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Thursday, January 29, 2009'♥

i was extremely stunt by your words , im really in big doubts that i think its th best fo me to state it down here , so you will know th next time when i ask you these questions again , you would exactly know on what kind of answers will i be expecting from you instead of idk . now , im giving you th questions first before being questioned and so i will be expecting intelligent answers from you .
i will be expecting reasons and not excuses from all these because you did try to make your answer seem intelligent when actually its not , at all times . im really sorry but i have to react in a harsh way so that you know that im not a foool whom you can foooll around with .
how should i react when we were on high notes these past few days and the next thing i know , you ask fo a break ?
what should i do after th aftermath that i received from you ?
why cant you just think about future and stop letting th past haunt you down ?
does it hurt you badly that you have to behave like this ?
do you know that to whoever couple out there who tends to give up on each other , both are to blame ?
you know my mistakes , cant you just accept your mistakes ?
why do you have to keep on pin-pointing fingers on me ?
if you are really 21 this year , then behave th right way okay .
you want me to get a new guy ? you think my pussy desperately need a dick ? i dont have to be such a faker to fake myself and find someone .
im not gonna treatr guys just to fill my own satisfaction !
i cant blog uh , whenever i come to think about these , i really have to shoot up and create fireworks


Thought of You @2:33 PM

Wednesday, January 28, 2009'♥

i would like to apologise fo th lack of update here .
basically , im really busy with my projects as well as other commitments .
so if theres not muc fo an update , i hope you guys would understand alright .
anws , life has been per normal , AT TIMES .
been trying to juggle with time , its not easy though .
family , i have always been neglecting them due to all th school projects and daily out of house routines .
friends , no matter how busy i am , i will always try to reply to their messages though i couldnt be there , especially to JAJA .
BF , he has been trying hard to understand th whole of my life now . and at times , there are always misunderstanding which leads to no objective tiff .
and i have been trying my best to cope up with everything .
can you people tell me how heavy is it ?

anws , since i am so busy with my life till i never had th time fo BF , we went to Labrador Park to chill , walk around . we snapped like tons of pictures ; we had so much fun i tell you ((:
after which , we went to Mustafa Centre fo dinner , im like so fucking in love with th thosai paper .
i ate a lot , even BF shakes his head , but birthday kannn ? LOL !
enjoy th pictures , cause i really have to get ready fo tutoring . damn :S

and last day of school to sheesha with th babes were marvellous .
i love it so much , can i have mor of it babe ?
AND hell yeah , yesterday was a kecorable day .
shall update it once i have all th pictures in hand .
and hell yessss , i cant wait fo th chalet lah !
update soon ~~ !


Thought of You @1:33 PM

Monday, January 26, 2009'♥

ill be back soon fo a post .
im really sorry because i cant update right now .
i need to rush off to meet jaja .
shes out now , waiting fo me at th bus stop .
and here i am still typing .
i got to go .
keep track fo more updates !


Thought of You @6:43 PM

Friday, January 23, 2009'♥

1. put your itunes on shuffle
2. for each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. you must write that song name down no matter how outrageous it sounds!
4. tag 10 friends who might enjoy doing the same game as well as the person you got the note from.

if someone says 'is this okay' you say ?
hanya kao yang mampu - aizat (wth ? )

what would best describe your personality ?
dont ask her that - shaggy ft nicole (cause i dont know whats my personality is)

what do you like in a guy/girl ?
your love is blind - ramzi ft ash king (cool kaperrr ? )

what is your life's purpose ?
just fine - chris brown (yea , to be just fine in life)

what is your motto ?
Krazy - Pitbull and lil john ( yeap , i have always been that)

what do your friends think of you ?
bounce - timbaland (tits eh?)

what do you think about often ?
bad girl - danity kane ft missy elliot (yeap , certainly)

what is 2 + 2 ?
i know what them girls like - ludacris ft chris brown (put it as , i know whats the answer's like)

what do you think of the person you like ?
lie about us - avant ft nicole ( i never think of th person i like , AT ALL sia )

what is your life story ?
emotion - destiny child (true , especially about relationship, BF noes that )

what do you want to be when you grow up ?
way i are - Timbaland ft Keri Hilson (be what i am )

what do you think when you see the person you like ?
pornstar - TI (thats really scary)

what do your parents think of you ?
used to be - Ilya (maybe im someone else now that mom starts complaining)

what will you dance to at your wedding ?
top back - TI feat young jeezy (ouh favourite)

what will they play at your funeral ?
body on me - nelly (kurangajar seh tu)

what is your hobby/interest ?
forever - chris brown (sleep forever)

what do you think of your friends ?
drama , love , relationship - Babyface (WTF!)

whats the worst thing that could happen ?
touch my body - mariah carey ( who wants to get molested easily sia)

how will you die ?
rastaman chant - jah cure (smoke weed everyday)

what is the one thing your regret ?
insomnia - craig david (th next day when i wake up, im so shagg)

what makes you laugh ?
moving mountain - usher (does it ? i dont pay attention to that song animore now ((: )

what makes you cry ?
better in time - leona lewis (it makes you feel stronger)

will you ever get married ?
still in love with my ex - kelly rowland (nahhh , this songs always reminds me of my current bf who used to be my exBF)

what scares you the most ?
labels or love - fergie (love)

does anyone like you ?
my all - mariah carey (BF kot)

if you could go back in time , what would you change ?
captivate - chris brown ( this part , i dont get it)

what hurts right now ?
running back - jessica mauboy (??)

what will you post this as ?
balla baby - chingy (ima balla , say what ? ...)

i am tagging :
amirah auni

while i was doing this , i laugh my ass out sia . some of it are true but some are really absurd ! thanks to emic who tagged me , well at least its like a game instead of answering questions which needs you to crack your brain . to any people whom i dont tagg , you can still do it , cause you will laugh i tell you .

to all my chinese friends , HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR !
and yes , happy weekends people ((:

BF , im gonna miss you and i miss you right now .

Thought of You @11:44 AM

Thursday, January 22, 2009'♥

hello readers . im sorry fo i give it a missed yesterday as i was out fo workshop . chilling around fo awhile after school was fun though . we shall make it often alright ? and i love it ((:
and yes , on just so random , and since ive informed my friends already , i am going to talk about this babe of mine here .
her name is Sri Cempaka . (go see her blog , at my babes section)
i get to know her last april . since she is turning 21 this year , 21 EH , she somehow feel boring with her single life . (i guess so)
it seems like she needs a boyfriend .
she even thought of getting married at the age of 23 / 24 lidat .
so yeah , the whole of us decide to be a matchmaker .
we thought of Faiz at first (your classmate) . but im not sure if you like him . LOL !
erm , maybe we should together walk at town and start to do survey , and see who meets Sri's requirement . she dont want tall guys , absolutely , you will be eliminated if you guys are tall .
th best is , get a boyfriend , and marry soon okay .
cause th older you get , you fertility will decrease .
kate nak anak kembar ? tsk tsk . LOL !

i was bored , really so decide to talk about Sri lor .
shes cute especially when no one listens to whatever she speaks , she will stamp her feet .
shes young at heart even though shes turning 21 this year .

and yes emic , thanks fo th tag , ill do it after this post .
it is really cool lah kannn .

and yes , ill be tutoring later , and BFF JAJA claims that she will be fetching me later .
but im not really sure whether shes going to turn up .
as far as i could stand , im going to stay INDEPENDENT .
i dont want to be too depending on others even on my BF .
why do i say so ? its maturity you see .
you obviously need friends , BF and family to be around you .
but its normal that at times you just need to be alone , and you dont like someone to watch every steps of your move . you have th freedom to lead your own life , and people dont have th right to choose whats good and whats not , because th journey of your life , is you to decide . you choose to go on th right or wrong path . God gives you a brain to think , so make full use of it . i dislike weighing pros and cons of someone , or to judge someone , because thats their way of life . BUT i do hav th right to be close OR stay away from anyone i wanted to.

my type of person , i dislike to be control by unneccesary people . i dislike people to stalk on me . BUT i like to create barrier with my friends , BF , BFF , GFs or even my family . fo one reason ; i just dont like to end off th bonds that we used to share . everyone has a secret you see . i had my past experience , and till now , i felt so not good to approach someone of his/her attitude . i know how im gonna sound though my way of speaking is normal , but my words .gonna hurt someone . as far as i could take it , i will keep it to myself . but please , just dont make me explode , thats when you're asking fo trouble .

i find it super irritating to have all these unnecessary problems . come on , we are old enough to think , please . its just so sickening , you get what i mean ? this is soooooooo 1990s life you know .
so please , this is pissing me off . pfft !

independent; you determine your future , you suffer , you study , your own challenges , your life after you live , you will stand alone . dont be so timid or coward , because in this world , you are always alone .

okay then , ill stop here . this is too long ady .
ILY , BF ((:


Thought of You @9:39 AM

Tuesday, January 20, 2009'♥

Baby Baby
When we first met, I never felt something so strong
You were like my lover and my best friend
All wrapped into one with a ribbon on it
And all of a sudden you went and left
I didn't know how to follow
It's like a shock that spun me around
And now my heart's dead
I feel so empty and hollow

And I'll never give myself to another the way I gave it to ya
Don't even recognize the ways you hurt me, do ya ?
It's gonna take a miracle to bring me back
And you are the one to blame
And now I feel like - ooh!

You're the reason why I'm thinking
I don't wanna smoke on these cigarettes no more
I guess that's what i get for wishful thinking
Should've never let you enter my door
Next time you wanna go on and leave
You should just go on and do it
'Cause now I'm using like I bleed

It's like I checked in to rehab
And baby, you're my disease
It's like I checked in to rehab
And baby, you're my disease
I've gotta check in to rehab
'Cause baby you're my disease
I've gotta check in to rehab
'Cause baby you're my disease

Damn, ain't it crazy when you're loveswept
You'd do anything for the one you love
Cause anytime that you needed me, I'd be there
Its like you were my favorite drug
The only problem was that you was using me
In a different way than I was using you
But now that I know that it's not meant to be
You gotta go, I gotta wean myself off of you

And I'll never give myself to another the way I gave it to ya
Don't even recognize the ways you hurt me, do ya?
It's gonna take a miracle to bring me back
And you are the one to blame
Cause now I feel like - ooh!

but there is no more time fo lies
cause i see sunset in your eyes

im just in love with th songs .
fo people whom it may concern , read th bold words again and again .


Thought of You @2:45 PM


weelll , whats hot today ?
erm , nothing much except fo th unpredictable weather these days .
with a greyish-cloud at the beginning but turn to blue back in split seconds .
when everyone have to cancel their plans fo it seems like its going to rain & th next thing they tend to meet again cause its not afterall.
mr. weather , are you cheating our feelings ?

im left with two more lessons and YES AH! holidays are all fo me man .
but mom asked me to work and not stay at home and be a lazy ass .
but , i just cant work , well i wish i could work but then i can just dream on .
because when i read the project proposal given by our advisor , i can feel th pressure on my brain created by those alien words in the sheet and i felt very much clueless about it . i just couldnt get th definition in my mind when i read those keywords . ouh gosh ! and now , i feel like crying .

and bf bf bf ; we shall get ourselves a proper outing alright ?
im really craving fo it .
well not to say that we have not been going out , initially im superbly busy that we only meet up when you came down and fetch me from school or at any other places .
but we shall have a day of quality time spent together alright baby ?
well , like you said , ________s ?
im very much looking forward to it ((:
you must have those box fo storage of foods and drinks alright ?
nevertheless , you are still my sweetest bf .

this week , im gonna be a dead meat soon . very busy
tuesday - school , UT and tutoring
wednesday - school , tutoring
thursday - school , talk and tutoring
friday - school & mindscafe-ing with th babes
saturday and sunday - bbq cum family gathering at JB

and yes today marks th dat whereby Mr. Barrack Obama is inaugurated as Mr. President .
no word in th dictionary could describe how happy am .
i hope he could amend everything thats happening right now .
especially th war thats going on between the Gaza and Israel .
its really saddening to have all those innocent lives taken away .

give us hope in letting us lead our life back like how we used to be


Thought of You @1:05 PM

Monday, January 19, 2009'♥

and this will be something out of my patience .
waking up early in th morning is already a big problem to me .
and to get myself squeeze like sardines is another big big problem to ME !
moreover , monday blues .
bus is always on time , so i dont have to worry about it .
but to get myself missing a bus / packed like sardines is really an enormous problem .
187 is no longer a public transport to me , but HKSS/SSS/JVSS school bus .
i dont mind standing because i know ill get a seat , thats fo sure .
but , these pupils who are literally educated have not been using their brains and take th initiative to move to th rear of th bus and let others to board on .
WTF ! doesnt mean its early in th morning and that you can give excuses like your brain is not working right ?

well , move on .
the suckiest part was during break time in school .
we went outside school , chatting and laughing like hell .
and then here comes the RP's dogs and claimed that we were smoking and started to fine us $75 .
wtf ? th fucking thing is that they did not catch us smoking red-handed in th first place !
and theres no crystal clear evidence that we were smoking in th first place !
even NEA and HSA has a good policy , excuse me !
and theres no way that im gonna pay fo it ! because im not in posession of any cigarettes !
i dont even know thaat RP has a school compound ! when its open to public . you people get what i mean ? and im not smoking in th school that you wanna fine me lahhh .
just fo th sake of feeling your quota is it ? you people should get a life .
and to that scarf old woman , i dont mean to be a freaking racist or whatever .
just what th hell are you trying to impose about yourself ?
you are just degrading our religion and as a woman ! you have no respect fo people .
you are really getting on every single of veins in my body .
that th blood is on th higest pressure and i really need to release it .

so much on a monday right ?
what a bad 2009 . damn .
anihoos , im looking forward to tomorrow .
yeepieeee .
i hope this world could change fo th better .
give me hope , Mr. Obama ((:

ill update tomorrow alright ?
lets talk about something .
take care , and please , dont end up your week like mine .
this is just a start , and it sucks alot .

and i need a job fo holidays sooonnnnnnnnnnn enoughhhhhhh .


Thought of You @10:29 AM

Saturday, January 17, 2009'♥

after school yesterday , Bf fetched me and together , we went to collect my laptop .
you should see how happy was i while waiting fo my baby at th counter .
once received , i test it out , hoping that everything is okay .

anihooos , we grabbed our dinner at KFC , its been eons since i last had a meal at KFC .
someone just have to piss us off right ?
we were full by then , having those mouth watering cheese fries , and now i'm craving more of it .
but then again , i have to cut down th fats that i consumed , i wont help myself in getting any slimmer .
i hope th next time ill be eating fast foods will be like .... next year ?

okay next , we went to chill near our home since weather is not on our side .
so we chilled , played PSP till th battery runs flat .
we were so deprived , especially me when it comes to playing games .

Bf and me are planning on where to go now actually , and i'm really trying to find a good place fo us to chill at .
its been really boring to stay at home during weekends right ?

we have been trying to mend everything , didnt we Bf ?
and yes , it worked out finally .

i will walk with you , hold you in my hands
and face th world .
and i wont be shy to say

xoxo .
happy weekends


Thought of You @4:01 PM

Friday, January 16, 2009'♥

(credits to Desiree fo th snapping & shida's phone)
on random , i have the highest no. of viewer fo yesterday's rant , ok best .
more can ?

im left with 4 more lessons and im done with semester 2 .
&&& i'm gonna miss my classmates though im not that close with them .
but they are bunch of cool people .
10 weeks break ((:
and i really need money fo holidays so i guess ill go fo job hunting soon .
if not , ill send in my resumes .
next , is my last year in th school and FYPs and CEs .
im left with 17 more points to earn and im done with that unnecessary module .

my cliques have a lot of plans coming up .
next friday will be mindscafe
and during th holidays , we are booking a chalet . mind you , majority are girls . heh !
and i hope we can make this happen okay , hurhur .
its gonna be lotsa fun , i bet you .
i supperrrrr can't wait fo it ((:

ill not be updating much fo next week because i'll be extremely busy with workshops and tuitions.
hope you guys understand alright .
but i wont neglect it , i promise .

what else ? hmmm , lemme see .
i just don't tolerate people jumping into th queue which i was in too .
and then , they will took a merely 15 minutes just to deposit their money .
how irritating can that be ?
ouh yes , speaking of it , i lost my ATM card ! so i deposited my money with th help of Bf's card .
i dont think i misplaced it , because i dont use it since a month ago .
and when i asked my mom to look fo it in th house , she just like cant be bothered .

and to top it all , i would like to congratulate
BFF JAJA fo getting 6 credits in her O'level .
i am proud of you GF .
and tak sia2 kan i ajar you science , when you are really in doubt ?
HAHA , kate scientist . LOL !
i know you have been working hard lately & i have nott been meeting you up fo quite some time .
and i really miss you babe , i wonder how you've been now .
thanks fo th night wishes , which was so random of you .
and thanks fo th call and everything .
you have been one of th best baby jaja ((:

and yes , i am officially attached .
any problem with that ?
ouh ya , i almost forgot


Thought of You @10:13 AM

Thursday, January 15, 2009'♥

this will sound a little emotional .
i didnt mean to make it sound like one , but i just have to let this feeling out , because its really heavy .
when i was on my way to school , i teared badly , out of a sudden .
yeah , some things just remind me of my brother (picture above) .
it is disheartening when i reminisce those moment we shared together .

everything have changed now , i just couldn't accept facts about faith .
how can things end in a sudden ? especially for siblings like me and him ?
i always thought that nothing could break us apart , but now , there is !
there's just this heartless human being who have to separate mother from their children , how evil can that be ?
i'm sure this is not what my brother wanted either , because he wasn't like what he was in the past .
he will always be there fo mom and me .
and yes , i never had a father's love ever before , because mom and dad got separated when i was just a year-old
and i'm living my life without a father's love .
its like i dont have a father who clap his hands singing birthday song to me .
(he dont even know when is my brithday)
who calls me every day and talk to me or even ask me out . NEVER

and yes , my brother above has always been my father .
because he helped me with my bills , check on me especially about school .
he will ask th whole family out fo dinner at west coast .
remember DBF all those moments ?
whod buy fo me tops and bottoms when i wanted .
who buys fo me an assessment book fo revisions .
whod fetch me after school on random days .
who'd bring out fo a swim at wild wild wet .
he'd do anything , fo me and now , im like hunger for my brother/father's love .

i know this will never be th end of everything . im gonna work fo it and im gonna pray and hope that he will come back to us one day . i will really put up th effort , sacrifice anything that i have , so long that i have him with me and my family .
i just need ishack's family back together .
please , god , make this happen to us , especially mom who always hope fo a better tomorrow .

happy 18th birthday to my dearest Bf JAJA !
goodluc in your future endeavours and may god bless you in anything that you do .
remember , if you ever need someone to talk to , im always a call away alright .
and i love you babe ((:
last long with dzuhir yeah .

and before i end this ;
i would like to take this opportunity to wish my one and beloved brother , Iskandar
a happy 37th birthday .
semoga panjang umur dan murahkan rezeki .
semoga Allah S.W.T memberkati ape yang telah diperolehi .
kembalilah ke pangkuan ibumu ,
sesungguhnya , syurga terletak di tapak kakinya .
Amin .


Thought of You @9:25 AM

Wednesday, January 14, 2009'♥

today is suppose to be a day fo me to sleep fo long hours . but i need to wake up early because i need to submit th project's questionnaire which was sent in by th PI earlier on . and ive completed it , praises to God .

next , fo those new readers out there , let me take this little of my time to give a brief introduction about myself .

Name : Nurul Shaheda Binte Ishack
Add : Jurong West , Singapore
School : Republic Polytechnic , Singapore
Course : Diploma in Material Science
Birthday : 25th August 1989
Email : cwit_lullaby89@hotmail.com

i have the affection ....
  1. to laugh
  2. to create lame joke and talk about the most absurd things
  3. for my family
  4. for my [DBF]
  5. for my cliques in RP
  6. fo green tea (Pokka/Heaven & Earth)
  7. fo Nasi Sambal Pattaya (Spicy Omelet Rice)
  8. fo Hotcakes with Sausages (McDonalds)
  9. thosai paper (LOL ! )
  10. to squeeze pimple
  11. to get myself ready at th very last minute
  12. smoke while walking to school
  13. share about my family problems to BABES
  14. to keep myself busy even when im not
  15. to stare at my wardrobe after bathe
  16. to tease and hug my mother before i go to sleep
  17. to take bus than trains cause of long journey
  18. guys with neat eyebrows and sharp nose
  19. smile smile smile
  20. and give a sudden shock in the middle of th lesson
i just despise....
  1. bitches/ sluts
  2. jerks and cowards
  3. egoistical man & woman
  4. bragger on earth
  5. irresponsible people
  6. matrips / minahreps
  7. narrow-minded people
  8. the new generation who have no respect towards the elderly
  9. hypocrite
  10. self-centered
  11. playboys
  12. attention-seeker
  13. who think he is handsome when he cant even turn me on
  14. girls who loves to walk with their BUTTS UP and CHEST OUT
  15. cockroaches and lots of ants
  16. walking home alone because of the creepy side roads
  17. having period
  18. people who loves to irritate me when im doing my things
  19. sleepover at JB because of mosquitoes
  20. and stuck up/ unfaithful humans

my endless desire ...

  1. more TI TI TI TI TI TI TI TI
  2. more CB CB CB CB CB CB CB
  3. meet TI/CB in personal *woah , melts*
  4. more dresses and cotton ons
  5. to succeed in everything that i do
  6. to be a teacher in pri/sec school
  7. to enter Kaplan University
  8. to be patient and confident in anything
  9. to always forgive people's wrongdoings no matter how hurtful it can be
  10. LG KS360 /sidekick
  11. to have a car license when i graduate
  12. a Honda Fit (single) Honda Odyssey (married)
  13. get a house at JB fo my mother
  14. bring my mother fo a holiday or back to kampung
  15. to work with a salary of $2000 and beyond per month
  16. bring all my nephews/niece fo a movie and shopping
  17. purple G-shock watch fo me and [DBF]
  18. 21 presents on my 21st birthday
  19. party with my cliques along with [DBF]
  20. holiday with my [DBF] once recession is over
now that i have describe to you what kind of people i am , i hope you people understand what kind of people i love and who do i actually despise . and yes , i am a girl with a lot of dreams , but without effort , i wont be able to get everything that ive been desiring fo . with th support from my closed and loved ones , im sure im able to obtain all that . and also that undying spirit and sheer determination in each and one of us , im very sure that all of us can achieve on things that we need and want in life . all it takes is time ((:

next update ; keep track alright .


Thought of You @11:12 AM

Tuesday, January 13, 2009'♥

since it's the start of a new year , im gonna make it clear to everyone over certain issues.
first will be about blogging .

so whats blogg ?
its mainly an online diary where you can pour out your feelings, daily life and etc etc .
well , you have th freedom to say whatever you like in your blogg .
as simple as that right ?
NO ONE can actually stop you from what you wanna lay down/discuss in your blogg .

from my view , i think there is a need fo us to limit ourselves from listing abusive words , hurling vulgarities and hurting someone's else feelings despite the freedom you have to blogg . i very much agree that i do that at times but i deal with th person face to face too . like ive said , take it like a man ((:

fo issues such as B writing about someone-whom-B-is-close-to , and a reader just have to be stalker , i dont think they get jealous or frustrated about what B is writing , to be clear . but , fo some reason , they might just want to know about the life of someone-whom-B-is-close-to ; how that someone-B-is-close-to lead their life , how well they have been doing & how spoilt they can be . no one stop B from being close to that someone-whom-B-is-close-to or stop B from writing what B wanted to say , as ive define it , you have th freedom of your own speech .
as much as that stalker isnt having any problem with B , B dont have to jump to conclusions and start pouring shits in B's blogg . that person is not picking any tiff with B , please be very sure about it . because B are ego ? so , that just explains how heartless B can be and B are just revealing B's own weaknesses . hah , you got people's ass laughing at your face and they very much despise you .

another example people , A and B are bestfriends . A has an exbf , L . a few years later L and B are close friends . A knows about their friendship and did not utter a word of jealousy . then when L and B were attached , A run away from B . and she start pouring her hatreds and disgust about B at her blog. and B went clueless about almost everything . but one thing about B, she took th courage to speak up and ask A whats happening . but A only said that she still loves L . when A and L have broken up 2 to 3 years ago . and B actually sacrifices everything , B wanted to let L go fo th sake of her friendship with A .
see , some people just couldnt get it in the brain . whats there to brood over a dick ? that just proves how shallow your mind is as you are not open to th world . well , the least you want it to get things in your way , but sometimes its not easy . when it doesnt go th way you wanted , let it go , sacrifice . no harm doing that .
good things happen to those who wait , remember ? ((:

in some situations such as A vs B (these two are girls) . A got jealous because B is richer when they used to be close . and then A pours everything in her blog . and B very well knew that A is referring to B . but B dare not speak up because B prioritise friendship than anything else . B kept quiet till one day A just keep the ball rolling and eventually B have to put it to a stop .
in th first place , whats there to fight about someone being rich right ? you should be glad that they are not living in a woodstick house . and if you get jealous , thats just narrow minded of you . well if you wanna be rich like B , then work harder , right ? you can have everything to yourself . it just takes time . but to get envy over someone else's life is so nut of you . if B can be rich , why not you people ? even th money comes from B's parents , im sure B's parents work like crazy pig day and night in order to live in luxury .

be responsible fo your own actions ; once you mess with it , you clear it .
take it like a man and don't be a coward but only dare to let out your speech in your blogg but not right in front of the person that you had problems with .

fyi , this is my point of view about blogging , happy ?
wait fo th next update people


Thought of You @9:03 AM

Monday, January 12, 2009'♥

okay , here it is people .
first and foremost , i do have a lot of things to update here .
but i will update on what is a MUST first alright .
well , this wouldnt be long .

im gonna squeeze a lil of time here to wish my dearest Syahidah
goodluc in your future endeavours and may God bless you aite .
live your life to th fullest alright , and always be a good girl .
well , you have been claiming you are one .
okay , disown me cause i didnt wish you on your birthday itself.
an apology cause i wish you 2 days later , yknow i cant be bother to stay online during weekends

well , i make th effort though .
th thought that counts baby ((:
and we shall club with th rest alright .
it has always been our plan but theres something that comes in between .
lets make it right this time .


Thought of You @10:40 AM

Friday, January 09, 2009'♥

an apology because i couldnt update my blog fo th past two days .

my laptop crashed on tuesday morning when i just wanted to start studying .
so i went off early fo home to get my warranty card but , i lost it .
so i went down to funan and send my laptop in for service .
and they told me to come back in three days time .
and now i miss my laptop a lot .
but yesterday , the service centre called . so i thought i could collect my laptop today which is earlier than expected .
but then , the guy told me that my motherboard had spoilt and they are ordering a new motherboard fo me .
so i thought it would take 3 days but it actually gonna take 2 weeks .
and guess what ? i will only be getting my laptop back when im done with my second year .
and now , i miss my laptop more . cure fast baby ((:

since laptop is away now fo 3 days , ive been queueing up in th resource centre to loan a laptop .
and fo th whole of my 2 days waiting , i was in their waiting list .
and i kinda get pissed off with the resource centre's policy .
especially the phillipine woman who works there . shucks !
before that , i was assisted by a Chinese guy who claims that i need to bring my supporting doc so that they can check up with th service centre and if it is true , they will then issue a laptop fo me .
but when i come again with it , the phillipine woman assist me .

woman : im sorry but you are sitll on the queue list . did you receive any sms from us ?
me : no . but i have th supporting doc to prove it to you that i need a laptop badly . and th guy told me i can have it by today !
woman : ouhokay , so which guy are you referring to ?
me : *pointing to him while he attended to someone else* look , i need a laptop right now for 2 weeks . and dont tell me i couldnt have it .
woman : im sorry but we couldnt do anything .
me : what do you mean by you couldnt do anything ? and do you expect me to come fo school and do nothing ? how am i suppose to do my UT and RJs dammit ?
woman : ill try to get fo you one by 530 . if i didnt text you , that means we dont have any fo you and you have to come again tomorrow . (when there are actually 5 laptops fo loan on th rack )
me : so youre trying to me that i have to wake up early and rush to school just fo a laptop ? and if im on th queue list , then i just have to wait ?
woman : yes , but ill try to get it fo you by today .
me : LOOK WOMAN . if you can give me the assurance that there will be a laptop fo me by 530 , i dont mind waiting here . but if there isnt , you are just wasting me time , get it ?

and i walked off . so i waited fo almost 5 and i still didnt get any SMS from her . so i came down along with my friends . and this time , it is really annoying .

me : SO , is there any laptop , yet ?
woman : erm , yes , did you get my msg ?
me : *i checked infront of th woman* if i receive an SMS , my phone would ring .
woman : *guilty* erm , you can take th laptop now .

i went to take , scan my card , check on it and leave th place . i hate th service . screw them up because they spoilt my mood and i just have to be rude due to th inconvinience .

to be a motherfucker in the cyber space , is so last summerrr . so much of being an egoistic , should go and live with th cage because society and authorities dont tolerate that .

ill blogg soon , look up fo more updates .


Thought of You @9:57 AM

Monday, January 05, 2009'♥

i miss blogging BIG TIME .
serious lah , i had holidays fo 3 weeks and now i have to come back to school .
urgh , the feeling of waking up early etc etc sucks a hell lot . but nevermind .
im down with 3 more weeks and like what ? 10 weeks of break ? BAIK KAPE !
and yeah , i have to send in my resume to company . yknow i hate FnB so much .
its time to gain new experience baby ((:

say hello to 2009 .
i have my resolutions and that is to ...........................
i have been having it on my mind fo two to three years , but still its useless .
because why ? i smangat 2 minutes only . LOL !
and this year , since like im turning a year older , i guess my brain plays a major role and that is to be more matured lah .
no more fightings in relationship ,
dont swell over small things .
lets just have fun baby ((: LOL !

quit smoking is my every year's resolution but it does not seem to work .
enrol a car license but i dont have sufficient cash with me .
and lead my everyday life like it was my last day .

i need to settle down with a lot of things right now .
managing time is never easy as i have tons of commitments .
now , FYP is going to be another problem .
ouh gosh , the older you grow , the more responsibilities you have .

so its time to fasten up .
lets start a 2009 voyage and lets make it a smooth ride baby .

ps : im sorry fo neglecting my blog but ive been out like almost everyday .
be back fo more outdated yet meaningful pictures soon .
stay tuned lovely people .


Thought of You @9:21 AM


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