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Monday, March 17, 2008'♥

have been trying reall hard to log in to blogger . like finally after few minutes of trying .
ive been very eager to update blog today on occasion . but on ordinary days , you ask for it , lets see when im free . im sleepy at this hour but few minutes of blogging wont harm the day right .

it has been pretty hectic waking up in the morning , get myself through the cold water and reach work at 7 am . well , people may say i am crazy to work early in the morning . but , im free after three unless they call mi for overtime . work has been fun except for the delivery of coffees from office to office . it tedious ok . those lazy bumps are staring at the computer till they did not have the time to get themselve a coffee or tea . comeon office peeps , you gotta go for a walk . if not your ass will stretch and you will have a bad vision by then . so please , do take care of youself ok .

anw anw anw . im counting down to my dearest bdae . time check :1150 pm . yes ! i cant wait . hes turning 18 , im sure he is excited like i was when i turn 18 . get to smoke drink legally and do most of it legally you noe .

so heres a short message from me to you :
you were there for mi through bumps and hurdles.
you were there to sacrifice a minnute for my well being .
you despise me when i was in wrath . im sorri for not being a good girlfriend .




p/s : please make this saturday happen . please dont let anything comes in between the day .
im sure gonna get piss off .
but i do have something on with my family . sape ntah tunang . i guess ill be there for awhile only . i promise .

surprise surprise surprise !!!!

Thought of You @11:47 PM

Saturday, March 15, 2008'♥

i dont wish to talk about someone in my blog and also i dont wish to hurt anyone's feeling . but at the same time , if i were to ignore , giving you chances after chances , i will have yet to deal with my own emotions if you keep on hurting me . i noe we should forgive and forget but when it comes to me hurting you unintentionally , whenever we brood over small things , will you forgive me wholeheartedly?im sure you are bearing grudges with me , which im so sure that it is unhealthy . if you say yes , think again . now go and make some reflection . when i hurt you , did you just shut yourself up , ignore me for few months , give me excuses not to meet up whenever i give you a call ? well , if you wanna say that it is karma for me , i dont think so . because i didnt do that to anione before . i will just makesure that someone will wake up and not repeat his/her mistakes . i noe nobody in this world is pefect , but repeating your mistakes is as though you have not learnt from it and you still didnt noe how hurtful it can be to the other party .

i aint a doll , im telling you . when in times in need , you called me ,begged mi to meet you up i the middle of the night because you were in deep shit . and because of you , i neglected my relationship just to make sure that you are okei . but how about him ? it is unfair for him because he has the right in this relationship . moreover , i have been fighting with mother since im back home late at night almost everyday . is it fair for me , get a scolding for my mother because of me sacrificing my time for you and not for her when you noe i should prioritise her more ?

and im sure , your family hated mi too because they thought i taught you all the bad stuff which im really sure and i swear to you i dont . but where is my right in this life ? i did nothing to harm you , to make you sniff glue or aniting ! nor do i do that , because i noe it is so wrong . but if you keep on putting the blame on others and you keep on pretending to be the angel , then forget about your place in heaven , because i noe mercy lies . it is okei if things got into this way , because i noe those are challenges which im suppose to deal with , and i dont care what people said about me , and i am not even afraid about it because i dont do it either .
but dont make me go to the extent where i will embarrass you . if you want to play a dirty game , ill make sure you lose in it because i like dirty games .

so what if i sound so bad in this post . i dont like pretending to be good in front of others or whatsoever . i prefer people who reveals their true colors than hiding them . because org diam-diam lepu tu la yg lagi jahat .
ok stop it here . and im sure this will be the first and the last time im going to talk about u in my blogg , because i noe im wasting other people's time to read it when it doesnt even concerns them .


[this is what happen near the exit of kje , woodlands.]
ok mas selamat , you have to pay for these okei .
you made those lorries' driver endure in the jam for hours .
and it is not fair for them when they are just working , but anyway , im proud of singapore , because when it comes to this , they make sure that everything is okei and that you [mas selamat] wont slip out of the country easily.anw , i pitied the poeple who are stucked in the jam , but the police are just playing their part so i just want you to play your part too. it is for the safety for the whole because you noe he is a dangerous man . i hope he will get caught reall soon . because people are so frustrated with him . he makes people waste time searching for him when there are other things which are better to deal with .

so anw , my sister shared a story with me yesterday .
in the morning , while she was at her void deck , heading to the multi-storey carpark , an old man approached my sister .

man : is that mas selamat ?
sister : where is it ?
man : the one walking , with his left leg limping .
sister : oh no , that is an achi [an indian lady]
man : ouhok . but that person is limping . must be mas selamat .
sister : no la uncle , itu achi la .

you see how singaporeans really care about their own country . we are aware of what is happening . and as a resident , we are hear to help and gather information whenever possible .
still hunting you down .

and baby , i love you just the way you are now . you are great .

update soon ! (:

Thought of You @12:59 PM

Monday, March 10, 2008'♥

weekends .

though we fought at the start of the day . things were better later on .
at first , i dont want to meet him , just because of minor thing . like very stupid . but i feel doubly stupid when i just make the matter worst .

we went to have our dinner at marina square , i had mee bakso and he had nasi ayam penyet . after which i bumped into my dearest GF there . what a small world kn yana ? then we were sitting , and we saw two groups of people fighting . and this chinese guy with a bottle of liqour in his hands , threw it at innocent people . come on la . what if those pieces of glasses tore the skin open and reaches into someone's eyes . you guys are simply educated , you know which is sharp and blunt , which is sweet and sour . but how come , you dint get this right in your head ? i admitted la baby , i kpo i noe . but i dont know la , it just make me know more about the world and what is revolving on the other hand .

im craving to bump into aidil like badly , but too bad , somethings are not meant to be my way . so let it be . tonning, and i spent most of time with my dearest . not forgetitng , after 2 weeks or so for not meeting up with his cousins , at last , i get to meet them . ((:

it was a great weekend . i love it so much .

* and people i feel like changing my blog layout

Thought of You @1:55 PM

Thursday, March 06, 2008'♥

so finally my laptop is in my hands . i miss blogging , seriously .
well , nothing much to update .
i was so busy for the past few days , or should i say a few weeks since hols .
job hunting , chilling , procastinating n many many more .
at last , im able to enjoy my weekends in singapore .
ive been out of town every weekend since the holidays . accompanied my mother to jb cum famiy gathering . though i was separated from him for a moment , my life was quite bored but thanks to my family who keeps the ball rolling .

this week is his study week . so ill be accompanying him study .
and guess wad ? ok it seems so the time lambat la .
but then kan , im sure you guys have played the word game whereby you were given a long word and are told to make up a new and as many words as possible .
ive been playing that with him since the past four days . and ya lor , mcm deprived gituk kan .
but it was challenging . kita tk lah main 3 letter-word jek . we try to make a 5-letter word .
gerek giler !!

and yes , my dearest fareez azhar birthday is coming .
im trying my very best to save up money so that i can grab for him something . though theres nothing much , i hope a little thing will do . well , a thought that counts mah .
ok la people .
i very the otak mati la tk tahu nk update ape .
nites :D

im counting down to the day .

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