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Thursday, March 22, 2007'♥

hey hey there peeps.
mi here with another post of mine.
its not that i wana kill the time but my heart is killing mi.
ive been havin this heartache since yesterdae.
why must it be about us? why...? i just seem to understand why must all these happen.
am i not playing my part in the relationship.
i did, but why didnt i have the chance to voice out wen something is wrong between us.
am i weak in it? im not but the thing is i dont wish to fight back.
i dont want ppl to know that im rude and with that, there are against mi.
that seems so absurd.

if u ever have the chance to read mi blog.
and noe how i feel rite now.
im not emo-ing here but blog is the onli place where i can rely on wen im down.

i know we've been busy with our things almost everidae.
but aniwae, i did try my best to squeeze in sometime for u, to talk to u and noe ur whereabouts.
thats the least i can do fareez.
u have soccer everi now and then and i dont wanna blame ur soccer.
im trying mi best to understand u dear, but did u?
ure just being one sided, or should i sae that ure self-centred.
all u think is about ur happiness..
let mi ask u..
dont i deserve a happiness from u too?
who am i to u sei bie?
we've been dwelling about this since last month sei and there seems not improvements sei!
im totalli pissed off by all this or am i just plain paranoid?
i just dont want to put our relationship into a waste uh.
seriously. u made mi cry everi nite.

and about the past, even though the wound has healed, but the scar remains.

depression kills my brain cells and its all bcoz of u.
is there a wae to mend a broken heart?

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i nid explanations.
i nid happiness
i nid enjoyment
i nid everiting
but i dont nid the pain.

low-spirited, syareda...


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Thursday, March 08, 2007'♥

we've been together for almost 14 weeks.
its not something i should brag in my blog, but i can my say rite.
i didnt expect us to be this long.
i was proud to have him by myside.
he's the best replacement in my life.
he kills my loneliness and nvr fails to cheer mi up everidae with his smiles.
he is alwaes there to help mi clear my doubts.
also, not forgetting, he nvr fails to enlighten mi dae with his lame jokes.
even though we seldom mit up each other, our love for each other was strong.

however, recently, it is life-killing mi for the both of us.
i would scold him tremendously even though he made the slightest mistakes or not at all.
i easily get irritated.
i wish i could turn back the time.
im just so afraid right now.
afraid of loosing him...
im handling too many problems right now and no one seems to understand.
no one to share mi sadness and sorrows.
its rilli shaky betwen us.
not about the love but the problem that we make is making us feel worst.
dont wish to put too much attention on it.
i have to move on and pray.


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