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Sunday, November 30, 2008'♥

i am extremely bored at home right now .
th rest were off to JB to attend a solemnization .
well then , i wish i could follow but its going to be squeezy like sardine in th car .
moreover , its a long journey and so i sacrifice
good girl ((:

and im missing my [DBF] like God knows how i feel .
i wish i could go out , but mom did not leave me with any cash at home .
im starving like a PIG & im lazy to cook .
been consuming fruits since i woke up in th morning .
im lazy to grab a meal at th coffeeshop and my cash is with [DBF] .
(i asked him to keep it fo me because im a spendthrift)

i went out with mother yesterday to my bro's house .
to celebrate Hafeez's birthday .
we were one of th earliest there when the celebration starts at dawn .
i was shocked when my dad turned up with my stepmom though
well , maybe thats th reason why i followed my mom .
my sister asked me out to watch th AIDS concert at Fortcanning Park but i am reluctant to as im afraid that ill be outcast .

hafeez , be a good boy alright .
auntie loves you darling ((:

okay this post seems so tak perlu .
i better get going now , and study fo my test tomorrow .
shucks , i hate this when it comes to polymer and composite science .
stressing me up with all those bulky formulaes .
thats it , good day people ((:


Thought of You @12:29 PM

Saturday, November 29, 2008'♥

it kinda weird to have me updating on a weekend , especially on a Saturday afternoon .
i am so bored & everyone else in th house is out fo shopping . mom asked me along , but to somewhere which i dislike to be .
im currently watching GGs1 , while eating fresh mangoes .

situation seems weird as it may seems to be & im trying to hold on to everything i can .
stabilizing my mood , immunity and health .
ive been eating alot , due to stress , with semester coming to an end , results , my last year in school and final year project .
contradicting , but i cant wait fo it to end ((:

forgive and forget
its kinda hard to let go off something easily , especially when you are really upset over something .
not that it only affects me but others around are badly affected by it too .
especially mother who has been raising her children but when everyone are fully grown-up now , she was left abandoned and just one person who just dont know how to appreciate her . i pity her . th incident happened last year , and till now , theres no good sign at all that hes coming to take a look at my mother . that is just so heartless . fo goodness sake , that is your mother , your one and only mother , th one who carried you in her stomache fo 9 months , she has been suffering a lot alright . can just just wake up and bring th joy back in her life ?

she deserves a break alright . and fuck , you have been telling everyone even your daughter that you will meet your biological mother one day , well , i wonder when will that one day exist ? when shes lying on th bed , suffocating or when you suffer from an illness or an accident that you need to seek forgiveness from her before you go ? think ! you are not whom i know , you are a totally different person now . wait , if mom is gone one day , you will be th last person to know everything and you will only get to see her grave . read those words carefully , i aint kidding .

& Nora Binte Ismail , you are delivering soon right ? pray hard it will be a smooth one okay . cause God sees everything though i just cant accused you of doing it . and God is fair in every way He could . you play with it , you get it ? and please , that is my goddamn brother you idiotic sucker .

i had a tiff with my little niece last time .
and while i was on the phone with [DBF] last night , i was shocked to receive a msg from her on a typical night . she apologised and i was really touched by it . i thank God that she wake up th whole idea that she was rude and that she shoudnt be so impolite to her auntie . i forgave you long time ago , people are prone to make mistakes . but to repeat it , its as though , you are not learning from it . so please , if you have apogised to me , make it right this time , and know what you are doing . please , i am not interested bearing grudges with my own family members . it certainly did not bring any benefit in my life . i do hope you change fo the better aite .

im pretty happy that some things are okay , about my family . or just a little bit more effort , patience & time and im sure everything will be perfectly fine .

one more thing , i am really glad about is , everything went well fo me and [DBF] .
we did argue over small things , but everything is under control .
i love th way you are nnow [DBF] , you are th sweetest thing indeed that has ever happened in my life .
hold my hands and walk through everything baby ?
though i have not been spending much time with you fo th past two days , my heart is missing you badly .
lets chill out one day alright , baby ?

Thought of You @2:22 PM

Friday, November 28, 2008'♥

like ive promised , ill give a good update today .
first thing first , school .
im down with 2 more weeks followed by a well-deserved 3 weeks break .
im certainly looking forward to it ((:
working is an option fo th upcoming break .
(i really do not have any pocket money & i need new cloethes lah can ? )
i guess its hard to find a job now , moreova to work fo only 3 weeks .
i wonder who would want to hire such employee who is available fo a short period of time .

life , is certainly getting better than last time .
im able to breathe now .
to cope up with numerous commitment is not easy , but managing time will help .

[DBF] is down with diarrhoea . im all worried now .
get well soon alright baby ?
have plenty of rice and consume those necessary priscription okay .
hope to see you reall soon ((:

mommy , i love you . thanks fo the fish & chip yesterday .
th reason i grow fatter is my mother , ok not , well i dont know .
th fact that i couldnt finish up th fish , mom asked me to force it in .
JaJa Babe and her Bf sat with us to have dinner together . coincidence ((:

and faizah , watch your mouth and actions cause someone is watching over you .
silence from others may help but dont get on their nerves alright .
because , when they are infront of you , i swear its going to turn reallll BAD .
be careful of your steps alright ((:

26 / 11 / 2008
i occupied my day with [DBF] because that is the only day that we can go out .
im not enjoying my weekends with my friends but my family . but it turned pleasant .
fo this upcoming weekend , my nephew is turning 1 .
okay back to th topic . we went to mit in the afternoon and went to JB , as ussual .
then we headed off to Causeway Point because i adore Cathay than any other cineplexes .
not in th mood fo town . window-shopped , catch things up , survey , filling up my shopping list .
catch a movie , Body of Lies .
then we went off to Yishun to grab our dinner , it was splendid .
off to th usual spot with [DBF] to chill and off to home sweet home ((:
i love it [DBF] ; thanks fo making my day .
youre my everything , i swear this is true ((:

ill rate th movie 4.5/5 .
but th disappointment part , i want to know what happens to th head/mastermind of th terrorist .
im a lil confused and i keep on pestering [DBF] about th movie .
and he kept on explaining & i still dont get it .
i had a magnificient day with [DBF] . im loving it .
and people , go watch th movie , its awesome

ouh people , happy weekends ((:


Thought of You @8:35 AM

Thursday, November 27, 2008'♥

ive got no time fo any proper update .
but all i can tell ya , my life is like an aftermath .
im so forlorn over things that evolved around me .
im all weak , i can never face this alone .
its killing me , i just cant find any means to keep myself going .
i guess im getting myself down to my knees and plead fo justice .
i hope things will go just th right way .
but if i have to face people leaving me again fo th second time , i cant
im gonna pull my socks and make it right this time .
its time fo me to work fo th best .

please excuse me people .
ill make it right tomorrow .


Thought of You @12:09 PM

Tuesday, November 25, 2008'♥

something just blew up my mind lah kann .
what th merepek ?
okay this is it , if i ever have to pour this out , i will !
credits to one of th outlet at Sim Lim Square !
screw them up because i was cheated by them .
last two months , i went down to Sim Lim to get myself an ext HDD to store documents etc .
[DBF] asked me to purchase the 320 GB & i agreed .
i use it on random , if i feel like transferring , then i will use it .
i brought it to school today to transfer movie , but sadly it was filling up till there's no space .
i was utterly shocked because i know there's still like an enormous space inside lah kann .
my friend checked and its only 80 GB .
just imagine , i bought it fo nearly $200 bucks & i get an 80 GB size .
it is not worth it , AT ALL !
difference in size is like ; 240 GB ?
fuck sia .
and now , i have to make my way down again , to get myself a new one .
but ! , th problem is i dont have th receipt with me anymore .
tell me what can i do .
ouh gosh , im really stupid at all these things .
thank you so much , because you made my life a whole lot tougher now .
to see your face & explain again .
fish .

thanks eh clarence , you didnt come to school when i saw you in th bus just now .


Thought of You @10:09 AM

Monday, November 24, 2008'♥

just de-stress me ! im at my lowest now .
shit !

Thought of You @10:52 PM


hello monday ((:
school is not getting any better .
i dont have a clue to today's practical and lesson .
been trying hard enough though but to no avail .
im really worried over my results . i really hope things will go my way .
i dont wish to stay in school fo another 6 months . im really sick of it .

JB with [DBF] . we were like stucked in the traffic jam fo almost 90 minutes .
made our way home & off i wenta Tampines to attend a prayer .
in th train fo an hour , sitting down is really tiring , at times .
i teared when this particular song was sang across th house .
i swear i am at my lowest , full of remorse .
i have to do something to myself .

stucked at home fo half of th day . i was really bored .
thought of going fo swim , movie but we ended up at Marina Square .
its been eons since i last went there . wow !
i need a NEW shopping list , i cant fit in my old clothes and jeans .
we went to cash studio fo a Karaoke Session but its fully booked .
we wanted to catch movie but its already late to wait & watch & off back home .
we went to Bugis , to catch up on th latest fashion statement .
and last we went to Marina Barrage .
upon reaching and walking along the bridge , [DBF] sounds like an architecture ,
explaining to me on how th 'DAM' works .
[DBF] is my walking news & update . heh ((:
th Barrage is still upgrading , so dont expect much .
but th view of the CBD & flyer is Spectacular !
a nice place fo couple to spend time together .

a short note fo ya [DBF]
though you are smiling , laughing at my stupidity etc etc .
deep down i know you are trying to give th best out of you .
i know you are feeling depressed right now over certain issues .
i know i cant help much , but ill be at my very best , always .
ill be there when you need me , ill be there to guide & motivate you .
dont worry , you are never walking alone .
ill be here with you , holding on to your hand & walk down th pathway together with you .
i hope my presence will help you feel a lot better , baby .
ill do what i can , whatever it takes to change th whole situation .
this is a hurdle in life , lets face it with a lot of perseverance .
things will get better th next day .

i love you


Thought of You @2:05 PM

Friday, November 21, 2008'♥

lets make a proper update okay .
i love and hate school at th same time . why ?
i love to go to school because i get to meet my babes & i hate to go to school because lessons suck so much and i cant handle too much stress . enough with what im facing now , i cant it anymore .

an apology due to my absence fo not updating . however , im gonna make this a fruitful one alright ? first and foremost ,
(im suppose to blog this yesterday , but im busy till i couldnt squeeze in any time . )

goodluc in your future endeavours , and may you succeed in life . God bless you ((:
&& i love you okay darling ? ;)
i was acknowledged by Mel babe that you left school halfway because you wana play Sims at home.
sangguppppp eh ?

well people , you can count th no. of GFs i have right now . reason as to why i limit myself to a certain no. of GFs is because of one thing , i just dont trust girls .
th reason as to why im closer to guys because they are out-going and they dont even care if we actually hurt them directly/indirectly . they take actions & words as a joke . but some girls right , they will take words seriously and give this 'fuckedup' face and start pouring it over at their blog . when they start to hate us , they will have another friend to spy on us , to know our life more than what we actually have realised . excuse me , i have my own life to lead , dont you think so ? and i guess they are just stucked up kids where they need gossips to keep their life going .
merepek can ? tsk tsk .

and one more thing , i used to have a BFF . our friendship last fo approximately 8 yrs or so .
i always thought she have been th best fo me . till one day my friend , J told me what ever my BFF told her . i could never believe it with my own ears but it happened a lot of time , i kinda get immune to it . & she ever talked about J to me & i told J too .
see , i used to get msgs and tears frm her , claiming that she never want to lose a friend like me . and she wants me to be there fo her and i always did . be it when she was attached to her old BF to a new BF , ive always been there fo her even when she fights with her family . i attended to her , giving her th fullest attention and support . but its saddening when she never appreciate me ever , before . she is such a pretender . and i start to hate her .
& i guess she knew it . but i just couldnt care less . i have had enough .
'once bitten twice shy'
now , i have certain girls around me . a lesson learnt , really . and i really love them . having them is like , my whole world is complete lidat . they havee been there , watching me from those kental days till today . its funny how it all started , but as the days go on , im in love with it .
yea , i love my GFs
Lyana , Sri , Shida , Niza & Mel . ((:
oops , and [DBF] too . heh .

Thought of You @9:43 PM

Thursday, November 20, 2008'♥

i am so so busy to update my blog now .
been trying my best , struggling through every lesson .
science is making me mad as the day goes by .
today's lesson , which involve more of calculations suck to the earth's core !
ill be updating soon when everything goes on smoothly .
well , maybe tomorrow .
im left with nothing but to regret fo th rest of my life .
stay tuned people !


Thought of You @2:27 PM

Monday, November 17, 2008'♥


moga roh nye dicucuri rahmat . amin .


Thought of You @4:01 PM

Friday, November 14, 2008'♥

me and mother . she was away to my aunty's house & i miss her , BADLY . i sleep alone in my room now without having my mom beside me (okay , im a loser ) , ouh i miss teasing her before going to sleep & wishing her goodnyte and 'love you mommy' before i go to sleep .

aniways , chemistry's theory is driving me crazy fo th first time ever .
& due to overstress , i have to go through sucha hurdle .
i keep on misplacing my hp in class , i had paint on my dress when i went fo a smoke & i actually kicked a dog's shit without realising .
ouh gosh ! science spoil my brain at th very supreme .
forget it , lets get back to blogging , shall we ?

everything is fine fo me (thank God) now & i appreciate everything .
though money is an endless issue , i still have to pull it through .
i cant wait fo tonight , i hope everything is going on smoothly .
hope to see you soon cousins !

i went over to th hospital to visit my brother-in-law's mother .
she was literally ill due to diarrhea but on subsequent days , it get worsen .
th moment i stepped my feet into th ward , i felt something was wrong . well , i have been hearing rumors about it from mom but i thought she is making her way to meet God . yea , i prayed fo her , hoping that she will recover soon .
but yesterday , i saw her seating down , biting on her teeth as if she's having a fit along with a sinister look in her eyes . her children were reciting prayers , some of them were crying , i was forlorn . i dont want her to go away either . but when i look at her , she was growling & breathless at th same time . i joined th crowd and recite th prayers together with th rest . th whole family said that she had this 'fit' in the evening till 8pm and again at 12am . i can never believe what ive heard & sometimes you just have to put scientific facts aside and put on your religious cap isnt it ?

i was told of this incident . well , i never want to accuse but i just list down possibilities OR rumors which ive heard yesterday .
i was told that a 'cracker woman' came to her house to sell crackers . she rejected it because she had tons of them .
but this 'cracker woman' kept on forcing her to buy it but she declined it , politely . the 'cracker woman' was so furious & shouted at her . so her child , a HE , came out when he heard the commotion and the 'cracker woman' stared at him . and then she left .
th next day , th mother had a bad bad diarrhea . she keeps on vomitting .
she was brought to th hospital & th doctor told th family that she had no calcium and sodium content in her body , at all . which i believe is a serious matter to me . ( she can die any minute due to lack of calcium & sodium & dehydration)
she keeps on having fit when th clock strike 630 onwards . weird , isnt it ?
th family called up a religious man , and he came , recite prayers from th Qur'an . & so th religious man told us that he saw a hideous spirit right beside her , growling , trying to fight back with the religious man . theres not only one but two .
th family requested to bring her back home but then th doctor disagree even when she has recovered .
nothing can be done , but just prayers from you guys , i need your help .
her name ; Manavia Binte Bachok .
lets do this together alright & hope that she will recover soon .
she is in th hospital fo a week now but she has fully recovered . the doctor assumed that she is crazy , but when she went fo an X-ray , her brain is functioning well .
i just dont understand why do they have to do all these due to jealousy . i wonder what do they get at th end of th day .
nothing can fight against God's will .

th moral of th story is , never open th door to stranger , especially these wicked people .
try to be humble as possible , never raise your voice even if you dislike it .
please , dont indulge yourself with black magic . ure never safe .
we live to die , remember that okay .

till here , hapy weekends ((:

Thought of You @2:37 PM

Thursday, November 13, 2008'♥

been trying to have a proper update here .
fo some reason , ill keep whatever that was meant to be personal , PERSONAL .

so here it goes .
th other day , i went fo a talk with GF about th Co-founder of Nuffnang (advertised in my blogg now ) and it actually tells me more about th company & how does Nuffnang business works .
its easy as you earn when you blog . well , that depends on th no. of unique readers you've got in a day . th more you have it , th more you earn . easy , aint it ?
so heres th deal .
ill seldom update about my life , but ill talk more about what is going on around th globe . ill discuss about an issue on random , sharing thoughts and views & & & listing information & facts .
hate -taggers , i dont need you , thats obvious . and readers , i would appreciate if you tag and discuss over a topic . lets make it real . well , if you need a point of view , why not let me say it ? i believe everyone has the freedom to voice out .
lets make it reall this time ((:

lets get this done first alright .
credits to SUHAIMI lah , i need to do this questionaire . im lucky cause it doesnt have much question . if not , ill kill you !

my top 10 favourite food
  1. sliced fish soup with milk (toa payoh hub; fork & spoon)
  2. Nasi Ayam Penyet (Jurong West, Bagus & Beach Rd)
  3. Prata Chocolate (Jurong West Ave 1; Mr Teh Tarik)
  4. Chilli Crab (mother's cook)
  5. Nasi Ayam (Jurong West Ave 1 ; Sinar Harapan)
  6. Chicken Wing Rice (ABC Brickworks)
  7. Hotcakes with Sausages (MacDonalds)
  8. fried rice w black pepper beef (West Coast)
  9. Tulang (Beach Rd & West Coast)
  10. 'asam pedas' stingray (mom's cooking)

10 things i love to do
  1. sleep
  2. smoke
  3. hunt fo a new spot to chill at
  4. fetish over terraces with modern concept
  5. spend my time with loved ones
  6. surf th net & GG
  7. jokes & fool around
  8. shisha-ing
  9. get th latest song on MTV
  10. study (depends on my mood & topic)
5 things i love doing when im emo
  1. isolate myself from my friends
  2. cry
  3. tune in to th saddest song
  4. stare into blank space
  5. think on things should be done in order not to face th reall consequences
5 types of boys that i adore
  1. with sharp nose , neat eyebrow and thin lips
  2. easy-going , honest , trustworthy
  3. can treat me like a princess
  4. who is proud to have me as his GF
5 things i do when im happy
  1. laugh
  2. smile
  3. joke around
  4. just hang around with friends & loved ones
  5. talk nonsense & make others happy too ((:
5 things i wish to happen
  1. to go on a holiday to Thailand/Bangkok on 10th october , next year .
  2. to graduate with flying colors and get a great paid job
  3. to re-unite my family
  4. people around me to understand what i really want in life
  5. to be at my very best
top 5 most addicted playlist
i keep on changing songs . heres my latest adddiction
1. superhuman - chris brown & Keri Hilson
2. Cookie Jar - Gym Class Heroes
3. Lolli Lolli - 36 mafia
4. Whatever you like - T.I
5. bad girl - DK Ft Missy Elliot

next 5 victims
  1. Lyana Syg
  2. Niza Syg
  3. Sri Syg
  4. Lydia Syg
  5. Jaja Syg
this is more than what i should have today .
well , i would like to discuss over the matter about LOVE .
well , i guess , ill have it discuss soon , when i have th time to update .
keep urself updated !

embrace me tight cause tonight wont come back


Thought of You @9:24 AM

Monday, November 10, 2008'♥

a quick update here .
monday blues , like obviously lah kann .
drag my puffy eyes to school , having my breakfast in hand and a packet of milo .
smoke while waiting fo the bus .
& in th end i had a stomache ache .
i really suffered to th very peak in the bus , trying to hold back my taik .
with th bus releasing air-con at 0 degree celsius . im frozen , i tell ya .
simpul simpul baju , tersimpul taik aku , that is so last summer .
th moment i got out from th bus , i rushed my way through the escalator , hoping fo a cubicle but darn , its full .
so i detour my way back , walked with yana towards causeway point , went down to basement and to the toilet , and ease myself . what a relief !
pheww ~ !

walking to school , was something i could never imagine .
th air is blowing against th direction we were walking .
& yana started off her imagination by saying that she got flew off due to the strong air .
see , she watch too many cartoons ady . but we laughed our way through school .
and it rains when we reached school , just in time .
we were late , so we decide to come in later . afterall , there aint any difference if we come a minute or an hour late .

first break was hilarious when we started to plan on where we shall go during th holidays .
ice skating , is a no option from me . PHOBIA !
mind games , sentosa , wild wild wet , escape etc etc . but nothing seems perfect .
and then , Niza start mentioning about country life .
a laid back ambience with sheeps to take care of .
and there with her hand signs , expressing her thoughts . so enthusiastic !
LOL ! and we went on laughing .
then , with th Dutch Lady , ouh gosh , just so topic lari !

i had fun for half of my day with them , i hope theres more to talk .
okay , i gtg , ill have to attend fo a talk .
update soon alright !

anihoos , happy 1st [DBF] .
im sorry fo i nearly forget about th whole thing .
more to come alright .
its a sad thing that we cant spend time together today .
you have to work , well , i gotta understand .
ILY as much as you love me too ((:

mulanya cinta berputik kembali buat kali kedua


Thought of You @10:30 AM

Sunday, November 09, 2008'♥

good afternoon sunday .
i woke up reall late , it was unexpected . ouh gosh , i wasted most of my time on sleeping ady .
not much fo an update , but i must say that
things are going perfectly fine fo me ((:
yeah , it goes on smoothly .
sorry to th people who i have been hurting throughout th journey of my life .
nonetheless , i appreciate your help , i wont forget that .

sharing problems with [DBF] was th greatest thing ever .
though i used to be timid and keep most of th heartache to myself last time .
i felt a whole lot better after sharing with him .
and he understands it . a lil confession melts my heart though , but actions speak louder than words aite .
it was fantabulous talking about what need to be done , what must we refrain from doing , friendships , family , memories . and he even reminded me of tomorrow which i totally forget .
well yeah , though you have to work , but still theres always some otha time right ? afterall , the thought that counts ((: heart to heart talk is th best solution

im left with 4 more weeks of school before 3 weeks of term break .
im looking forward to it though its still a long long way to go .
looking fo a perfect job .
yeah , i need to go fo a holiday .
im gonna make it work this time .
dulu asek berangan je , pergi nye tidak pon .LOL !

back to school tomorrow , hope this heart will heal .
lets not look back with anger .
lets grab th best out of it ((:
throw th pain , grab th gain
update soon !


Thought of You @2:32 PM

Friday, November 07, 2008'♥

a lil update about my life .
im unsure over certain things , but i hope this heart will heal soon .
i have a lot of issues that i really need to put a lot of commitments on .
family , friends , loved ones , school , tutoring .
i really need to find a suitable job fo myself . even if i dont get a job to kill those weekdays , i need it to kill my holidays . i know and i just cant stay at home and rot till school reopens .
school holidays = no allowance
ouh , i really need to do something about myself .
thanks to th people who have been there fo me ; supporting and motivating me .
you guys keep me going . i appreciate that , i love you guys ((:

& this post goes out specially fo you babe . well , thats my main objective fo today .

i know that things are gettting crucial between us & its not hard only on you , but me too . i know i have been neglecting , i know things now isnt like how it used to be . i know i have changed to someone who you thought i never be , i know you are a lil disappointed about it .
when everytime , its you whom i always turn myself into when i need someone . but now , i just keep myself quiet and not give you a call or anything . yes , im finding my way through everything , a step at a time .
& seriously , even th little misunderstandings that we had , that doesnt even make me wanna give up on you or just walk away from it . because i know , we somehow have to face and feel it one day . th fights that we had makes me wanna get closer to you .

i lost my GFs fo umpteenth times and im really sick and tired of it . i hate it when we just bid goodbye when they are already a part of my life . i dont want to make distance as a factor of me not getting closer to you , cause there are other means to reach out to you .

and im really afraid of losing you , GF . i dont need to widen my circle of GFs when they arent actually true on me . having GFs like you makes my whole world complete .

if you were to go and give up on me one day , i will beg on your knees and give you thousands of reasons fo you to stay . please , i never felt this way before . i never made such a confession to a GF before . i aint a lesbian but throughout th obstacles i faced with my other never-lasting GF , i guess i meet th perfect GF now & thats you , NOORILYANA BTE NOORESANI .
im sorry , so so sorry fo hurting & neglecting you . ill try not to do it again .
despite all that happens , thanks fo th sound advice and stand by my side . i appreciate it alot .
please , dont give up on what we had built up in th past . lets keep building it . though 1 yr 6 months of friendship is short , i never wanna put it to a stop . i look forward on every single day , weeks , month and years to come & that is to count on our friendship .


Thought of You @8:47 AM

Tuesday, November 04, 2008'♥

uploading images is a waste of time .
anihoos , i had funwith [DBF] on th eve of th weekend .
well , at first we do not have any idea as to where we shall spend th day at.
we started off to JB (like duh) and purchase th usual things .
and yes , [DBF] went to a CD shop and get fo me a Gossip Girl but sadly , they dont have it .
since we wanted to refrain from getting stuck in th jam , we made a move .
and he bought a movie , 'THE ROCKER'
me : you tgk uh , muke die macam haikal (my nephew)
him : haha , ada-ada aje you nie . tapi same jugak uh .

then he brought me to a park , HORTPARK .
okay th place was effing HOT lah !
it is a wonderful place to chill and spend time with th loved ones especially .
the park wasnt that big but it has a lot of concept , okay i just dont know how to explain .
as in like , you can chill along with th different ambience .
i recommend th place fo couples especially , where they can have a heart to heart talk and also to catch things up ((:
though its near to an industrial park , but just look at it in th park view only aite .
th park closes at 10 pm . an outdoor park do have a time to visit ? weird aint it ?
but neverind , to be there is never a regret .

so just let th pictures do the talking alright ? im plain lazy right now .
enjoy viewers ((:

i love this picture th most , it seems like he's having a roller coaster ride ! LOL !

see th big pots ? now , thats what i meant by concepts . theres more to come ((:

self - timer ; it was all his idea ((:
and he took the rest of th pictures .
i really love th place , its so so awesome !

i passed my G902 , Professional Profiling Module !
*jump up high*
thanks to th people who keeps me going & accompanying me till wee hours .
my sister , lyana fo exhanging thoughts and ideas and [DBF] .
i love you all .


Thought of You @9:02 AM

Monday, November 03, 2008'♥

ouh yea , th pictures below are super super outdated ady , probably 2 or 3 weeks ago .
i just couldnt squeeze in any time to upload th pictures from my digicam to my lappy .
and it is super laggy and toublesome .
USB mode = consumption of unnecessary energy from th battery . WTH !

on one of th friday's , [DBF] fetched me from school and we wenta grab our late lunch cum dinner at one of th foodstall near marsling . th food was very delicious !
after which , we wenta Henderson Waves . okay , th place wasnt thats far but we just need to ride through th creepy street and it was Maghrib . mischievious [DBF] stopped by th side and asked me to come down lor . okay , i nearly teared lah , it was freaking scary . penakut jugak eh aku ni . i swear it isnt funny lor *hiyakdush* . HAHA ! upon arriving , we nearly fell . we wenta get th best seats there and chilled . we watched movie , grabbed pictures & catch things up . overall it was fun !

im sorry [DBF] but this is th best picture that i had of you alone there .

okay , we tried out with different types of mode , credits to [DBF]

tembam nak mampos ! ((:

timer = KS .
me : cepat you , dah blink2 tu .
him : eh ? (he ran all th way & lay beside me)

thanks fo the day [DBF]
and off we went home and had a great rest while chatting on th phone ((:
ILY lidat lor ((:


Thought of You @9:19 AM

Saturday, November 01, 2008'♥

i update my blogg because of my dearest GF okay .
first thing first , im happy that you and her had reconcile and pulled it through .
im glad that everything is okay now .
i was really happy when i read your blogg .
next up is talk and RJ , talk and RJ .
how pathetic , one more core module , and im done with all this nonsensical idea of RP .
ill complain now , though im gonna miss it when i graduate .
because those were th time when i actually had fun with my GF doing nothing but comment on people coming in to the lecture room/theater and start gossiping .
creative thinking was done when the lecture gets boring .
ouh , nothing much to say cause im using my sister's lappy , so no pictures lah kann .
sommore internet explorer is super duperr irriitating .
to niza babe , i was shocked upon hearing th news from our babe .
it was really saddening though i never thought things would end up that way .
but you've got to be strong okay , dont let this be a downfall fo you but always hope fo a better tomorrow alright ?
remember , good things happen to those who are willing to wait .
all we need is time alright babe ?
cheer up cause i will always be there fo you .
you are never alone sweetheart :D
somehow , things get on my nerve easily , i dont know why .
or maybe im just blindly jealous . but i need you to clear all those doubts .
i have lots of why why and why .
if it is me , then why _______ ?
GO figure .
im facing this world alone .
school is starting th day afta tomorrow .
ouh gosh , not again cause im on a holiday mood since God knows when .
another 6 weeks is freaking tiring .
but my cliques are th one who drives me to school everyday .
ok no , monday tuesday , thursday and friday . much better
nothing much to say konon .
padehal byk jugak i type kann .
i just dont wish to show how miserable i am right now .
with me not feeling well and some things just kept me thinking .
i guess im raising a white flag soon .
keep track fo more updates .
and to [DBF] , i know how stress you are now .
yea , i guess you need to do something about it .
think about th future aite ?
i will try to help you out and support you from th back .
but what matters most is th determination in you .
that will keep you going .


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