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Tuesday, June 29, 2010'♥

pardon me fo not updating.im really sorry fo th lack of updates.i was really busy with work that i hardly had th time fo myself. Was supposed to meet mimi baby fo dinner but she was unable to make it.prolly nxt time ok bby?
Im done with 19 days of training.time flies so fast.im happy to have my cliques ard.honestly,they are my driving force to look forward to work despite th destination.oh yes,tmr ill be permanently working at ibp,jurong east.and yes,thats fate.ill end up there answering calls. So m1 customer,im here to serve you.please be nice.lol. Off to bed.ill update soon.goodnight.

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Monday, June 21, 2010'♥

Generally, if I go online to blog or do something, I would go blank because I have nothing to do except for FB-ing. And if I were to update, I would update about work, work and more work. How hectic life can be.

Over the weekends, on Saturday to be precise, I went out with mother in the morning to CPF, Mendaki here and there, all over Singapore. I asked around since I want to make a study loan. I have decided to take Bachelor; double major in Psychology and Marketing Management in Kaplan.
School fees are high (what do you expect -..-) and I am trying my very best to be financially stable.
I guess I need to apply for the course next yar. Because if I do it now, I will start school in September and I am still under probation with M1. So, I'll get myself used to work first before any other commitments starts to come in.
After which, I went to Paya Lebar to accompany my mother, just where I work lah currently kan, like no life. Then sister came down to fetch us and send me back home :)

Later in th evening, I went out with my one and only lover boy. We had a great time of catching up etc. Then went to meet the rest at Bkt Timah. Well, I wish Fir was along cause he is humorous guy lor.

I really had a great time with the loved ones. Thank you mom and love for everything :)

And to my daddy, happy father's day. Though you may not define love for me, I still love you for everything.


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Wednesday, June 16, 2010'♥

I know this blog is turning into a museum somehow. Work is really hectic that I couldn't get a space to write in or something. Go home, sleep. I always do that.

Everything is going on smoothly, I supposed. I met with a lot of new people, all from different walks of life. They are people who dominates, influences, consencious and very steady. Life is never easy, as it is. By changing myself from someone so playful to someone with full of resposibilities and commitments, is never easy though. I really need some time to improve on myself.

Training wise is good, but its not good when I am SLEEPY. Because I really cannot concentrate in class that I tend to switch myself off and daydream. Thanks to my sister who always make a coffee for me before I go off to work. And also the pantry which have an express coffee machine. All of it comes in handy now! I don't really indulge myself to coffee until when I realise I have no other choice but coffee. I need to drink at least a cup of it before work starts. Oh my, too much caffeine ady(apart from the tars I had!)!

Oh yes, it has been raining badly today till Orchard Road, Scotts Road and many other affected places is attacked by flash floods. I was really shocked that it could turn these bad. I think they need to expand the drainage system over at CBD to avoid such unforeseen things to happen again anytime soon. Oh mr. weather, please grant us a good weather tomorrow. I don't want to get all soaked up please.

Ok tired, goodbye.

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Tuesday, June 08, 2010'♥

I'm going to make a quick update. I am doing some admin things while blogging.

Oh my, I miss so much of cyber information when I'm away from laptop.
Quite a number of issues happening now, but I couldn't care any lesser than that.
Only showed concern will do. So long as they don't disturb my cup of coffee will do.

Oh my, training has been good for the past two days.
It will be a hectic training starting from tomorrow onwards because that's when you learn more about everything in the company. I hope I can make it though. Moreover, I have three tests to sit for in order to test my knowledge about the company. I hope I can do it as well.

GST is coming. Oh my, so happy. Ok lah, I is first timer. So pardon the older people eh. Kidding :p

Everything has been going on smoothly.
Hope it will for the upcoming days.

Update when I'm free aite.
Lots of love,


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Sunday, June 06, 2010'♥

Hello fellow readers.

Currently, I am watching The Arrivals on Youtube.
It has been rumours everywhere stating about Illuminati these and that.
Well, its up to the individual whether to believe it or not.
And it is really a complicated thing to understand.
I watched halfway because I can't seem to absorb much of the information shared in all the videos. Moreover, there are many parts to the completion of the series, which makes me go confused on which to watch first.
But one thing for sure, fuck it.


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Saturday, June 05, 2010'♥

Two more days to work!

Thought of You @7:18 PM


I'm back humans.
I'll either share a little pictures here or you can get full pictures on FB soonn.
I need some patience with Fb, please, excuse me.

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