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Monday, January 29, 2007'♥

hey there blog-hoppers.
here i am once again with nothing-better-to-do but to type down another rant.
im damn bored right now sitting at home. counting down till 12 till then i get my pay.
and im damn looking forward to go out with him tomolo.
and im dying for that adidas slippers. it all depends at 12 then.

on the 26th, marks our 2 months anniversary.
i end up not going to work.
in the morning, mit up with him at bukit batok and head off to polyclinic cause my leg is hurting.
actualli, i wish i could go to work on that dae. but too bad, my leg is killing mi badly.
he paid for everything.
after which, we head off to queensway to survey his soccer boots.
i wish i could buy for him but my pay wasnt that much and im unsure whether it is sufficient for mi.
den we head off to homies as he has training.
so thats wad happening on our anniversary.
nothing much but i appreciate it loads.
tanx dearie.
deep down in my heart im still thinking, was he sincere? changing the wae he used to treat me.
frankly speaking it is better than last time.
still living in confusions.
please for once, fade it away.
loving him more each day.
tanx for evrythin.

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