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Monday, April 30, 2007'♥

hey there peeps.
kinda feel bored so decided to blogg instead of wandering ard and building castles in the air.
i wish school ends rite now.
2 hours more to go and its killing mi.
im done with my slides now, and im only left with presenting.
better pray hard i get A for this module.
anw, talking about grades, i had Bs for all my module last week.
better work hard for now.
i need an A. haha.

schools starts officially at 9 for all year 1.
that means i can wake up half an hour later. =)
school is like working in carrefour but its just that im sitting down.
carrefour involves maths and i have to stand up. haha [wadeva].

okok. im trying to cheer myself up.
i hate sitting at home.
it wasnt a friendly environment at home.
screams and shouts here and there.
im sick and tired of it.
that is the reason why i hate staying at home.
but anw, im trying my best to stay calm.
pls GOD, chase away those devils that has been loitering around in the house.
i want an environment where i can work.
please god.

anw, im in love ryt now.
terribly in love with fareez.
im missing him ryt now.
schools gonna end soon.
and im going to mit him up.
hugs and kisses for u ais.
u lighten up my life when im down.
thank god. ure the perfect replacement.
ure owaes there for me.
need to study chemistry later.
better get my butts on my books before i regret again.

hearts him : fareez azhar.

to everone:
i dont wish to hold grudges with anione starting from today,. to anione, if i have offended u, i would like to make a public apology. but if u still insist it and love your ego so much, go ahead. what goes ard, comes ard... im starting my new life today. thanks to his encouragement and motivation. i wanna do it. God has made me realise and open my heart. thank you so much farez.

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Saturday, April 28, 2007'♥

hey hey hey there peeps.
im here again after so long of not posting.
currently, im busy with my school and my boirfren.
m still not stable with my schedule yet.
i couldnt manage my time somehow for now.
but anw, ill try to keep everything back on track so that i can blog whenever im free.=)
so my main objective of blogging is what also i dont know.
i do it on people's request; yana im vomiting my past out because of u. haha

so school for the past 2 weeks was great. i make new friends and all.
at first, it was a somber ambience, but few days after that, i realised that my class rawks to core.
there are also bunch of crappys in my class. i dont wish to name them. im afraid theyll get offended. close to yana, syasya, shila and GREG, the LAMER.
they were a bunch of great peeps la.

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the gerek peeps

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the three of us. lyana,syasya, me
hey fareez..!
sori to say this. i noe its kinda too late..
but just feel like saying this.


i didnt expect us to come to this far.
thanks for being there for me.
i really appreciate it.
we've been through the ups and downs together.
both of us was strong and did not wish to end this relationship.
thanks to u. u came into my life and change me alot.
the fights we had made us knoe each other better and here we are still standing.
and lastly, i just want u to know, no matter how far we are, no matter how busy we are.
u are nvr forgotten and will alwaes be in my heart. i will alwaes be there, supporting u from behind. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FAREEZ AZHAR...!! no one can replace you.

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its contradicting

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since 26/11/06
[jiwangnye aku nie. tk pernah2 aku ginik. haha. but its true uh. here are words tat came from the bottom of my heart. *blushing*]

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