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Monday, August 31, 2009'♥

a short note.

mell n yana,instead of gg iftar on saturday,we are changing it to friday instead. U okay with it?text me soon.
anws,how abt th quilt thingy?senyap je i nye leader ni.later ssn start snorting how?who's to be blame? Lol.!

sri,please do th admin thingy. Erm,th place fo iftar and do make reservations pls.

And love,stop all those drwams.u had me laughing.ure cute,as always.

Im busy,pardon should there be any lack of updates in th future.thank you so muc fo ur understanding.

i love u people lahhhh.!

Thought of You @10:21 PM

Sunday, August 30, 2009'♥

i guess i was so efficient yesterday.
i woke up.
and i did my proposal till im done.
email it to my advisor, and im done. weeeee~

i went off fo a family gathering.
had a great conversation with all my siblings and a silly day with all my nephews.
if you ever wonder on how many nephews and niece i have. i tell you okay.
i have:
6 nephews and 5 nieces.
alot right? at th age of 20. can call me nenek already.

when everything has ended, i followed my brother to clementi and he gave me 50 bucks!
thank you thank you thank you.
and he sent me off to meet my bf. i was so happy.
anws, i took th courage to tell my brother though im not used to talking about relationship things with all my siblings. i think ive grown old enough. okay, it suck when i have already turn 20 lahhhh.! (tkde link eh. eh, ade lah. like, you are more open to talk about it.moreover, my sibling age gap like so BIG nak mampos.!)

and off we went to Geylang.
th whole 6 of us.
i was really happy indeed. because it has been so long since we went out together.
i bumped into my friends, well not much lah.
and we all saw th datin geylang. HAHAHA!
well, actually, ive seen her standing outside pump room whenever i go there.
but now no more club eh, cause bf marah later. hehs.

ouh, actually before i went out.
i squeeze in a lil of my time to SS with my camera.
take 38 pictures altogether. i was so bored actually that i took pictures while waiting fo the rest.

tak kan nak upload sume kan!
sikit sikit cukop. hahah.
stay tune lovelies. tomorrow, fyp.
hurhur. bye.!


Thought of You @3:30 PM

Saturday, August 29, 2009'♥

im really sorry for the bad image quality.
nokia, well dont expect much okay.

okay, im quite bored.
tuning into MTV
right now, im listening to, beat it by fall out boy.
it was cool i tell you.
reminds me so much of michael jackson.

it has been so long i last seen chris Brown's video clip in MTV.
he went shut fo so long ever since th hot hot news between him and rihanna.
whatever, though it created a bad impact on him, i will always be a fan of his.

love, thanks fo accompanying me doing my proposal.
you are sweeter that sugar.
i hope you love the short note ive prepared for you ((:

ill blog when im bored again.


Thought of You @3:25 PM


time check: 0210 hours.
im doing my proposal fo two chemicals that im assigned to.
i have to do it now fo i need to attend to a family gathering, paternal side tomorrow.
it was really pressurizing me when i have to prepare protocols about it.
just fo your info, im growing crystals in th lab.
so i have to tell my advisor how am i going to go about doing it.
the steps taken to grow a crystal.
ouh please, im not growing diamond in th lab okay.
handling inorganic chemicals like copper sulphate.
so when all these come to mind, my brain go haywire ady.

anws, love is online now. *shakeass*
i actually take this time to blog while waiting him before that.
im just so bored with school, it kills me a lot.
but still, im going to endure fo th next 6 months.
and ill leave with a diploma certificate, insya'allah.

i miss jaja.
its been days that i never get to talk to her.
i guess she's busy, so ill just have to play my part then.

what else that ive missed out?
that's all.
i think i need to go something with my blog.

i will always leave a short note fo love.
baby, it has been a pretty good catchup with you.
what do you think.?
i had fun, break-fast at your house.
cook fo your family. practice practice.
mane tahu besok boleh jadi calon menantu.
well, i love you, thats fo reall.
and my heart skips a beat, when u kissed me on th forehead.
i love you sayang ((:


Thought of You @2:05 AM

Friday, August 28, 2009'♥

went off to CWP to watch Final Destination 4 with love.
alhamdulillah, things are better now. still going on strong.
must i rate it?
well, to be frank, id still prefer part 3 than part 4.
but it was a gross movie i tell you.
i cannot take it that i went on begging love to leave the place immediately.
after which JB with him.
and i had a quality time spent with him, after so long.
i love th night we had, th time we spent.
i love you darling.

on last tuesday, which was my birthday.
i went over fo a family gathering at bukit batok.
and i get to meet NUR HAIFA DHANIA.!
she is so adorable, chubby, cute.!
i cant stop kissing both her cheeks.
she was th only girl in my sister's family, thats prolly th reason as to why she stands out from th rest. anak permata ((:

shall update soon. been busy with growing crystals.
thank you readers, fo reading and sticking to my blog.
i love you guys ((:


Thought of You @1:17 PM

Thursday, August 27, 2009'♥

im about to lay down something bad here. i mean really bad. but i dont wish to, because i still love you. why must this happen in th month of ramadhan? why do i have to face such hurdles in life? where have i gone wrong till i have to get all these things from you. why must you lead my life in a harder way?



Thought of You @11:56 AM


raya is still a long way to go.
i look forward, but not too, actually. how contradicting.
but still, i need to do something with my hair.
i need a new hairstyle lah please.
this is my first time keeping th longest hair fo th whole of my entire life, and i swear i really need to do something about it. it ponders me so much that everyday, i keep on asking th same question with love.

me: should i should i not perm my hair?
love: give it a try lah baby. rebond?
me: nahh, that was so secondary four okay.

i need a new hairstyle.
i couldnt make up my mind.
im fickle, im indecisive.

google fo perm hairstyle. and i think these are th best few ones.
people, tag and comment please. i need comments lah!
how desperate i can be now.

this one......


this instead?

anyone, help me can.?


Thought of You @1:54 AM

Wednesday, August 26, 2009'♥

lets start off about me and love. everything is going on perfectly fine between us. both were so sorry fo each other, and alhamdulillah, we are going on strong like how we used to. thank you so much fo staying, here with me. i love you hamirul hasraff.

then, i would like to take up this space by thanking my fellow friends and bestfriends a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.! i appreciate that a lot. from messages, to calls, to face-to-face, and facebook. thank you so much, fo you guys remember it. i guess it is a tool to make me be a stronger person.

1. baby jaja ( a day before at love's void deck)
2. LOVE and NIZA in th car (they sang birthday song loudly in th car. thanks love, fo th reminder eh.)
3. Khai (a call at midnight)
4. Sri Cempaka
5. Lyana Darling
6. Syahidah
7. Nurul Farhana (my niece)
8. Mell babe
9. Norhadijah (my sister)
10. Nor Amielia (my niece)
11. Shahliza Babe
12. Hidayah Amin (via msn)
13. Affan Al-Halak (through facebook's chat)
14. Iskandar (my brother)
15. Noriashah (my sister)
16. All those hunks and chix in facebook.
17. my tagboard too ((:


okay, this is fo mell. i want you to be strong, though i know you are not. we are on th same shoes, so we have to bear with it. everything happens fo a reason. people who once have a good health, will eventually be weak and leave us one day, when we are least expecting it. have faith, redha. and im sure you can pull it through sayang. like you have said to me, im here, we always are here fo you. be strong darling. im always a call away baby ((:

like ive mentioned in th earlier earlier post, im not looking forward to my birthday. because my grandmom just passed away, so dont ask me to celebrate my ass off kan.

on th eve, love brought me out. we went to fetch niza, and off we went over to mel's home. just to check out on her. after which, we went to JB after that. midnight: there goes the flooding of messages in my inbox. with them shouting at th back, singing birthday song. hilarious i tell you. had our supper at pandan city, credits to niza. and yes, we bought cooking oil lah! hahahaha! sent her home, laugh here and there. and off we went back home. more of jb and laughing our ass of in th car okay niza! i love you.

darling, you are my sweetest drug.


Thought of You @11:19 AM

Tuesday, August 25, 2009'♥

okay, this is th time.
thank you so much fo th wish people.
ill wait till th day ends, and ill list down th people yeap.
thank you so much , thank you
(okay too much thank you, i know)
but thank you lah people!
i love you lahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
*muah muah*
okay puase, lepas buke then can kiss kiss okay.
shall update about th midnight outing with my crazy crazy bff.

stay tune fo more update loyal readers.


Thought of You @3:54 PM

Monday, August 24, 2009'♥

i miss you. a lot.

niza, thanks fo coming down to my auntie's place just to check that i'm okay. i appreciate that, a lot babe. you are my best friend.

anws, i still am so reserved these few days. i miss my grandmom. im seriously not over it. with th breakup, its worst. so that explains alright.

holidays here. FYP sets in. so no difference. i feel like eglecting my blog now, i dont know why.

and some how, i think you are not my _____________. even if you see me, you dont even smile and you dont look happy. instead, you walked away when they were celebrating my birthday in th canteen. so who am i to you?
i need you to define it for me, because im all in doubt. if im not your bestfriend, tell me because i dont feel like you are mine neither.

i dont know what else to state in here. but i think whats best is to remove my tagboard. for some reasons,i hope you people understand.

and niza, shida, jaja, ifa, mell, you, thanks fo being there. i love you guys.

i then remembered.
i guess i ever blog on 14/08
the reasons as to why i never look forward to my birthday
so now i can filled up my space.
3. grandmom left me.
4. love left me too.


Thought of You @2:52 PM

Sunday, August 23, 2009'♥

goodbye grandmom.
i miss you.

maimonah binte muhd. hussain.
1923 - 2009 .
moga rohnya dicucuri rahmat.

im sorry but im moving.
im at th earth's core lowest point.
i have to face everything all at once.
break up, grandmom gone.
destroy me further, cause i know god is fair.

Thought of You @4:58 PM

Saturday, August 22, 2009'♥

and i find it is rather meaningles fo me to blog often.
something just happened, and i could never alter myself to th new environment that im living in right now.
leading my life, without you by my side now.
why does this have to happen?
when we have so many things to do, so many things to work out for.
why did you leave me, and you leave me coldly.
is this really th end of us?
why did you have to put it to a stop after so long?
throughout all th years that ive known you?

yes, we have planned so much fo th future?
why did you have to ruin it?
well, i know it was just meant to be plans.
but, isnt that what you look out for too?

ive laid down too low, but despite all that had happened, ive brushed it all away, because i love you. now that i managed not to think of th past, you put it to a stop too?

i just cant describe th feelings that im into right now.
i felt so spoilt. maybe, im just too naive in love.
maybe, im blind.
if this love is blind, why do i keep myself to think that you are th one for me?

im all mixed up.
life is like an aftermath.
paper was a chaos. i dont know what ive pasted in th paper just now.
it was all a deep BULLSHIT!

i wanted to meet you, but im afraid you might not want to.
tell me what am i to do?
i never want to give up on you.
like i really do.
you know how much i love you? do you?

now, that you left me all alone.
how about my birthday?
i look forward to celebrate it with you?
but now,
im walking all alone.

md. hamirul hasraff, come back to me.
you know i never want to hurt you.
in th first place, do we know what we are fighting for actually?
we dont.
why this love always feel like a battlefield fo me?

i beg, i cried, i plead, i did everything.
but now, im all clueless.
god please help me in this ramadhan.
i need patience to go through all th pains.
and i need you to talk to me again, baby.
are you leaving me forever?


Thought of You @8:04 PM

Friday, August 21, 2009'♥

sorry for i did not update my blog yesterday.
i had two papers so that explains why.
papers was a disaster.
too much calculations instead of theory based question.
like hello, im taking a science course lah.

ouh, so whatever.
oh okay, moving on.

mom, you lied.
i dont what is up with her this morning.
that i too never want to talk to her.

boyfriend, you uh, speechless tao.
supposedly, august is supposed to be my third month with him
but his 10th month with me.
after accumulation, we were together fo 27 months.
i knew him for 3 years and 8 months.
praises to God, everything stil goes on strong fo us.

my life is okay, everything goes on smoothly.

tomorrow, have to start fastiing ady.
to all muslims, happy fasting!
ive intended to die my hair black again.
i want to look pure. hahahaha! okay lame bye.

Thought of You @4:41 PM

Wednesday, August 19, 2009'♥

everything is not working,and a lot of things dissapoint me today.
fo no reasons.
i had a terrible paranoid day with love.
my laptop crashed on me. everything went blank.
i cant even retrieve my notes. and shit, i have test and i need my laptop to get well immediately.
i have not been studying fo both two major UTs tomorrow.
tell me what should i do?
i dont have any mood now.

thanks fo such complications. apparently, i dont need it lah bullshit.
laptop is super lagging and so does the IE too.
mozillah is not around, my school folder went missing.
my ares, is no longer loading. wtf is exactly wrong here?
please, i dont need heated arguments which are obviously unnecessary here.
i think i need a new laptop soon.
and tomorrow, i have to rush down to my IT-helpdesk and help me get this idiotic idiot fix up. thank you, fo i need th extra effort. and thanks fo i have my UT fo th next 5 hours.


Thought of You @7:31 PM

Tuesday, August 18, 2009'♥

i dont know why i have to be such a sensitive human these days.
tomorrow is my exam, and someone just have to wish me badluck.
and im not doing any revision now, except for th staring at blank spaces.

with me expressing my feelings bothers you so much, its okay then.
tomorrow is my exam, and you just have to spoil me further.

i vow to you that for whatever i feel towards some things, ill never mention it to you. cause i know where do i belong here, right now.

you bring me to my very lowest. what else now?
dont you want to take away my pride?
or kill me like you have always said it?

we talked and you said, we have to take care of th love.

but do you?
th thought of you talking to me harshly has never come across my mind, but today, you prove me wrong. totally wrong about everything.

and i cant believe that, im crying right now.
you did not reply to my messages.
you totally ignore me.
now, i feel all neglected.
because you IGNORE.
and i cant believe with th state of mind i am in right now,
you were still not here to wipe away those tears.

ill just have to wish goodluck to myself then. thank you.


Thought of You @8:07 PM


i very sad okay.
wheres my sense of belonging?

Thought of You @2:32 PM


exams start tomorrow!
so to all republicans, goodluck!
hope you people will strive fo all th module tests.
and dont forget to wish me eh.

birthday in a week's time.
20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20!

ill have to come back on th 24th fo FYP II.
there goes my stressing out again.
this is so penat, stress here and there.

and yeap, on one of th days. i called someone.
me: hello
caller: hello
me: tgh buat ape?
caller: ini nenek keropok lah. awak nak order keropok ke? tige 10 ringgit je.
and i actually smoke through th conversation...
but what scares th hell out of me
caller: nanti saya datang hantar keropok dengan friend kite tao. die chang kite kat belakang.
me: oi! tkmo lah. im alone at home. dont scare me lah.
caller: hahahahahahaha!
guess who th caller is?

my BF!
like ive said, you number one okay!

i love you darling darling!

moving on.
im left with a semester to graduate. i cant wait.
but still i dont know what to do next year.
i talked to mom and bf about it.
im considering of:
- pursuing my studies in kaplan university
- joining ICA
- be a member of NIE
- logistic department in office.

ICA gives u hell of a good pay. but 12 hour working and rotating shift.
so tell me what should i do.
im left with less than 5 months to decide.

ouh anws,

SSN i need pizza please!


Thought of You @10:14 AM

Monday, August 17, 2009'♥

this is th result of mugging too much.
im having a big puffy eyes. th dark circles.
cant bear with it anymore.
wednesday thursday and saturday is th most important day ever.

mugging still never stop me from camwhoring.
thanks love fo your company.
i love you so much.

and me and jaja, fyi, everything has settled down, i guess.
i guess there wont be anymore merepekness okay.
no more nonsensical issues to deal with next time.
thanks fo th people who were there fo me, when im in need.
i owe you one people!

update soon, off to smoke break.
i really need a break now.
too tired.
tutoring session later.
so tired..
fugggggggg.thanks eh school.
u make me shag everyday.


Thought of You @11:51 AM



Thought of You @10:17 AM

Sunday, August 16, 2009'♥

pardon me fo this is going to be th most so-not-me post.
but i have to let this out because it is killing me.
i hope that the person whom i dedicated this post to, will actually read and really understand every single feelings that lingers in my heart.
i couldnt alter my ego like you can, because im a virgo.
i have th weakest feeling among all; too much sorrows.
i may look strong, happy physically, but im really ill on th inside.

i wonder what is th root cause of us fighting again this time, i wonder where have i gone wrong. i wanted to be there fo you, but how could i when i have other things to attend to. you always wanted your days with your bf, and i never wanna disturb you because i want you to be happy. i wanted to be there too, you can ask your bf if you need evidence.
everytime, at th void deck, i would ask, 'mane mataer kao?'
if you are not someone whom i missed, i wouldnt bother to ask you.
what makes you think im so judgmental. th fact is im not. im just being upfront to you. but you cant accept th feedback.
you used to tell me, 'i want you to let me know how you feel.' and i let it clear out to you. so which part do you not understand me? i am so confused with what you want.

losing a bestfriend, is never a wishlist fo anyone who exist in this world.
what makes you think i love losing you?
i appreciate you in every way.
from coming to my house to wake me up.
when you fetched me from school.
you were there fo me when im really in deep shit, fo almost everyday.
so what makes you think you are not perfect? do you lose so much fo being nice to someone?
th time when we had breakfast cum lunch at aliff (BG)
th love you made out of a ticket and you present to me.
now tell me how to move on? i thought you are someone who is soft at heart. who is willing to accept feedbacks. but this is no longer you whom i have known. you are so different now.
i cried whenever we fight, because i hate losing a friend. i hate that so much. im willing to go low to th extend of begging on my knees not to lose you.

why must you leave me and leave my world so cold?
remember we vowed, to stay together no matter what?
you wanted me to vow to you even though things end between you and your bf.
and im still here, fo you.
why must you choose to separate us?

im crying right now as im typing this down.
i have your picture with me, in my purse, you knew it yourself.
since i didnt get to talk or even meet you is something impossible now,
i will look up at your picture and say,'i miss you jaja.'
i really never want to lose you.
i love you like my sister, my bestfriend, my mother my everything.
its you, Siti Hajar.

im waiting, praying, that things will get better each day.


Thought of You @3:00 PM

Saturday, August 15, 2009'♥


ouhokay, been busy mugging a lot. im left with less than four days.
im feeling th stress of sitting fo o level papers now.
okay, a little bit more than that.

theres always a side track.
lovely, thanks fo accompanying me.
we had so much laughter taking pictures and i really enjoy myself.
supper at subway is so perfect.
what more can i ask fo? all that a big big big thank you.
you know i love you darling (=


Thought of You @10:21 PM


th irritating brothers.

th cuddly baby haifa.

ouh, i miss these bunches of kids. i miss my sister as well(who stayed over at yew tee). i have been pestering love to accompany me to sister's house but he always shy shy. pfft.!

i need those kids with me. to make me laugh over their nonsensical speech.
and i love th way haifa's cramp face, whenever i carry her around.
and keep complaining to her mom in her baby's language.
she is 8 months old now. but th picture was when she was 6 months old. how adorable and BIG is she.?

when will there be a next family gathering. i miss all my siblings. and ive not meet my other nephew, hafiz fo close to year.
ouh brother, you always so busy + have no time fo us. pfft.! please come soon with your son along.

enjoy your weekends people.
whilst fo me, im going to be stuck at home, mugging like an insane woman.

ok lame, bye.


Thought of You @2:49 PM


humans,this is it.i was so frustrated with someone,someone i still respected (thats why i dint mentio her name here).
I dont know what is becoming of her.she changed alot. To an extent where she cant be confronted. She wants me to be there.hell yea,i wanted to,but i was in school,bear that in mind.
Ive cried for u and i couldnt pretend like nothing had happened. It saddens me with th way you talk to me.or anything like that.u have changed alot.
u wanted me to open up my mind but when i did analyse the situation,u said that i judge.the bottomlien of it,u cannot be confronted.i treat u coldly after th fight because i need to let th pain subside.do you know that?i never wanna treat u like my enemy but with th way you speak to,u are treating me like one.ssince i dont wanna hurt myselfany further, i keep it shut.u wont jnow how i feel inside.
But whatever it is, im sorry for wadeva i have done,directly or indirectly if it hurts u alot.i did not mean to hurt u in a way or another but if u choose to end up separating with your bestfriend here,i will respect though that is not what i wanted.thank you fo being there.i appreciate everything that you have done for me, no one could ever repalace you. thank yiu so much,bestfriend. Ive cried fo you and im crying again.why does it all have to end this way when i think i did nothing wrong.if u think i did, like ive said,im sorry. Live ur life with ego,blet me tell u this,u are a girl and no matter how cruel u want to treat people,ull lose it ine day,everything will come crashing bavk to you. Im just so speechless and im at th voiddeck typing this down,because u make me feel so numb about u. Im left with ntg to say,but if you choose to be this way,or a nonexistence to be exact,u choosse because i dont wanna lose u.thats it. Goodbye,besyfriend.

Thought of You @12:43 AM

Friday, August 14, 2009'♥


Thought of You @10:57 PM


blogger is forever a whore to me. and yes, after so many days of being fickle, i am changing my domain and th other blog is still under construction. but dont you worry people, ill update here until everything has turned perfect. so then, you guys can link me there okay.
i really have much confidence with changing my blogger's domain, but then love said,
'BABY, ARE YOU SURE OF CHANGING?' and everything came crushing down on me again. thanks eh bf. you, number one okay.

not to brag, but ive inserted new moon, eclipse and p.s. i love you in my phone so i could read it in th bus or anywhere. im loving it. i know the stories that im currently into right now, seems outdated but who cares. do they have trends fo books? they dont right.

mood swings suck a hell lot, i tell you. love has always been my victim and im really sorry fo that. i didnt mean to hurt you every now and then. i hate th feelings too.i swear to god that im on mood swings over nothing. merepek right? so please mood swings, go away before i hit you with a baseball bat.

exams are next week, and im really afraid that i will not do well.
and im 11 more days away to my birthday. but i dont really fancy my birthday this year because:
1. im turning twenty. mind th 2 at th front eh.
2. my birthday falls on th fasting month. so no ass boogy-woogy. jk.
3. i dont know, you decide.

mom is away to JB, and i miss her. so that means room is all to myself. but boring cause i dont have an accompany fo th night and i cant tease my mother.

life, is not simple as it may seems. remember, the obstacles that you went through, make you be a better person. and all th hurdles in life is a stepping stone to succes. cheer up, ifa, im going to be here fo you okay. lets not brood about th past. hands off, wash th germs, cause i like you, fo other reason.

and love, its not about ifa or anyone that i have my mood swings on. because i myself finds it confusing when i had no specific reasons to it. but th bottomline of everything is, i love you, like i always do. (=

dont look back in anger, look up and see whats ahead fo you, people.


Thought of You @8:36 PM

Thursday, August 13, 2009'♥

above pictures were yesterday.
went off to fetch his mom over at westmall and sent his mom's friend home at choa chu kang. i have th confidence with love((:
currently, school is such a whore, and it makes me sleepy. thanks to mel fo making me stay awake with dosages of laughter(:

out of something random, i just read someone else's blog. im not a stalker, but i love bloghopping and i happen to STALK her blog, whatever you call it.
apology if i have to bitch about her.
and im not trying to judge, but i do want to comment on it.

just what she is portraying on herself? she may be pretty (though she looks too typical) but please, she is taking advantage of her boyfriend's kindness. and she actually left her guy because she havent had enough of flirting around with people and have least commitment with th bf.

when th boyfriend actually, waited fo her outside th club till she has finished grooving so that he could send her home. she is totally taking advantage of her boyfriend here; which really pisses me off. she is not appreciative and taking him fo granted is her will.

she told th whole world about her life, as though she dont earn any privacy.

i would say that she did not realise the roots of where she came from. someone who eats belacan but then, have no sense of moral and etiquette. this is just driving me insane, what is happening to today's world?

appreciate someone before he/she is gone.
no matter how sickening and how bad love has been tolerating my nonsense and sickening bad moods, i appreciate him still,in every single way.

i wonder what happen to th malays nowadays. why do they behave that way.
not to say that im perfect, i have my flaws, and i try every means to work on my mistakes and not repeat it again.

is th world coming to an end?
for you to figure out.
the younger generations have lost their respect fo the elderly.
the younger generations is way too open minded.


Thought of You @12:31 PM


these are outdated pictures. it was taken last friday.
in conjunction with national day, and being a loyal singaporean, my bitches decided to wear red and white on that day.
it was hilarious; they are th people i look forward to every lesson.
to share gossips, updates and laughter, especially.
i really had a lot of fun with them, everyday.

i have a lot of pictures to share, it is just that i dont have th time too. blogger is such a bitch these days. i couldnt stand it. and i could never make a strong stand of changing domain, because i miss blogger in a way or another. im hafway through a thousand of post in blog so please, make it right, mr administrator.

enjoy pictures, people!


Thought of You @11:29 AM

Wednesday, August 12, 2009'♥

im 15 minutes away to midnight.
im mugging righ now. im still doing on lab management.
been a little tedious cause there are a lot fo me to do; especially scribbling down notes. now, i feel all regretted. i should have done it every day during lessons. now, i have a lot to do; a total of 60 problem to mug on in less than a week. i hope i could finish up right on time. i just need more discipline people.

thank you love, fo he sacrifice in helping me to search fo a current. and he come up with these brilliant ideas; shall not elaborate on it. i love it baby, you are th sweetest though. and thanks fo accompanying me to midnight to mug. i really appreciate it sayang.

shall enjoy th pictures. these are yesterday pictures. while browsing fo jobs available in th internet, we actually squeeze in some time to take pictures. enjoy readers. shall be back fo tomorrow updates.

exams in less than a week. i hope ill give it my very best.
i love you people.

Thought of You @11:38 PM


ouh,this is actually a try-out fo me.
I inserted my broadband simcard into my phone,which means i get unlimited access through the internet. So yeah,im trying to upload a picture but then later,i could not blog. currently,im at th void deck with love and his friend, fir. Yea,though im quite shy with someone whom i just knew,but im trying to get along.it was fun typing it down in here,im starting to fall in love with the phone. Shall talk tomorrow.

Iffa,i dont know the twitters u are referring to me,but if you do,i guess its best that we talke.i think you are still not over it.im tired,arent you

Thought of You @1:08 AM

Tuesday, August 11, 2009'♥

ouh yes, it is not really a great weekend, i think. lets summarize on what i have been doing fo th past holidays.

i went out with love; just the two of us((: initially, we thought of going simpang bedok with lyana, th bf and niza, but fo some safety reasons, we have to cancel it. but still we will make up fo it okay babes. wait up yeahh. so, since the two of us have siap siap already, we went out to west coast plaza to see what's new there. nothing much, except for the japanese foods, i mean tons of JAPANESE foods there alright. we had dinner cum supper at subway. after which, we went fo a stroll near a park, since we wanted to smoke badly and wanted a place to sit since our stomache were full. but then, luck wasnt on our side, so we just sit near th curb and talk about our future.

i acted clumsy in front of him, most of th time and im really shy okay. i had a splendid time with you love ((:

went to Town with khai. and meet th other couple there. it was fun. we had meal at subway again since th couple wanted to have a feel of th sandwich. and thanks a lot fo th treat! we went to Karaoke after that, and it has been so long since i cried my lungs out. thanks a lottt ehh.

went to JB with love. have a tiff with iffa. but we managed to clear it out, i hope it wont occur again.

he sent me home and we sat at th carpark fo hours planning on where to go. we thought of catching the fireworks but then, we gave it a missed since we will get stuck in th jam later.

we had.... TULANG at west coast drive. and was full by then. off home, and he drove his dad's car to his brother's house over at sembawang. it was a good start.

i rot at home half of th day and met love at night since he went out earlier on with him parents. we went to JB, this time by car okay. hahahaha! along with khai. and i really had a great time.

love, i love th ride. thanks baby! i appreciate it alot. you are getting a hang of it. good job darling !

update soon, off to smoke break and i really need to muggg baddllllyyyyyyyyyy.


Thought of You @11:53 AM

Monday, August 10, 2009'♥

it is time to think out of th box alright.
i was bloghopping, and i read her entries.
but i love her entry on 4th august.
where she mentioned about couples.
well, to be exact;why do men cheat on his wife/girlfriends.
a list of reasons as to why it happened, and i find it somehow logical.
good job, babe.

anyways,i think i should do some adjustments on myself.
ive not been on the right mood since last week.
i keep on having nightmares, something/someone who is bugging me so much.
and i dont know what is that exactly, i keep on forgetting about what i dream on every night the moment i woke up the next morning.

well,im just so speechless over some matters. at first, i look forward in writing down my notes, but now, i feel like tearing everything and throw it away. i feel like quitting school. i dont know what is becoming of me.

and it felt so different now.
maybe i got my mind too carried away with it.
and i cried every night before i go to sleep.
yes, i keep it within myself.
and ive been crying since last week.
just fo you to know, in case.
cause im not brave enough to talk upfront.



Thought of You @5:03 PM


first and foremost, let me take this opportunity to wish
we have been staying independent for 44 years and i hope there's more to come.
and i'm proud to be a singaporean.
with great facilities, necessities; it has made it a better place to live in.

then, i would like to also this opportunity to also congratulate love fo his success. he has obtained a car license, praises to God. i am so proud of you darling ((:

i have deleted th previous post as requested.
so no more of this and that okay.

ouh yes, before i forget, ive got my overall grade fo my FYP part I.
ive got a B+. thank you so much.
i guess th staying up late fo th report writing and log book is worth it now.
now, once im done with my final tests; im going to enjoy a five weeks break but still im going back to school fo my FYP II. hope this time, it will go on smoothly.
without facing such difficulties from anything or anyone.

Thought of You @10:58 AM

Saturday, August 08, 2009'♥

as ive promised, im letting this out. (and im doing this on th eve of national day)
and yes, like ive mentioned earlier, i am inviting war. because i had enough of keeping all these burden within myself for months.and pardon me, fo this is going to be th most human-less post. so, if you think i am referring to you, im so sorry but its time to reveal th truth.

first thing first.i hate bitches, who FUCK SOMEONE ELSE WHEN INITIALLY, SHE HAVE HER OWN BF TO FUCK WITH. she is such a fucking whore, a desperate-fo-dick bitch and hunger fo one that she would go on to her msn, and start chatting with guys to get fuck.

and she would text th guy, 'you, nak balik bilik hari ni?' (need some short time fo fucking) now, loyal readers, i need your comment about these kind-of bitches.
no-pride right? that's why they are called bitches, duh.
what's more? she can fuck th bf th next day after fucking someone else th day before, WITHOUT ANY GUILT.
insist th guy to go to her house, and when she dont get what she wanted, she would go, 'abeh tkde penghabisan?' (theres no conclusion like fuck me before you go home) just what kind of a bitch she is?
what else in th text, she would say something like, 'nak share tetek?' (wanna share tits)

pathetically, i wish someone else would fuck her in th ass. such a scumbag with no-other-better-things-to-do. didnt have a good upbringing, no social etiquette.

so when you told me, about your bf playing behind ur back, go clubbing, grinding, and kissing girls. wait a minute, let me tell you this,'ITS NOT LIKE AS IF HE IS FUCKING ANOTHER GIRL LIKE YOU DID WITH A GUY'.
if this is it, i wouldnt be surprised that you got fucked with many guys before. hmm, how about your bf's bestfriend?
what else?
so guys out there, perempuan ini can buat pakai. oops, im sorri if i have to say that, well, th truth is that, you are a spoilt brat bitch with no moral since young and therefore behave like a prostitute by th lorongs at geylang.

and please, stop gaining sympathy by telling me about your studies and family, because it doesnt work fo me. what th fuck fo th hug at th bustop? ehhh, thats disgusting okay. and too bad, i have to be such a hypocrite to hug you ehh.

i dont behave like a minah, when i get to know this, and go beating you up till you are half dead. i guess im matured enough to behave just th way im supposed to. so i talked to you nicely. but it did not work out fo me.because yes, th anguish inside me, is still there.

fuck you, bitch!
you have been a stalker, in my blog. i know that. so that is why, i do this so you know exactly how my feelings are towards you.so you know it now? you wanna do some debating, because obviously, you are on th losing end, bitch. dont add me in fb lah. what makes you think that we are friends? you dont even exist in my friend list.

and stop pretending to be nice, asking me about my nick, because i really dont need your concern, like reallllllllllly sia you rot. and please ehh, i pretended to be nice, be clear of that. stop asking on how my bf is doing now, when he is fucking none of your business.

i wish your bf would read my blog. im putting my archives back, just in case, for cross referencing. not happy, call me. im waiting, fo this moment.

tired of this, too bad, because you created this, so ill be expecting you to clean th aftermath you made, in my life. and you have to clean up all these hatred feelings i have.

ouh, one more thing to add before i end this off, i would say, first impression counts. A FUCKER BITCH WILL ALWAYS BE A FUCKER BITCH. so, girls out there, be careful of her. she is in hot hot hot news just like nenek keropok. so if you get her, grab her, and dump her inside th dustbin. she belongs there, not in a house.

and i believe that whatever that is in th past, is in th past. im throwing th past away fo your future, from today onwards, insya'allah. because i have a new resolution, starting from tomorrow.


Thought of You @5:55 PM

Friday, August 07, 2009'♥

yoohooo love.
goodluck fo your tp later.
im really excited about it!
i know you can do it.
and if it is a success, we are going to get th ball rolling tonight baby.
ouhh, i super cant wait.
have faith and believe in yourself.

i dont tolerate humans who behaves like a rotten bitch.
too much lies to suck in, that i guess im pouring this out soon.
reall soon, and yes, i am inviting war.
because whats obvious?; you suck, bithch.


Thought of You @10:27 AM

Thursday, August 06, 2009'♥




Thought of You @3:30 PM


blogger is still sick in th ass. ouh, irritating. im gonna change domain soon if this problem still persist.

first and formal, im gonna make this post a little formal. it is fo you, hamirul hasraff.
an apology fo ive hurt you with my harsh words yesterday, i could not control my feelings and sadly, you have to be my victim. but, i just have to let it out, so you know what has been heavy on my mind since long time ago. but now, i am perfectly fine. i felt better after letting it out to you yesterday night. it was really not a biggy, well to me. yes maybe because i have hurt you a lot and thats why i said it's a no biggy. but why should we end it over such priceless rotten bitch. yes, i know its not worth th time and th effort right. im really sorry, yes i mean it now. i lowered down my ego, because i love you. you dont have to feel bad about yourself. i swallowed everything now, im moving on with you, now. so why bother too much.

im sorry fo ive spoilt this week. but im not gonna spoil this week any longer, and im stopping it yesterday. i dont want all these unnecessary issues to affect your biggest day tomorrow. if you fail tomorrow, you can go on blaming me, cause im gonna blame myself too for hurting you badly.

i could see th changes that you have done fo me. i know you tried every means to prove th whole world that you love me. and you have been a good boyfriend, really, and i appreciate everything. from fetching me right after school to feeding me nasi at your house.

and deep down, though i may sound like i hate you to th very extreme, well, these hatred has turned into love, a pure one. i love you sayang((:

im gonna be here fo you, ill do whatever it takes, not to lose you. and i will try my very best to be your best on earth girlfriend.


Thought of You @10:32 AM


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