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Monday, April 28, 2008'♥


and how much more do you want me to evaluate ? so wad if labour day is coming ?
i dont feel 'holiday' . PP, up next for submission ! and i love procastinating . oh god , wad should i do now !! i have yet to interview prosafe , but when will that be ? im stuck with school and tests !
and other commitments . big sister , you have to help me in this ! badly !

tomorrow is applied chemistry test ! and ask me now any question cause im sure i cant answer. oh gosh , three problems to revise through . i have to burn a midnight oil .

and im meeting deadline , but i dont have 300 bucks in hand . what should i do ?
i may be smiling , WIDELY , but i swear , its bleeding inside .
oh stranger , i need 1000 bucks .

ill hold on to your promises . i hope i have waken you up after those confessions .
please , work it out .

ps : i love you (((:

mommy thanks for the bread spread to school every morning .
mom , i do wanna talk to you over some issue , but i dont want you to cry .
your daughter here needs your help . please mama ..
but i cant bear facing the music .


Thought of You @11:02 AM

Thursday, April 24, 2008'♥

stressful ?? YES I AM !! there are so many things for me to catch up these days , and i really really cant cope with it . everyday science , and it is not easy . imagine ; a lesson which covers around 3 to 4 topics ! and in one week before the next lesson , i must master the previous lesson ! i need to go in depth from what i have learnt in previous lesson in the next lesson . ( i noe its confusing reading this, but try to get the idea okei) stress stress stress !!

tomorrow is my first visit to the lab. and guess what ? i cant wait to go to the lab and do some mixtures of chemicals ! but the freaking problem is i have not purchase my lab coat . how sucks can that be ? school's lab coat is expensive and buruk . oh please , where to buy now ? *dang* stupid me for searching it at the last minute. stress stress !!

and on the 26th, it will be my 17 monthsary and i have no money to buy for him anything or even have our dinner together . and alot of things is going to happen ! and his cousin's birthday falls on the same day . ouh please , how now ? stress stress !!

next up ! my PP (Proffesional Profiling); i have not even touch on it or even have any idea about what am i going to touch on . ouh shit ! and the deadline is 7th may . what am i suppose to do ? i have no idea . i have to write up 2 000 words and it should be formal . my english aint perfect or great or good . how ? give me idea please . stress stress !!

i have > $ 1 k debts ! and how am i suppose to settle it down ? urgh , why these things happen only at THIS time ! oh gosh . im not going to tell you how do i have like so many debts unless you are going to settle it down for me . *Grin* oh no , feeling miserable now , really , to the earth's core . :S

i feel shitty right now . so many things came crashing down on me . i really need someone to help me out this time round . ouh please , any lucky person, be it stranger , the one i know , or get to know , my loved ones , anibody ! oh please .

24-hour a day is not enough . i have insufficient sleep and insufficient time to do my revision .

please , i need more space for my revision now . dont clog things up at the very last second cause you know i hate it . i will discipline myself to study , i swear i will . and when i say im not tagging , i hope you understand .

catching up basics . then ill go on advance .

goodbye people . i feel better letting my intensity down .

two more days :D:D:D

i bumped into my sec 2/3 crush in the train just now . ouh, tan wee hong ! i guess he cant recognise me either .

Thought of You @9:32 AM

Tuesday, April 22, 2008'♥

i feel like changing my layout for my friendster and blogg .
i kinda get bored over things easily but not over boyfriend okei . LOL ! ill only update/change it when i have the time to change it .

swear to god i dont have the mood to type things down . my fingers are so fatique after doing all these typing since yesterday . not one page but 10 pages okei . thanks material sicence , for making me feel all stressed out memorising and jotting down notes , etc .

and i swear tuesday is the day i hate the most ! not because of the module , im comfortable with all the modules except for the facilitator . of gosh , got your accent right la . you are making me feel sleepy and not concentrate during the lesson . i love to procastinate during ther lesson . i dont wish to have an F for this module . programme chair , can you give me a helping hand ? change faci ? i want to study !!!

after school , tutoring . tomorrow ive got new work to do , thanks uncle leo for making me stay in your cafe . i want my pay $6.50 per hour can ? demanding sia . haha . things has been mundane ! though i love school , the mundane things make me feel not aware that there are new days coming up ! i am not enjoying myself to the fullest ever since school starts !


and im sorry for my once a week update . elo dont look down on RP ok . it is quite a good school . people may think that, ' oh rp, the slack school' . but i swear to you its not oke . it is stressful like any other schools . we need to do revisions too ok ! and our so called exams are four weeks once okei !

and talking about TESTS , ive not done my revision on mollecular cell and biology module . and the test is only next week !

waiting for this saturday people .

i love you like i always do .
no words could describe how much you mean to me .

update soon people !
tkmo notty2 ehk :D

Thought of You @8:44 AM

Monday, April 14, 2008'♥

a new week to begin yet very hectic . i have a lot of things coming up this week .
tutoring , talks , school , pp , preparing notes , work etc etc . it happen in radom ; i miss escorting my mother to the market . since school starts , i have been so busy that i only get to look after my mother at night . and yea , i am stress right now and i really hope that i can handle this week . please , i need your help , please stop pressurizing me with unnecessary things . S:

weekend , i wasnt expecting my friendship to end that way . well , maybe i have to learn and accept the fact . yea , i have been having sleepless night . i keep on reminiscing the good times we spent together , during secondary school days . and yes , i miss you badly , Adam .

condolence to his family .
may your soul rest in peace.
Amin .

and i just keep on wondering , why is it so hard for us to settle things down . you told me hat you would want to settle things down yesterday . but when i met up with you , you didnt even touch about us . like ive said to you , you always pretend like nothing happen . yes , i admit that i have not been sending lovely messages to you , it is hard for us to reconcile after a bad fight and it is just so hard for us to settle things down . yes , i do want this relationship forever , i dont wish to end it . please , dont make me cry and left to regret at the end of evrything . i just want to share , you are the only one who can help me and yourself and this relationship .

aint about your pride , aint about yourself .
its about the two of you and no one else .
aint about the hurt , aint about the lies .
aint about the craziest things that's running through your mind .
its about the love that's suppose to last and never die .

Thought of You @10:51 AM

Thursday, April 10, 2008'♥

my teacher is bragging in the class right now . even if it is half-an-hour more to break time , he still has not start the lesson . so instead of me listening to his nonsensical story , i better update my blogg which has been left isolated for a month .

i am back in school [duh , like obvious sei ] . so school has been great so far . at last i get to concentrate more on my course , science for the whole of my 4 days in school each week . i hated school last semester , but this time round , i am so looking forward to it . thanks rp , for making me go to school now .

& yea , ive received a call from nanyang polytechnic . i got a course there , multimedia & infocomm . but i felt reluctant to go because im gonna miss rp , the system and everything . after much comparing , ive decided to stay in rp . people may say im stupid but im not going to waste another year . please , i have a lot of catch-ups to make . anihoos , im not too late to get a feedback from you readers . i just want more opinions . if i were to change , i guess its not too late . so please ,tag me . nanyang will start school next week . so please TAG !!

a lot of things happened during the holidays . i will try to squeeze in a little bit of time for blogging in the mere future . but not now , because i need to be more serious in class . update soon people !

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