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Tuesday, March 30, 2010'♥



Thought of You @8:01 PM

Wednesday, March 24, 2010'♥

If you ever land on the wrong nerves, you better deal with it, nice and slow.
I don't go barking unless you want me to.
Stop being so inhuman, I mean, I don't see your point of doing so.
And I don't stoop up to your level, baby.
So, get someone of your own level.
Low class, ______.
What did you say again? Ermm, I couldn't care any lesser than that.
Try harder next time okay? Best of luck ((:

Tak sia-sia kan I boleh track down who reads my blog.
That's so shallow of you, darling.


Thought of You @2:28 PM

Sunday, March 21, 2010'♥

Love just called me few minutes ago and I'm halfway through uploading of pictures. I think I'll upload the pictures again at night (if I'm home early). I'll be meeting him in half and hour time but then I am still here blogging. Well, no harm right?

Ouh yes, just to care and share.
The other day when I was away at Johore Bahru, I really got bored with staying at home that I do not know what to do. I did all the house chores by afternoon and I am still all hyped up but I don't know what to do. So, I took out my Auntie's savings from the cupboard and start counting. Oh mind you, all are coins okay.

50 cents

20 cents

10 cents

The amount after the accumulation.
Oh my, this is how I am when I'm over there. I got nothing better to do.
I'll be going off to John Little later, yipeeedoooo!

OMG, Korea is in 4 days time. I ain't looking forward to it but I am because Mell baby is around. heh hehs.


Thought of You @2:01 PM


Oh my, the uploading of pictures on Facebook is really killing my patience like that. I have lots of pictures to upload, approximately 4 albums and I'm not even done with one. Now, I is sleepy because I only slept for two hours. Thank you. Call Love, want to go John Little to buy ehem ehem, he haven't wake up yet. And currently, I am like stoning with sepet eyes, waiting and waiting and waiting. fuckerleleh!


Thought of You @12:52 PM

Friday, March 19, 2010'♥

I will always apologise whenever I had the chance to blog. I'm so busy, over the fact that I'm flying off to Korea in less than a week. And yes, I've not purchased thick jacket like that. And guess what? Mu luggage is half-filled with my things already.

I am so bored since I am over at JB. And I cannot meet love due to the unpredictable weather, we always have to cancel our plan at the last minute. Tomorrow, it's a must to come down to Singapore and I need to hit 313@Somerset please. So God, please give me a sunny day tomorrow. Taknak rain, please ):

Been busy looking through the powerpoint slides given by Mel baby. And now, I am recording down all the important details. Anyways, for sharing purposes, here are my flight details;

25th March : KE642 2245
05th April : Ke641 2120
I'll return home at night. So, who want to fetch me angkat tangan? heh hehs.

And babies, I hope to see you guys on the 22nd for Swensens. It's still on right? I really hope we could gather and bullshit together ((: Looking forward yah.

What else? I miss my old Bff. Though she may seem like I don't give a damn about her anymore, well seriously, I do. Though we do not talk often, I still read up your blog, just to make sure you are fine baby. And I know you are struggling now, with lots of things. But whatever it is, you always have me to count on alright? I'll give you the support. And I miss talking to you, sharing every bits of my life. I hope the time will come soon again so we can meet and do the usual things together.

And love, we have made this far, I am really proud of you lovely. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me, it is greatly appreciated. And for whatever reason there is, no matter how many people wanna see us apart, I will always be here, right beside you. And together, we can make the relationship work. Let's not care about what people have got to say, because they don't really know what we have been through, and all the memories, I never want to let it stay, I want to make it grow. I love you, Hamirul Hasraff.


Thought of You @7:25 PM

Wednesday, March 17, 2010'♥

Hello pretty humans :)
I'm all back from holiday from Pahang, Kuala Terengganu and Kelantan.
Please don't ask me how was the trip because I, myself don't wish to elaborate any further.
It sucks the hell out of me.
But I'm lucky enough cause love was there with me too.
At least, I got someone to entertain my everything.
I had a great fun with love because this is our first time to holidays together.
I hope more to come, Bangkok soon okay darling?

Guess where am I now?
Fuck you people, cause I am the biggest loser (Boooo to me) to come to a lan gaming shop near home just to check my FB and what's not.
Because there is no internet access at home so that explains. I swear I am bored to death today.
I eat, read storybook then halfway reading, I was found snoozing.

In the late afternoon, I went to Angsana, The Zon to search for boots and thick sweater.
And then, got nothing lah cikopek.
So I went to Giant (extra) to get my toiletries done.
I bought head and shoulder shampoo because it smells good and always remind me of love.

Okay, so I am going to come down to Singapore tomorrow, because fuck yeahh, i need to do something like bowling or karaoke.
with my fellowwssss loveliess.
And yes, I am counting down to Korea, bitch.
So cannot wait, but I am so going to miss the people around me.

ill be right back again for another update. wait for me yeahhhh.

Thought of You @8:52 PM

Friday, March 12, 2010'♥

I made it.
Thank you God.
Now, TP slot all date not cantik2 seh.
So, I'll hold on to it still. Just need some regular check.
Hope I could get the date that I want though.
Or if not, perhaps, the best session.

And tomorrow, I will be going off to Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang.
What's great is, Love will be following me.
Which is awesome!
And I will be back home on Tuesday morning, I think.

And then, I'm left with counting down to Korea babyyyyy!
And time to mould the future now.


Thought of You @5:34 PM

Thursday, March 11, 2010'♥

Abeh kalau aku dah upload gambar abeh tak tahu nak blog ape?

Thought of You @1:32 PM


Well, women are all fickle-d. Agree?
No doubt, I'm fickle-minded.
Initially, I want to do this and later I want to do that.
And then, I'd think of whether to do this or that?
I could never make up my mind in anything right now.
Upon graduation, I feel all stressed up on whether to pursue my studies.
Somehow, I wish I don't graduate any sooner.
Now then I realise that life does not come easy after all.
It's all about making the right decisions.

And somehow, I'm making my stand.
Hope God is there to guide me through the days.
And I really hope that the decisions that I 've made is all worth it, afterall.

Now what?
I am going to start finding a full-time job once I am back from Korea.
Finish up my car license. 3 more stages to go, I hope I only need to attend 10 practical sessions.
And then, in May, I am going to Kaplan Singapore and submit my application.
I'm taking Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

And Love has gotten a job.
I am so happy for you baby (:
Now he claimed, " lets mould the future together baby".
I hope those words you said is everlasting.
I'm going to do this.
Whats beneficial for both of us.
I look forward to everything.
Hope God help us through.


Thought of You @12:35 PM

Wednesday, March 10, 2010'♥


what's not?; I missed out the interview. FML FML FML FML. I hope ill get a second chance. Oh please God.

Thought of You @2:59 AM

Tuesday, March 09, 2010'♥

I'm so sorry for not updating. Have been busy over nothing, just that I need a good break. That's why you people seldom see me online. I really want to enjoy my holidays, like rest at home, (I know i sound like the ultimate loser, but no). I need a peace of mind.

Ok, I shall go brief alright. And make it easier.

To all my loveliessss (you know who you are okay)
there will be a lunch cum catching-ups over at swensen on the 22nd!
We have yet to decide on the place and time.
Prolly, we will be heading down to Vivo.
Get it clear yah, dont get misunderstood yah darling.
Please, go update your organizer, diary or whatever you have.

And from the 12th-16th March, I will be away again for a holiday with my family.
To Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang.
Please don't ask me why these places, because I need to follow mom, so what's new?

And then 25th will be to Korea.
I am looking forward to it but I am not at the same time because I am so going to miss alot of people for 11 days. I mean I've never been to holiday for so long. LOL.

update soon babiiiessssss!

Thought of You @4:32 PM

Friday, March 05, 2010'♥

Yesterday was super duper fun with my classmates at ECP. Had barbecue with them but they left early. So this ZUFARHAN go and call everyone to come down and lepak. Surprisingly, everyone did turn up, which was really unexpected. GREAT!

And what's not? I never snapped pictures when I actually brought along my camera with me. STUPID kan? I think I was too occupied with them that I don't even have the chance to grab pictures. FML.

Thought of You @6:25 PM


All in all, I love you.

Thought of You @3:18 PM

Wednesday, March 03, 2010'♥

It doesn't matter how many hours we had for each other.
It doesn't matter what people have yet to say about us.
It doesn't matter how many hours we talk on the phone each day.
It doesn't matter how many messages I get from you each day.
It doesn't matter if people around us want to see us fall.
It doesn't matter whatever that hold us back.

Because the bottom line is, we are going through this together.
And we have each other to do it.
We ain't going to give up on anything.
Until God tells us it's about time.

What's more important;
The love we have for each other.
The trust that we've been building.
The honesty.
The loyalty.
No one else matters, except for me and you.



Thought of You @11:14 PM


MSN is a bitch lah. Aiyaa, cikopek betul.
Now, chatting with the whole lot fun of beans and balls in msn.
And transferring picture of KAYELLE babyyyy!
Omg, I is so cannot wait to put it up here :)
What's not, heavy rush?
It's squeezing me yaw.

Thought of You @3:43 PM


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