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Friday, July 30, 2010'♥

I have not fully recover from my fever. Right now, im facing dry cough and it really annoys other humans. When i cough, everyone will start to look at me with these faces. Hello, like you never cough like that.

Next thing, bf has been sick for almost a week. Hr insisted on going to the docyor. Oh my, im really runnibg out of idea. Ill pray hoping that he will recover fast.

Now, my cousin at perak is hospitalised. Im very much concern about his health. Doctor claimed that the chances of him recovering is 50 50. Moreover, he is in icu and his health is at the critical state. Mom is over at perak to take a look at him. Im really sad. I remembered the time when i went to perak months ago, he seemed all fine to me.

Now everything came crashing down on me. I hope everyone is okay :(

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Monday, July 26, 2010'♥

Guess what? I'm down with a fever, sore throat, dry cough, running nose ever since last friday. And I have yet to report to work tomorrow when I'm on the verge of losing my voice. Now tell me - how am I to answer call like that?

Urgh, I hate being sick. Well who likes it?I will spend most of my time on bed resting and do nothing else. But still it does not help me even a little.

I don't know if this is what i want in life but I'll try my best to like it.

Pay is out but I'm contemplating whether or not to shop. Because raya is coming and i have yet to do the shopping and prepare duit raya for the kids. Woah! Now pocket git hole ady. Hahaha!

Update soob people.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010'♥

my friends and i have decided to go on a short break to kl in october.
to go sepang to watch moto gp on the 10th.
in collaboration with bf's bday and our monthsarry.
right now, i will need to do a lot of savings for the holiday!

I am really looking forward to it!
hope they will make it happen!
Loves loves :)


Thought of You @11:39 PM

Monday, July 19, 2010'♥

I guess i overworked. I woke up in th morning at 5 and get ready for work. Get myself to travel all the way from jb to sg.

And i refused to go home early because i miss my boyfriend badly. Grab dinner with hubby and friends at zam zam and now for a karaoke. And now my head is spinning. I cant help myself to remain active anymore.

Thought of You @10:03 PM

Tuesday, July 13, 2010'♥

I don't know what to do now. I am all so bored and boyfriend is away to meet his friend and I'm here lying down on my bed doing nothing but on the phone. And now I'm typing bullshits on my phone.

Tomorrow I'll be on afternoon shifts. I'll be working from 3 pm all the way till midnight. Like no life eh till Saturday. Shucks!

Nebermind, saturday will come by fast without me realizing it. And guess what? I miss my sister who stays at jb. I wonder how is she coping in life right now.

The last time I met her was two weeks ago. We ended up shopping together at tebrau jusco. It was fun to shop with my sister.

Earlier I went to accompany boyfriend to aver cause his laptop decides to misbehave. And I bumped into diniy! Heh hehs. We went to jb, then back to his home. Something happened on our way back at kje, and we were all stunt lah kan not knowing what to do. Had dinne with him and off to home.

Checked out for prices to kl, Bali and phuket. I think we will end up at kl then since I am still not stable yet. I super can't wait!

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Monday, July 12, 2010'♥

Yes yes yes! Like finally, the time i've been waiting for is finally here! I am all ecstatic over the fact that I have passed and own a license now.

I was all nervous though earlier on but still I tried my best. And I earned two points for that.

And upon telling my sister, she told me," I have to add a padlock to the car cause now there's a thief. And this thief actually steals car at night." I laughed my ass off, I tell you and she is so bad. But, in the end I'm happy ;)

Boyfriend fetched me from there and off to pay his bike first followed by swensen at vivo for our late lunch cum early dinner.

And I'm at home now all shagged.

Baby, thank you do much for th day. And I know you have been bringing me around here an there. Next time it's my turn ok :) provided my sister gives me a green light

Goodnight fellow readers! Offfff day tomorrow!

Thought of You @9:35 PM

Sunday, July 11, 2010'♥

Oh my! It's been like forever since j last update my blog. Like again and again. And it's becoming me a routine to actually apologise due to the lack of updates lately. I have been busy working and running errands on my off day.

Since I work, I abandoned my camera. That sucks. I seldom meet my friends. Everyday is the same; after work, boyfriend will fetch me and then no where to go. He knows that I am tired, and so decide to send me home. He is so sweet lah kan.

Anyways, I bought a new phone; credits to boyfriend. It was really impromptu.

What else? I'll be on evening shift on Wednesday onwards and I will be working all the way till past midnight. Lucky that cab from co. Will send me home. And there's no way that I am going to walk through the spooky ibp to the main road, I tell you.

Now that I have this phone, there's no excuse of not updating even when I'm working because we are taught to multiple-task.

Goodnight readers and wish me luck yet again for tomorrow. :)

Thought of You @11:18 PM

Tuesday, July 06, 2010'♥

as much as you insist me to wait for your call, i will wait for it patiently.
i'm left with no other choice and i think thats the best choice given to me.
ever since you left baby.
i feel im thrown away from this world.

I'm doing badly at work.
and my *insert* is malfuntioning.
everything is haunting on me.
and im dying on my own moral and confidence.

thank you.
Im suffering badly now.


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