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Monday, September 29, 2008'♥

a short message to all my babes alright
imah , niza , yana , sri , shida , nashitah , basyirah etc etc .
you know who you are alright .
ok , we have planned everything .
so we decided to go on raya on the upcoming wednesday , 8/10 .
fullest co-operation needed , those who wish to tag , please leave a tag or call/msg me .
thanks a lot . th more the merrier hor .

anw , do everyone agree of going public on th day itself ?
we can do something about it .
negotiate alright ?
ok the time , we will set later .
any news , ill update here .
thank you so muchh !

Thought of You @1:56 PM


ello world . updates fo the weekends .

my weekends was awesome . thanks to[DBF] fo spending his time with me .

met up with him afta break fast .
we came with a lot of places to go , eg , vivo , henderson wave , geylang and in the end , we went to catch the Grand Pix F1 qualifying round .
i must say this
i was one of th jakonist there , as usual .
and i went , "WOAH!WOAH!WOAH!"
me and him were more interested in the drop gear & so we stood at the corner of the circuit .
yeay , we caught a video , i swear it was superbly great !
sape tak pergi , rugi !
afta which , we went to Cdans to have a bowl with Khai and his friends .
we played two games , he won the first round and i won on the second round .
i made new friends ; mirah , nurul , kin and mathir . we shared a lot of laughters .
next up , we went to Bukit Timah , Al-azhar .
had my predawn meal there because we reached there at 2 in the morning .
we sang khai a birthday song , and we chatted till 3+ .
we sat at th void deck , and reached home around 4++ .

stayed home , cause im too shagged .
anihoos , afta buke , i went to meet him again . LOL !
to catch F1 , again .
ok this time , since it was th race , i really look forward to watch it .
it was superb . i saw the cars , ouh gosh ! power lah dei !
hamilton won the third place , which was so so saddening .
anihoos , congratulations Al Onso .

and today ..
im having a bad flu !
raya is coming .
can you feel the heat people ?
im well prepared fo it , i guess ((:

too busy playing PSP till he has no time to look at the camera .

p/s : [DBF] thanks fo the white white helmet ! =)

Thought of You @11:22 AM

Friday, September 26, 2008'♥

hello world ((:
currently , im having my first break and lesson will be starting really soon .
but , im SO sleepy and i couldnt help it .
i guess ill be leaving fo home later during the second break . with such dull environment , i can never make it through th lesson today .

a quick summary about yesterday .
[DB] fetched me from school and we planned on where we should have our breakfast . when we were about to go off , he claimed that he has forgotten to bring his money along . so , he actually went back home to grab th money and then to place where we have decided on .
From woodlands to Jurong and then to Lavender .
how far can that be ? hehe
we went to beach road , and had a fantabulous time there .
but th food sucks big time .
we had Nasi Ayam Penyet and Tulang . YUM YUM !
and he wanted to go on shopping but th shop was closed .
i accompanied him to Bugis fo shopping . he bought a jeans and two apparels . i choose !

" i got no confidence with th jeans seh "
when actually , you fit in nicely , trust me baby ((:

then we spent our time together at Jurong , and off for home sweet home .

thanks fo th day spent [DB] . i appreciate it a hell lot alright .

since i will not be updating during the weekends , i would like to wish Md. KhairulAnwar (an apology if i spelt your name wrongly) a

goodluc in your future endeavours and may you succeed in life !
all th best from me to you and may God bless you .

in reality , his birthday is tomorrow and still im here penniless thinking of a way to make it happen .

and to you Fareez , be it i work or not , its none of your problem alright .
look , mean what you say , stop being bossy of things you can never do .
you wanna hate me ? go on , i dont mind at all .
because i aint th one loosing lah kann .
matter of fact , i should be th one hating you .
whats more ? do you want me to list it down ?
tsk tsk .


Thought of You @9:41 AM

Thursday, September 25, 2008'♥

ello thursday . nothing much actually .
ill go on random alright , you know me . HURHUR .
anihoos , life is getting better . school is getting better too , in a way . oopps ! about my highlighted hair , it looks better now . okay , i can put some trust on Eric now , thanks a lot fo the advice . a few more wash and it will look perfect fine .
okay , bestfriend told me that i was soo into Aidilfitri . because i bought everything before hand . especially contact lenses , bag and i highlighted my hair etc etc . i guess i can feel th heat when i get to celebrate it with you , once again baby ((:

yesterday , i went off to meet my bestfriend and off we went to JB to buy ciggs because im running out of it . after which , we went to JP to buy a bag for myself for raya . as usual , i shopp for more cutex ! yea , i bought a hot pink and a peach color . i tried the hot pink on; at first it was so unglamm but later on , it blends perfectly with my skin . ok , aku prasan ! LOL

the time when i dont fast due to some reasons , i went fo a smoke break with my babes and we walked through the carpark for shortcut . so GF noticed this at first .

its not just one stickers on the bike alright , it was ike scattered everywhere . my babes and i were laughing our heads off looking at it . on the plate number , on the box , on the body itself , almost everywhere alright . & we were wondering whose bike does this belong to .

and you , i love you alright ((:
i woke up in the morning fo the sake of taking my PSP and you went to sleep .
ishh , notty2 , sleepy head ! HAHA !
kidding .
i so so cant wait to meet you today !
on random note , my teammates taught me about gays and their terms . ouh gosh , that was such a gross !
ouh ok , i guess ill stop here .
off to meet GF to watch a show from ITE college East .
dada !
keep track fo more updates


Thought of You @9:20 AM

Tuesday, September 23, 2008'♥

so here's th best part .
with more of hair wash ups every morning , the colour is starting to fade .
initially , th colour that i requested on my hair isnt what i want now .
ouhk , this is pissing me off alright .
it looks so MINAH lah kann .
even my friends tease me that .
(im so vain , but i cant help it now )
even HE said that too .
okay , this is haunting me down .
i feel the need of money in a sudden to change my hair color back .
im trying to make myself feel good but to no avail .
dan , i need your help ! LOL !
tell me what am i suppose to do now .
i went back home with Niza yesterday .
yea , we bumped into Gabriel .
and i went GOO-GOO- GAA-GAA .
but only for sometime .
hes likee ffrreeaakkkiiingg hhaannddsssooommmeee .
i chatted with clarence yesterday , and i complimented him .
prretttyyy bbboooyyysss maaakkkeee mmmeee wwweeeaaakkk .
and hamirul , don pike bukan2 eh .
you will always be in my heart ..

Thought of You @10:03 AM

Monday, September 22, 2008'♥

and on the second thought , i feel like crying now .
i dont know why but it seems more like it .
or maybe , my imaginary has gone wild , but why do i have to feel this way in th first place ?
it seems like he doesnt care or maybe i just overreacted .

nahh , i am never mentioning about Fareez here .
he dont exist in my life either .

what mor can i ask fo ? when im happy with what i have like just now & it all tumble and crash on me again

this feeling just sucks big time .
bring me out to somewhere i thought ill never be .
i need to ease this clogged up mind of mine .
maybe im no where in your heart .
my assumption , maybe . but whats all these ?


Thought of You @1:33 PM


lets welcome Monday with an open heart . 08 more days of fasting and festival is drawing near . i guess , i'm well-prepared fo it . still looking fo a suitable bag fo myself . i can feel th heat babe ((:

ouh yes , i've highlighted my hair . and somehow it turned out into a colour which is totally different from what i have chosen . i hope a few more washes will help . im still considering whether i should rebond my hair or not . He ask me to , but somehow , im gonna miss my wavy hair . fickle- minded , yes i am !

school doesnt get any better . im suffocating every single school day , hoping fo a holiday soon ! i really need a break . tomorrow is my anatomy and physiology test and ive not done any mugging yet . UT seems nothing , but it helps me a hell lot . i really need to score well in it . moreover , its just the first test . science , you are killing my brain cells . urgh !

what else ? happy belated birthday to my dearest sister , norhadijah .
she turned 26 yesterday . i bought nothing but i hope my presence helps ya . LOL !

not another emo session here . LOL !

heres the best part in life , Hamirul .
he has been there fo me , brought me out to almost everywhere .
again , i disappoint him , which was unintentionally .
i didnt mean to hurt you . afta what we have been through fo a month , i never wanna erase those memories ive shared with you . its really beautiful .
you know how i suffered without you right ? i just dont wish to lose you fo th second time , because it really hurtful when my F & T is gone .
you , im moving on . im just not sure on how am i suppose to convince you when you are th only one in my heart . and no one knows how deep im falling fo you .

thanks a lot fo the whole night convo . yea , i was shocked when you reveaedl the truth to me . it is saddening to hear that , ill try to work on it this time alright . all i need is your support . lets do it wholeheartedly alright baby ? hee =p

anihoos , happy supposedly 40th months ((:

lets make it reall this time .

someone has got herself a blog !

ps : i have a lot of things to mention here in my blog . but i guess ill stop here .
till next time reader .
stay tuned fo more updates ! LOL

Thought of You @10:01 AM

Friday, September 19, 2008'♥

1) Where would you go if someone sponsors you an air ticket ?
- Dubai first then i can think of others .

2) What's your favourite thing to do ?
- surf the net , chat , sleeep & spend my precious time with my precious people ((:

3) Do you think money can buy happiness ?
- when you have someone by your side , you get the happiness . and when money comes in to buy a gift fo you , you will get extra happiness . get what i mean ? bye .

4) If you were given a chance to receive something, what would it be ?
- a chance to make up fo the past with LOVE .

5) Things you can't live without :
- Family , friends & LOVE

6) What are you afraid to lose ?
- my precious stuff and people .

7) If you win $1 million dollars, what would you do ?
- Shopping , get a car , a condo & give what mother have been longing fo

8) What do you dream of doing in the future ?
- a teacher in primary/secondary school

9) List down 3 good points about the person who gave you this survey:
two people tagged me . i guess ill write three gd points about the both of them.
LYANA : shes humble , out-going & friendly
ZUL : he masters patience , gentleman & good listener

10) What makes you happy ?
- whenever i get to meet him when i actually do everyday ! so i am happy EVERYDAY !

11) What type of person do you hate the most?
- hypocrites , people who brags , liar etc etc ..

12) If you have a super power what would it be?
- i wanna read guys mind & able to pause time especially during the best part of life & prevent something when it is already fated .

13) Would you go for happiness or money ?

14) Who do you think is the most important people in your life ?
- Family, LOVE , my BABES & friends .

15) If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, would you die for him/her ?
if he is willing to , then i am . if not , forget it !

16) What is the one thing you want to do badly right now ?
- to call him and talk to him on the phone . he is sound asleep right now ! HMPH !

17) Who are you close to ?
- mummy, ANA , LOVE & babes

18) Are you courageous enough to tell the person that you like him/her ?
never !

19) If you could do one thing all over again what would it be ?
refrain from repeating th same mistakes and hurt LOVE even more .

20) Things that scare you:
- Allah ta ala.
mother/LOVE nags .
accidents on th road .

21) 7 things that you like/love the most:
watch spongebob
surf th net
play my PSP
sleep & wake up late
meet my babes
spend my quality time with LOVE
shopping !

23) 7 important things in my room:
my laptop
external HDD
my wardrobe with all my clothes
my make-ups
my mother when i sleep

24) 7 people to do this questionnaire
-Lily , Sri , Niza , Sahirah , Fyeza , Teera , Ilah

Thought of You @11:38 AM

Thursday, September 18, 2008'♥

ouh yeah , this is great .
on super duper random note right

im having more readers or silent readers reading my blog .
apart from my friends , i bet there are some people who wants to keep themselves acknowledge about my life . well i don't mind at all ((:

but i guess i have to watch my words now , because some are just plain ___________ that they cant judge me on the brighter side .

and im earning only $1.88 now . HAHA ! great achievements , though .
and , i know who is reading my blogg tao .


Thought of You @12:19 PM


my laptop is functioning again , at last ! it is quite hard on me fo the first few days when i dont have my laptop . fo instance , i cant do my school work , i cant work on my PP and study fo my upcoming UT ; okay i lied when actually , i dont at all .

live life to the fullest perhaps . i can smile more often like how i used to before . im physically and mentally stable now , thanks to th people who have been there fo me .

fo some reasons , just dont ask me who am i referring to . and afta truth were revealed , i kinda hate you . i know the whole lot of it , and please , just stop denying the facts that you are fo once . you know how sickening it can be ? and im not jumping to conclusion ialright , because your friends are my friends too . dont be sucha dumb okay ? anw , this is a free world , everyone have the right to say , but just mind your words because you might eat it up someday ((:
or should i say , ' watch your steps babe ' ((:

ouh yeah , me and my close friend , are getting better . thanks awak fo evrything . i appreciate the tiny winy sacrifices and effort . no words could describe how happy i am whenever i talk to you , look into your eyes and admire your cute little chubby face ((:

no motivation to go to school fo now , because some are held up . fo instance , my PP . i still did not have any idea on where should i locate all those missing parts in the PP .

shall i rebond or perm or just trim or highlight ?
im still thinking anf cosidering . i need your help people ((:

update more in detail when im free aite .
ok go

you , ILY tao ((:


Thought of You @12:19 PM

Tuesday, September 16, 2008'♥

ouh yea , this will be my 2nd entry fo the day .
yea , i left school during the second breakout .
i break my fast at 12 noon .
reasson : i cant stand it . it pours like rain .

let me just list down my feelings now .
lucky , suck , depressed , shagged , sleepy , mad .
you dont have to lie , do you ?
wait a minute , small matter thats it .
im starting to let things go now .
ive decided to be there fo him when all along you dont appreciate my stay .
& ill just go with th flow .
cause nothing seems to heal th way im feeling right now .

things are getting shitty now .
ouh , i hate stating those sad moments . i dont wish to be a loser in life .
and please , just whats going on with you ?
since yesterday , you made me think .
dont tell me ive made th wrong decision .
if i am , my heart wont let it right .

ill gather every ounce of energy im left with to settle everything fo once .
these are just too heavy on my mind , im sick of it , i know you are too .
but just make it right , nothing is impossible .
ouh , you've been playing around with your words .
so tell me now , how am i suppose to understand you ?
ouh , this is soo sickening .

i want to smile right now , just one person to change th whole situation back again


Thought of You @3:29 PM


no pictures taken .
reason ; my laptop was invaded by virus fo the whole weekends .
so life has been a lil dull & im stucked trying to figure out why .
it has been hard on me when i cant watch movies in my laptop & do th normals things which i have been doing since the existence .

monday i went to school and get my laptop all repaired . hoping that i wont lost any documents & pictures . so everything was back as per normal except that my laptop was contaminated with viruses . i guess ill send my laptop fo a repair again next school day .
and my externall HDD , is not helping me either . FUCK !
and it is contaminated with viruses too . thanks eh :S

afta school , he fetched me and off we wenta geylang .
we went on hunting fo the perfect match but nothing seems right except fo one .
we toured around almost the whole geylang and we bumped into a lot of lovely people .
especially GF who did not come to school but was there at Geylang .
naughty2 eh ((:

had a lill tiff over something which im not sure of . but everything was fine when we break fast .
we went to city plaza and get ourselves a pair .
finally ((: thanks awak .

p/s : i guess im growing fatter , AGAIN .
see lah , HAMIRUL's fault . LOL !

anw , thanks awak fo making things happen .
you know ily ((:

Thought of You @8:42 AM

Friday, September 12, 2008'♥

_____ ~ says:
true. this just shows that she has been longing to have him for herself.

_____ ~ says:
about the money matters, he's too used to you paying and all which makes him seee like he's got nothing to worry about the expenses. so whn you minta dia duit, he feels like, 'where has your money gone to? ' padehal dia tk realise that he's spent your money, PARTIALLY. his friends, HAVE NO RIGHT AT ALL. definitely.

_____ ~ says:
you dont bother pasal kwnwkwn dia. they wont make a diff in your life. treat them like shit oso. cos thats what they are.
_____ ~ says:
he's just trying to bring you downn laa okay (: but dont fret, he's the loser. huhu :)

here are some of th possibilities which my friend has given me . a sound advice from you , thanks babe .

what else ? arent you ashamed of yourself ?
and i hope that the girl you have been dating with will read my blog somehow .
i got a question fo you : is this what you call yourself a friend ?
girls nowadays are disasters ! they dont give a damn if they are your friends , they dont give a damn dating with your ex & they dont even care how i feel . thats it ((:
he may treat you like one in a million , eh , thats strategy . first time in love , i doubt so ? never had a long term relationship before ? wait till you go on with him . gdluc eh ((:
whats more ? those are just habit which you have been inheriting from your own cousin , now thats a pity

& please , to get someone's attention , a BOY will do anything to get it . he dont appreciate everything , so you think he will appreciate you ? yes , dont judge on the surface, but wait till it tickles your nose , then you will realise . anihoos , are you trying to say that im jealous ? ouh oh , watch up cause im not . you disturb me by telling people th bad points about me , wait till you have if alright . ill humiliate you in front of her .

lets roll it baby ((:


Thought of You @2:01 PM


update people .
im sure that all republicans are aware of this ; no schools on Wednesdays .
so on Tuesday night , we had our nice little sweet conversation on the phone .
we chatted quite long yeah ((: thanks fo the wonderful night LOVE .
anw , had a little tiff with this irrit jerk . i dont wish to mention about it now because it can really be a big damn pain in my ass .

anihoos , on wednesday itself , i really had a great day with LOVE .
first up , we met at around 230 . waited fo him to transfer new games into PSP and then off we went to Sim Lim Square to purchase an external HDD , credits & thanks to mommy * shake butt*
we went fo a window shopp first and i swear i felt like purchasing a China phone and an mp3 . i have misplaced my mp3 and LOVE was pretty mad at me because im so careless . SORRY BB .
we went to ATF , and we bought a design tablet fo the both of us .
so we sat at a corner to check up that everything is fine .
and i go a little kancong as usual .

me : you , i guess this design tablet is only meant fo Window Vista .
him : REALLY ? are you sure ?
me : (knock head) really . you see , " Certified for Window Vista " . ouh shit . i wasted my money on this , why not we go and change it ?
him : are you sure ?
me : hell yeah !
him : *check on th requirements* see , its suitable fo window XP lah .
me : SHY SHY SHY * blushing *

& there he went on laughing at me . thanks eh you :S

next we went to JB , by public transport because the traffic jam is worst than i thought .
we went to City Square with an intention to grab an Adidas flip-flop . but sadly , theres no size fo me . i was so freaked out till i dont have th mood to talk but LOVE cheered me up .
we purchased a lot of things , unplanned .

liquid eyeliner
red-color nail polish and th top coat
3 new yet old version games fo PSP ((:

we break fast at Fig & Olive . yea , thats him . he detest me displaying his full image , so ill just display half of it .

i had my mango banana milkshake whereas he had a chocolate bla bla ( th name of th drink is quite long )

he had his Figo Beef Steak ( well-done)

while i had chicken pesto carbonara

we were so full , werent we ?
we went to DVD shop , okay this was unplanned again . i took a look on seasonal series of drama/cartoon . yea , i bought the first season of Spongebob Sqaurepants & he went , " you're like a small kid " . HAHA !
we chilled out afta that at Coffee Bean while he played PSP .
we talked about nonsensical stuff as usual .
how about grey this year ?

caramel , yum yum .

he sent me off home . i grabbed my PSP charger and passed it on to him .
ouh ya , before i forget , we went on to AXS to get my bills paid and purchased a top up card .
see , everything goes on smoothly ((:

ouh ya ya ! before i forget , i bumped into my dearest GF , Sahirah and her bf at JB . we were like shy kann Sahirah ? yea , i kinda feel awkward . when was the last time we had a chat face - t0 - face ? HAHA .
anw , you look pretty and cute . so are your boyfriend .
maybe we shall go out together some day aite ?

LOVE , thanks fo the wonderful day . i really appreciate it .
we had a lot of fun right ?
those moment when you hold my hands while crossing the streets , carrying those shopping bags , i appreciate it a lot okay . you are so wonderful ((:

i feel secure when you are here by my side

next update will be on shopping spree and that little jerk because he deserve a place in my blogg.


Thought of You @8:54 AM

Tuesday, September 09, 2008'♥

more of quick updates about my life yeah ?
enough of me mentioning on where i go because some people may not be interested in it ((:

well basically , i have submitted my PP yesterday and i only get the result today .
reason : i left out some important key points which is vital in my PP . & i have a solid two more weeks to work on it before the new submission due date .
yea , i never wanna procrastinate anymore especially on school projects because this is what im gonna be when i have to do last minute rework , " KANCHONG SPIDER "

over some personal issues , i am building myself again , yea starting a whole new life with someone who deserves my love .
in some situation , i just feel like i could throw pots and pans in your head , give you a double-choke slam, stone cold stunner and rock bottom on someone who have been trying to change fo the attention of someone else which is so irrit to peoples' eyes .
sucha desperado ((:

LOVE , thanks fo everything . i appreciate you fetching me from school when im all sick . you made my day . we shopp like crazy didnt me ? & yea , the night conversation , i hope it will last .
fo now , lets remain like how we should , build on whats left torn apart . lets take one step at a time alright ? and i swear i love you .
you made me realise how strong the love is , ive waken up my senses now . somehow , i felt regret after you pouring everything to me . nothing can be done now , but maybe we can take it slow alright . i want you to be the first and the last thing on my mind when i wake up and before i go to sleep .

i moved on . i know theres no way i could turn back time . but fo all the words that you have said and have been degrading me , ill make it work this time . you know me dont you ? so better hope fo the best . nahh , im not bearing grudges . i know that people are prone to make mistakes , so ill let it go hoping that you will somehow realise it alright .
i pity you , take care ((:


Thought of You @8:20 PM


hello people . bear with me cause this is going to be a long post .
again , pardon me fo my absence . im really busy since school reopen and other new commitments ((:

school is great so far . new classmates , new facilitators , new yet hectic modules and new resolutions fo this semester . i hope ill make it right this time . no doubt , im still trying my best to juggle with these new modules im currently studying fo & im somewhere there ((:

not forgetting , weekends was superb ! initially , i was reluctant to meet my friends because im still not done with my PP . so i keep on attempting it till im 3/4 done , i get myself ready , and off i went to meet my friends over at Arab Street . before that , i went to meet him and grabbed my earpiece .
Hajah Esah food was like any ordinary seafood stall food . it wasnt that delicious as i thought it will be when my friends mentioned the restaurant's name . after which , we went fo a shisha . yea , this was th best part ; we joke , we played games , etc etc . we are so deprived . i laughed till i dropped to the floor . and later , we were all shagged .

at first , i thought of a bowl with my dearest but then my friends wanna tag along . so yeah , since it is raining and there was last minute changes , we went on first and dearest tagged along later . i didnt expect to bump into that jerk . it makes me wonder why when there are 3.3 millions of people staying in Singapore , why must i bump into him ? okay , after all that incident , i can never forgive you . oopppss !

dearest came and he insisted on a bowl . i forced him , as usual . so yea , by th end of th 3rd game , i was all worn out till i kept on having th balls rolled to the drain . dearest sent me off home , but before that , we had a cigg or two at the void deck . did a little of sharing , the truth & then we had a little tiff which last quite a FEW hours . im sorry dearest , i didnt mean to hurt you .

so yea , let th pichas do the blabbering alright , i still have a lot to do right now .

me and ina .

the usual JURONG peeps

ein : i think we should buy this and wear this for raye
i : then we can walk on the street together
ein : -________-''
i : HAHA !

the two best of best who have been there fo me fo almost everything .
thanks a lot ! i appreciate you guys , now that is so true ((:

anihoos , im still waitin fo you to wake up frm your sleep and tell me .
be it good or bad , im ready to accept the consequences .
hope this better be good .
and I L Y ((:


Thought of You @9:24 AM

Friday, September 05, 2008'♥

im having my 2 hours break now . i wish to sleep now but i cant afford to lose a minute anymore . i really need to do something rather than sleeping and wasting time staring into blank spaces . school has started and it is worst than i thought . this semester's module , though it may sound complicated , but actually it is fun and simple to understand . how i wish the lesson's problem will remain this way for the whole 16 weeks . but , applied chemistry module is killing me . i suffocate whenever it comes to this module since the last semester . i need Mdm Tay now , i guees . urgh , how i wish i could turn back time and study reall hard for my chemistry 3 years ago .

i wish it is a good sign to me . on the second day of school , my classmates start talking to one another . i hardly laugh like how i used to in sem 1 .

anyways , after school , i made my way through the school's exit and met him . at first , we thought of going JB but then , i am afraid that we will be rushing things out and stucked down in the jam and thus , i decide to look out fo any alternative plans .

instead of JB , we hit Newton . yea , toured around the place , looking fo the best food at the best prices and in the end , we both gave up and sit looking at the menu without even having th thought of our budget . well , nvm ((:
we went to order our food and we are left with approximately 1.5 hours before break fast . we grabbed pictures , talked about the most stupid things that has happened . share our thought on some things .

i had his piture with me , and he had mine in his ((:

the food which we have ordered . ill list it down , it is scary when i think about it again .

barbeque stingray
tom yam soup
chicken wing
fried kang-kong

all these food to ourselves . i was so full till i had a hard time walking straight .
we hit Geylang afta that . we walked around & take a peep on whats best fo this raye but nothing caught our attention . we gave up and he sent me off home after 1/2 hours of chatting at th void deck .

thanks fo the message at night , i dozed off early last night .
& yea , thank you fo you fetched me afta school and brought me out to somewhere which i longed to go to . thanks fo making my day ((:

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Monday, September 01, 2008'♥

weekend was totally unplanned but still it was a blast .
i rot fo almost a day at home because some people just have to go to work during the weekends . LOL ! we (Khai , Amir and me) went to hit town at 8 . they went on public , and this person went , " WOAH , the place is so different now ((: "
we walked here and there , no sense of direction , from Ngee Ann City to Wisma , and i bought myself Famous Amos which i have been craving fo since long time ago . then off we went to Far East , to look out fo the cap that Khai have been mentioning but to no avail . we wanted to have our dinner at Puncak , but there too many people there .

we stood at corner suggesting fo a place to eat , there was these two minareps who caught my eyes . they were so annoying that i felt like stabbing them . i know them actually , but i just cant be bothered to approach them and say HI . who the hell are they ? to me , that was their main routine fo staring people , and look out fo people's faults . just whats up with them ? so GET A LIFE lah kann . they seemed so immature . trying to boost their confidence wearing those 'tied-up' tubes when they dont even have a breast at all . with their eyebrow as high as a mountain . ouh gosh , what a disgrace to others .

since there were no better place to eat around there , we decided to grab our dinner at Bukit Gombak instead , Aliff after which we went to Cdans to bowl . we played fo 5 games , and now my right hand and left leg is aching . nonetheless , it was a great day , thanks to them .

sunday , it was a chaos . yea , neither do i expect it to happen . dont wish to elaborate or mention names here , i had enough of degrading you , and i guess its better fo you to reflect yourself in the mirror and start to think of a solution now . and i believe you need to go fo character/attitude building classes . went to bukit batok to grab my stuff , had my early dinner at Rex Chicken Rice and off to his house to spend some quality time with his family . then i went to meet JaJa , after which Hafiz and Ein dropped by .

on monday , went to JB to buy cigarettes and off to meet my friends . nothing much fo yesterday , except that after my break fast , i was so so sleepy that im so lazy to meet my friends again .

thursday is th start of school , i wish i can pull it through ((:

ps : ana , you what block eh ? i W5 tao . tsk tsk tsk

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