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Wednesday, September 30, 2009'♥

school will commence on th 5th.
i havent had enough of my holidays.
ive been sleeping late, no one to put me to discipline.
god, please help me.

love told me th incident he is suffering from yesterday.
he is having a hard time forgetting th gruelsome tragedy.
it was an indian man who committed th suicide.
he jumped off from th 5th floor.
he was alone at home while his wife were off to work and his child was out.
and when they returned home, they saw their loved ones, lying on th floor.
no words could describe th sorrow.
a deep condolence to th family.

along with th suicidal, th husband left a diary, which is know to be a suicide note.
no reasons were exposed but only to their family members.

and love, i know you are having a hard time from th trauma.
but im sure as the day goes by, things will heal and you will be fine soon, insya'allah.

ever wonder why people commit suicide.?
it may be th cause of depression or maybe just fate.
but before doing it, dont they think about th consequences.?
or how their loved ones will be at th very least.?
it had happened.
and its too late.
now, all you got to do is, pray.


Thought of You @1:49 PM

Tuesday, September 29, 2009'♥

im really sorry for whatever that has happened earlier on.
i love you, i really do.
and i have no intention of hurting you.
please, you know whats in my heart.
only you can make me feel th real love.
i love you hamirul hasraff.


Thought of You @2:12 PM

Monday, September 28, 2009'♥

awhile ago, while i was having my late dinner just now.
i received missed calls from love.
when i called him back.
he was so intense while mentioning about someone who has just commited suicide right out of his room window.
it reminds me of th same tragedy ive experienced 3 years ago.
it was a bad trauma for me.
but im sure everything will be alright okay darling.

ouh yes,i wanted to continue with uploading pictures and videos, but somehow, i just dont feel like it.
mood is down, totally annoyed with nothing.
i need a smoke break.
and love is with his friends to check out th investigation and all.
i told you, love is kpo you know. hehs.
and i guess im doing it alone.

ill be back fo a proper update alright.
mood lari lah my friends.


Thought of You @11:20 PM


yes, lack of updates here, i know that.

school starts next week.
and im always in a holiday mood.
and i dont know if im going to sleep early when school reopens.
i guess i need a good discipline.
yes, im left with a semester left before i graduate.
obviously i cant wait fo school to end.
because i need to find a full-time job.
financial gue rabak brotherrrr.
im still considering of pursuing my studies.
fo now, i could never make a stand, because im always fickle.

yes, i miss my friends a hell lot.
lets not name them, if you are obiously a friend of mine, then i miss you lor.!

i dont know what to spit in here.
im such a lazy ass these days.
i refused to upload pictures into my laptop because i am lazy.
but ill promise you, when th mood comes in ady, ill blog again soon.

as for now, excuse me please.
i need to catch a good sleep.

boyfriend, im just so stressful.
cause your birthday is coming soon.
and, im shifting soon.


Thought of You @4:34 PM

Friday, September 25, 2009'♥

results are out for th final UT.
and my results fo th whole of 4 modules are below.
syukur alhamdulillah.
thank you god.

and th following are my module grades.
i hope with th following results, it helps to boost my gpa.
i need a god damn 3 man. ((:

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Thought of You @5:47 PM


on th third day of raya.
i did not go out to raya with my family and im really bored having to stay at home.
so we intended to spend our time together.
well, we have no plan initially.
and we ended up at Labrador Park together, just me and him ((:

well, we did not get out of th car, just stone in th car and talk things out.
well, we talk about a lot of things.
what is going to happen in th near future and things that we need to do in order to uphold this relationship.
and alhamdulillah, everything goes on smoothly.
and he has always been my sweetest.

we met khai after that.
and he sent me home right away.
ouh, a little catching up i mean. *

no matter how hard we have to go through, we still have to pull it through.
we shall not give up in every challenges that is ahead of us.
dont sigh, but be strong.
i know life is hard, well who said it is easy in th first place.?
in order to get what we desire for, we really have to work on it with a little effort.
remember, no matter how bad th situation can be
im always there, right behind you, supporting you.
i wont walk away, what people might say.
i will try to be th best-est girlfriend.
to understand every part of you.
even your feelings too.
i love you sayang.

and yes, love's birthday is coming.
and ive been planning a lot of stuf.
thought of going fo a chalet, but sadly it was fully booked.
then i guess we have no other choice but to look fo th alternatives entertainment.
and i hope whatever ill present to you on our special day,
will make and you and i, happy forever.
lets work it out, baby.
erm, fo th future i mean. ((:


Thought of You @12:52 PM

Thursday, September 24, 2009'♥

when words are no longer use in explanations.
when thoughts no longer plays a part.
thats when one has to go
and move on.

when trust is no longer here with you,
when love is fading quickly,
when honesty become lies
its not worth to know th reason why.
because in th end, you bleed.

so do th best for your future.
just a lil effort and sacrifices
and yet it is not vividly seen
move on and never look back.

th bottom line is
you meet th rotten ones before th one and only
mr. husband.


Thought of You @4:00 PM

Wednesday, September 23, 2009'♥

there wasnt much pictures as expected.
because we were all so tired on th second day raya.
moreover, too much pictures taken on th first day of raya.


dont mess with my mom.

cousin from across the country.

i find this sweet though.


Thought of You @1:47 PM

Tuesday, September 22, 2009'♥

This was on th first day of raye.
Let me fill this space with pictures and nothing else.
Enjoy ((:

My sister's family.
With me and mom.

My loveliest niece, haifa dhania.

my all-time-favourite cousin.


sister-in-law and th kids.
With mom too.

My notorious nephew, hafeez.

Th guys.

Th mothers'.

My brother's family.

Me and mother.

Me and beloved sister.
(mind you, 5th kid in th stomache)

My hilarious grandmother and cousin.

at my daddy's crib.

Ishack's daughter.

there are more pictures but i took th best thats worth to be inserted here.
im happy because my cousins from Malaysia all came over to Singapore to celebrate Raya with us.
but what saddens me was my first brother, again have to work on th first day of Raya.
so that leaves with th four of us.

ill do it again fo th second day of Raya when im free.
but they were not much actually.
because we were all not in th mood fo taking pictures.

update soon.

Thought of You @1:12 PM


and niza darling will be back in few more hours.
endure endure.!
i miss her a lot. HELL lot.

pictures are yet to be uploaded here.
bear with me loyalties.
im soo so sorry yea.!


Thought of You @12:52 AM

Monday, September 21, 2009'♥

i am sure to be back soon.
for now, im so tired to vommit words in here.
been going out for 2 consecutive days.
please, excuse me.


Thought of You @11:43 PM

Saturday, September 19, 2009'♥

kepada semua kawan-kawanku, dimana pun kamu berada.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.
ingin nurul mengambil kesempatan ini, menyusun sepuluh jari memohon ampun dah maaf sekiranya ada terlanjur kata atau atas perbuatan yang sengaja atau tidak disengajakan.

moga lebaran ini akan memberi manfaat dan kenangan yang terindah untuk kita semua.
tidak juga nurul lupe, halalkan makan minum dan juga rokok yerr. LOL.!



Thought of You @10:19 PM

Friday, September 18, 2009'♥

i have not been sleeping, since i dont know when.
please take my life away.
why does this have to come again and again.
maybe, you only did see th bad side of me.
and you totally forget about th good deeds.
im not bragging, but its time to appreciate.
am i too evil.?
or im just naive and dumb.?

i dont know if you are ignoring me.
but where exactly have i gone wrong.
i cut my hands because i hate suffering so much.
and im bleeding to much.
prolly you couldnt understand me.
but i think you did.

i need you here with me.
i know we are not ending this.
but do we have to fight over, nothing.?

as simple as;


Thought of You @4:30 AM

Thursday, September 17, 2009'♥


fuck you, past.
please dont come back.
god, destroy it cause i dont need it with me.
nor do i need it to destroy me any further.
now, that sounds better.hehs.

breakfast anyone.?
i need 8 sets of hotcake with sausages.
oops, fasting. okay im not.

Thought of You @7:15 AM


im in no mood.
so fuck it.
besides everything, there is something that bothers me.
please dont ask me why though being concern.
because i dont wish to tell.
because i feel all regretful and demoralised.
i think ive made th biggest mistake.
to be stupid and yet blinded.
and pms is here when it is coming to an end.

and i think, after elaborating th reasons,
i think you know who i am referring to.
it is because of ______________________, that makes me cry.
thank you.


Thought of You @6:27 AM


so yesterday, was a great day spent with ifa, a new gf of mine, perhaps.
it was an impromptu meet up actually.

she called me, seeking me fo an accompany to bugis junction.
fo she needs to collect her blogshopping things as well as hunting fo kasot raya.
we had a hard time searching fo th allocated shop, and credits to her fo being forgetful. LOL.!
so we went on searching and found it, at last. syukur.
then, to charles and keith and bugis street and back to charles and keith.
her shoe was already reserved by another customer so she asked th salesperson to reserve it at th nearby outlet, which is marina square.

so we took 960 (okay a lil bit detailed here) to marina.
in th bus, we went crazy.

see, she went to bugis street to get a pair of shoes. sempat eh.
then i get mine there too. hahahaha.!
and then, to get her shoes.
and then, we chilled at starbucks and bitch and bitch and talk and talk.

went to 7-11 and off to sit somewhere near esplanade.
okay, th track where F1 passes through actually.
and we shared a lot.
it was a splendid time with her. yabedabedoo.!

ouh yes, lets do some sidetrack.
an appreciation to;

my auntie : fo giving me th kachings fo my hair.? how was it.? well, i find it awful. urgh.
my sister: fo th pair of contact lens.
my mother: fo th two sets of baju raye and a pair of heels.
ouh i love you, my everything.


Thought of You @5:23 AM

Wednesday, September 16, 2009'♥

I have found my Mr. Pakcik Keropok.

Thought of You @3:58 PM


pardon me fo th really lack of updates here.
ive been out of th house most of th days and have been staying away from my laptop lately.
ive been an owl. going out at night, and im only back home before sahor. okay, smack me now.

these are all overdue pictures. LOL.!
last saturday.
i went out and travel to east; B-E-D-O-K.
train sucks with lots of passengers boarding and less seats fo all of us.
being th most typical singaporean me, i seek my love to send me all th way to pioneer to get a train.
reason as to why i went to pioneer is so that i could get a seat fo th long journey to bedok.
upon reaching, i was wrongly directed by mel and i went to th wrong bustop.
so i have to make a u-turn and walked down th underpass again just to go to th other bustop.
thanks eh mell. hahahah.!

she fetched me at th bustop and its almost break-fast.
she was so frustrated with arnold not arriving on time.
so we had mee bandung, and 10 minutes later, arnold came with th chickens.!
delicious melicious yum yum.!

after which, i waited fo her.
and together, we took th train again, to
though ive been there several times, but i swear im a forever jakon human there.
i keep on WOW WOW here and there.
well, th last time i went there was when i was 16 years old.?
it was hilarious i tell you.
and we went to terminal two to meet our dearest bestfriends.

me, Sri, Mell, and Niza.

went to Terminal 3 to grab bubble tea.
both of us, or maybe just me, is so thirsty that i can go to shop, crawling.

then, off i went home with love fetching me at lakeside.
thank you thank you darling. i love you.

we went to chill near my housing estate.

had supper at Al-azhar and off home.
thank you so much fo th day and time people.
i love you, you and you.
niza and sri, nurul misses you okay. ((:


Thought of You @1:53 PM


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