moments .

yea , ive been meeting up with lots of weird people . alamak . please la .

ok , update soon . otak dah mati oredi .

Thought of You @11:52 AM


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