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Monday, May 31, 2010'♥


Love, there's a post for you.
heh hehs!

Thought of You @8:37 PM


I pity with how things work.
I mean, I don't understand with humans nowadays.
Was it me or them?
I don't get it why;
Children nowadays are shy to walk with their parents.
Retaliate what their parents say.
Self-fish and not prioritise.
Rebellious to what their parents say.
They don't appreciate things that they obtain.
And never grateful to what they have.

Well, they may be on the growing stage and that is when they learn to be defiant.
But that's not the way. It doesn't help a little.
Oh my, this world is going crazy, don't you think so?
Nevermind, I don't have the power to say things out.
So let's sit back, relax and watch what's there to come next.

Thought of You @8:29 PM


I don't need money except you.
I care about nothing in the world except you.
Everything will be happy when I'm around you.
I don't care what what people say so long as I got you.
Nothing else matters to me except you.
I love the way you hug and kiss me. You make me melt.
You don't know how much I am in love with you.
Though I seldom meet you, I swear this heart grows fonder for you.
I really can't wait to meet you once I return baby.
I ain't a sweet talker and I am not good at it either.
I can't build sentences to let you comprehend this heart.

I do, cherish you.
Now, tomorrow and days to come.
Only you baby, only you.


Thought of You @7:38 PM

Sunday, May 30, 2010'♥

Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly today. I get to meet all my brothers and sisters. Once done, I went to clean up the house, scrub the utensils, sweep the kitchens. Woah, so tired. And I really had a good scrub on my body. And now, I am resting lor. No more ounce of energy left in the body.

Tomorrow, I will be accompanying mother to OG at Chinatown to get her bag changed because brother bought the wrong type of bag for her birthday. Then at night, I'll have a car ride with my cousin to Perak, back to kampung. I really miss my auntie! I can't wait to meet her.

Oh yes, something happened earlier on, which I don't want to elaborate here. I swear I feel like screaming. I don't what is wrong with these humans. Nevermind, breathe in and out.

I miss my love so much. I really hope to meet him soon.

Readers, pray for me that I'll have a safe trip to and fro. I'll update soon :)

Thought of You @9:31 PM

Friday, May 28, 2010'♥

Today, I spent most of my time in the kitchen like that. What a good daughter.

But I am so bored lor staying here. I've been rotting in here and I miss the fun I used to have. But nevermind.

I've been helping my mother in the kitchen. Preparing a little for Sunday. Doa selamat for myself cum mama's birthday. Oh great but I feel useless cause I is so kering cannot buy my mother anything. Prolly, I draw a card or something(so primary school). Eh, thought that counts in eh. I can't wait to meet all my siblings and then snap many many pictures with my new camera. Oh current addiction.

I've changed my taste of color. I've been going for red lately. Red Lacoste wallet, Red E63 and red camera.

And earlier in the day, I went to my neighbor's house cause the anak tunang. woah! so cool uh oi. siap pelamin. Die nye tunang so grand lah. i think tunang with anak sultan. Ok i merepek. But the food, is awesome. Die bwk kedai dtg mari, masak kan untok kite. ahh, cakap ape nak makan. Nasi bryani, western, capati, kueh teow goreng, ikan bakar? amik kao. sume sudah siap.

ok, its no a good post today, sorry. but i miss typing onli. lol. bye

Thought of You @9:28 PM

Thursday, May 27, 2010'♥

I am all stoning and shagged.
I had a short nap and accompanied mother to supermarket.
And did house chores when I reached home.
I need to rest now.

Thought of You @10:25 PM



Thought of You @11:12 AM


Morning earthlings. I am so bored right now.
Did nothing much the whole day today when I'm here.
Only starbucks for supper with my cousin and sister.

I miss my babies badly.
Ever since graduation, we really had a hard time to gather all of us together.
The last gathering we had was at East Coast Park.
I am happy for Niza and Mimi baby for they have worked already.
Then me? Only start work on the 7th.
I have to dread myself for another 10 days before I embark on a career.
Aiyoo, formal wear to work is so not me. But I have to bear with it.
Then I have to drag myself to training for training at Paya Lebar. But its great cause I can meet my babies who stays at the east for dinner or something. I better utilise my three weeks over at the east.

I'll be on hiatus next week.
Back to kampong next week!
With three families altogether. It will be awesome!
Holiday! As much as I deserve it. I think I need a good break before I come back to Singapore to face the real world.

And now, my letter 'R' is giving me problems. Aiyoo. I think I'll have to get an external keyboard soon. Or prolly a notebook in the next two months.


Thought of You @6:39 AM

Wednesday, May 26, 2010'♥

I don't even know that when my intention was to make us happy, it could turn these bad.

Thought of You @3:19 AM

Tuesday, May 25, 2010'♥

Thank you mommy for th camera.
I am so in love with it.
I love youuu.


Thought of You @10:48 PM

Sunday, May 23, 2010'♥

A little update about today. I went to grab a passport photo. Thank you sis, for accompanying me.

Tomorrow, I will need to come down to Singapore again to sign my contract with M1. They give me a juicy salary (able to support me and mom)and incentives which I am so in it. Here I come M1!

And now, Mom wants me to get ready to accompany her to book bus tickets to go back kampong on the first week of June. HOLIDAY again! Well, it was really uncalled for but mother wants to visit her sister. So am I :) Going to book tickets now!


Thought of You @8:07 PM

Saturday, May 22, 2010'♥

It's been five years that we've known each other and I am happy to get to know someone for this long, going through thick and thin together. He has always been there to give me th moral support, encouragements and everything. He always make me feel special whenever I am around him. He never fail to hug me when I'm all teared up. Thank God, he has been like my father, my brother, my love, my bestfriend, my enemy and what's not.

I failed my TP. That sucks due to the heavy traffic at Bukit Batok Road. Woah, I never knew that changing lane in the morning could be really hard. I will never book TP in the morning again. It really freaks me out when all the experience drivers were not friendly yesterday. But nevermind. I know it's a lot of money wasted, but it's okay. I'll take this as a stepping stone to success.

On a lighter note, M1 called me and I got the position that I wanted. And, I get a lot of incentives like phone voucher, waiver of monthly handphone bills. It feels so great! Seems like my welfare has been taken care of. Thank you. I will start woking on th 7th and I have two more weeks to waste time. (:

Mother has been supporting me all the way, financially, mentally. All of that, a big big thank you mom. You know I love you. I'll be heading down to BBDC again, prolly later. Run some errands with mother later. And mother told me that, she want to buy for me a digi camera! YEAY! I so want the Samsung! heh hehs. Thank you so much mommy. Hanya Tuhan yang dapat membalas budi baik mama. (:

Gotta goo. Meddling with my sister's iphone now.


Thought of You @10:33 AM

Thursday, May 20, 2010'♥

This is it.
I'll do my best.
Thanks for the advance wishes of luck people.
I appreciate it so much.
And I love you guys. ((:

Currently, I'm reading through all the practical book.
And also reflecting on my mistakes and ways to refrain it.
Time for correction!
Though I've attended two revisions, I am still not confident though.
Pressure is acting up on me.

And love is so sweet, he is going through it with me. Heh hehs.
And tomorrow, he sanggup to travel all the way to BBDC and wait for a good news.
Hope it is a good news tomorrow.

Ill have an early rest.
Thanks readers.
You know I love you :)
Ill update soon!


Thought of You @6:34 PM

Wednesday, May 19, 2010'♥

Alhamdulillah, I got an offer from M1 as a customer service call centre officer. Work will commence on the 1st week of June in which I will need to attend for a three weeks training at the east. I hope I can stabilize myself with long journey for the three weeks and after that, I will be relocated at the West which is more convenient for myself. It's a shift work but that doesnt matter for now. at least I can fill up my POSB account. Insya'allah, everything will go on smoothly.

And goodluck to myself on Friday. TP dok. And I never felt so worried about it. This is way too fast, but I will do my best. Pray for me yah readers. (:


Thought of You @2:02 PM

Monday, May 17, 2010'♥

Baby, this is for you sayang.


Thought of You @10:56 PM


Thought of You @8:56 PM


I'm contemplating whether or not to bring my laptop tomorrow.
And yes, I'll be attending an interview tomorrow.
Hope I could at least get a job soon.
Sitting at home and doing nothing is killing me big time.
The holidays that Im having now is way too looonnnnnnngggggg.
And I need to do something worthwhil like increasing some cents in my account.
Rather than do nothing. I know I've been complaining for so many times.
But I really need a job badly!

Thought of You @8:35 PM


oh, I had my maggee mee for lunch. what a random.
Kinda get bored of eating rice for every meal, and so I decide to change my appetite only for today's meal. And I'm so full like that. So nice and yummy!
Still doing job hunting through internet. I am so tired of sending in resumes but none of them replied for an interview or something. Oh yes, I know I must not give up. So here I am enduring till my last breath.
And I miss my baby boyyyy. Mesti die tengah tidoooo.

And to my dearest Aniza Anis,
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you
Happy 20th!
May God bless you in anything that you do and goodluck in your future endeavours.
Thank you so much for the friendship we sail on, I really had a great time having you by my side.
Thank you fo being there when I'm in need, you have always been the bestest.
I love you in every ways.
And hope to keep in touch till the end baby. :)


Thought of You @3:33 PM

Saturday, May 15, 2010'♥

My cute little mischievious boyfriend, Hamirul Hasraff.
He can never get serious when it comes to snapping pictures.

Oh wells, life has been pretty good (I lied) these days. No point telling the whole world about it, I mean there's nothing that they can do to know exactly how I feel. Nor can they help me in sorting things out, if any. So, I'll keep it to myself. It's normal to face up with the ups and downs of life. All I need to have is to be strong in facing any hurdles in life.

At brightminds, I applied as many job as possible. I swear I'm not going to miss out any chances. Enough of me missing ICA interview, next time, I'll remain alert and know what to do. I'll be going for an interview on Tuesday and Love and me decided to go for a job hunting this coming Tuesday. Pray for me that I'll get a job yeah.

My little baby boy, you know what?
I always love you like that. hehs. <3

Oh yes, I've attended my graduation ceremony last Tuesday. My mother, sister, brother and Kak Lor dropped by to see me. Thank you people. Not forgetting, my lovely love and Khai for dropping by too. They got all soaked up in the rain while on their way to the school. How sweet is love. (: Moreover, he brought along his camera which I least expect it cause he knows my camera died on me again. What's new kan baby? Thank you so much lovely people for coming. I love you all.

Thank you friends, because knowing you guys has created a deep impact in my life. You guys changed me to becoming someone better. Hope to keep in touch yeah.

And Niza, you are the first girl I met on my second year and my last person I had on graduation Day. Thank you fo always being there. It was really great.
I will always remember this
you: eh name kau sape uh?
me: Nurul. kao?
you. Niza.
And then we had smoke breaks and gather as many people. And together we have our babies; going stronggggg!


Thought of You @5:05 PM

Monday, May 10, 2010'♥

To my Dearest Boyfriend,
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you happy monthsarry. Throughout the years and months I've been with you, we faced with alot of hurdles. However, we are able to pull through it, leaving everything behind and walk together still, hand in hand. Hamirul, I am really proud to have a boyfriend like you. I've learnt alot of things in this relationship. How to not give up, always be patient and always be the bigger person. I love you so much and no words can ever describe the affection I have for you. You really changed me to what I am today from the very start I knew you. I love you, baby.

And when I did this with you, in my heart, I'll pray that this relationship will go on smoothly. With God's willing, we can make through it. Happy monthsarry again baby.

Thought of You @8:57 PM

Sunday, May 09, 2010'♥

Just wanna drop by to wish all mothers' a
Happy Mother's Day!
May you have an enjoyable day today together with your loved ones.

And to my mother,
I love you in every possible ways.
You are my pillar of strength.
Without you, life is rather meaningless and without you, I won't be what I am today.
Thank you for raising me up, with everything that you can.
I am grateful, thankful for you help me in moulding my future.
Sayanggggg makkkk!


Thought of You @10:43 PM

Friday, May 07, 2010'♥

I'm down with a bad cough and sore throat.
Oh my, I'm on th verge of becoming a man ady with the husky voice of mine.
Me no like :( now cannot sing sing and sing.
must sit down, not talk much and just listen to what people have got to say.
Didn't i tell you this really suck the best out of me?
I so want to meet my babies tomorrow.
And I have yet to recover soon, in less than 24 hours.
Cannot talk many many, laugh hysterically.
oh noooo.


Thought of You @11:27 PM

Thursday, May 06, 2010'♥

Would you like to have a single life?

Well, not at all. I mean I never thought of being single at any point of time. I knew my BF since 5 years ago, and to let it go all at once, in split seconds is not easy. He knew me inside out. And I know he is the only one who really understands me and can take care of me and also be there for me throughout the rollercoaster rides in life. I am thankful to have him by my side.


Thought of You @1:04 AM



I can't stop staring at the screen with all the amazing features in it. It is so awesome. I'm lucky to be able to change it right before graduation. Thanks to laptop who starts to buat prangai. I have no other choice but to travel all the way to woodlands for the sake of getting my laptop configured. I'm glad for I get to meet my friends in school and the environment is totally different. Seeing all the year ones, school is becoming all so nonsense. Pasal stare pun leh gado? Lu zaman bila brother? Ok byeeee.

Oh tomorrow, I need to accompany my mother to the clinic because she keeps on having stomach flu. It has been ongoing for 2 weeks.And it kind of annoys me because she refused to go to the doctor in the first place. Dah kena marah, baru nak pegi. I don't mean to be rude towards her but I have to be stern. If not me who pushes her forward, then who else will it be? Must always take care of mother okay. heh hehs.

Then, I really need to look out for my formal top. I'm running out of time. I'm not free on any other days except for tomorrow. I gravely need to settle down on one top tomorrow.

Friday Practical
Saturday Picnic with babies!
Sunday Mother's Day
Monday Practical
Tuesday Graduation Ceremony.
Oh no, I need to alter my skirt!

Oh yes, currently, I'm down with cold. Weather is not on my side these days. Suddenly it rain and the next second, you feel all humid and hot. And I didn't get a beautiful sleep (padehal tido mcm orang mati) these days for no apparent reason. I keep on tossing and turning on my bed. Well, I hope I can sleep peacefully tonight, wish me luck okay.

Goodnight absolutely awesome readers!


Thought of You @12:09 AM

Monday, May 03, 2010'♥

First and foremost, let me take this opportunity to wish my brother-in-law a
memorable Happy Birthday. Goodluck in your future endeavours and may God bless you in anything that you do. You know you have us to support you. You are the best brother-in-law ever! :)

This picture was taken before the whole scene.

And this was the aftermath.

Credits to AV and JD.
You got me tipsy babyyyy.

Thought of You @2:41 PM

Sunday, May 02, 2010'♥

Yesterday, we have planned earlier on to go to bugis but then it rains in the west. So everything has to be delayed. In the end, we went at 2000 hrs. We went to bugis, dinner at Ljs (since I crave for it) and then to Pinnacle @ duxton rd and then to labrador park. omg, pinnacle @ duxton road is the in-thing. awesome-ness!
Last stop; Labrador Park to meet Fir. We had a great laughter there paying bluff, taiti and donkey!

Thought of You @3:41 PM


Amik kao. Berbual ngn mimi luahkan prasaan eh. talk and laugh non-stop. biase, gossip mesti ade!

Thought of You @2:36 PM


I is so sad. After three years of using my laptop, it finally starts to get sick on me. imagine, the letter in between h and k is not working anymore. how to type words with the letter contain inside? oh my, i need to buy a keyboard like that. ok not. then have to bring it around ust for th sake of the letter. i need to work immediately so i can get myself to buy another laptop. saat2 takde duit macam gini yang die buat hal noh. mane nak korek duet? gali lobang pon tk dapat. aiyerrrrr. So sian already. ok bye.


Thought of You @2:15 PM


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